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Mihika’s five tips for traveling to Malaysia: What you need to know and what’s nice to know

And just like that, somehow four months has already flown by, and I’m sitting here writing my very last article in this series of posts from my exchange at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The advice varies from small everyday matters to more complex admin processes that you might encounter. But they’re all, in my opinion, things I wish I’d known about beforehand.

Favorite places in NYC: Put on a podcast and go down to the water!

When moving to a new city, how do you find your places? The ones where you go to breathe, have fun and enjoy yourself? In this post, Caroline Sølver, who is spending her fifth semester interning in NYC, shares five of her personal favorite spots in the Big Apple.

Favorite cafés in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto… it’s all about food 🤗

Living in the nation that is obsessed with kaizen, continuous improvement, CBS student Madina Balgabek starts noticing it in everyday life. "Japan is very good at incremental innovation and the things they come up with are so different from Europe that it leaves most people thinking ‘wow’," she says. Check out her top seven favorite places in her blog post.

Campus is friggin’ H U G E and there is food everywhere!

The first few days at a new school are always the most nerve-racking. What's going to be completely new? What's going to be similar? What will feel as though it’s from a whole different planet? Mihika Deb, CBS Student, tells about 'Siberian winters' in Malaysia, classes at night, and about a friggin' HUGE Campus in Kuala Lumpur.

Japanese student café offers a free drink every 90 minutes😄

Madina Balgabeks loves the perks of student life at Waseda University. Cafés that offer students a free drink every 90 minutes, free Wi-Fi, water and seating for as many hours as you want. And stimulating experiences in class, for example, where one of her professors brought tennis rackets to class, resulting in tennis balls flying around the room!

Work-life-study balance? Interning in NYC has me figuring out who I am

Caroline Sølver, CBS student, is doing her internship at a Danish company that recently launched in NYC. It’s a valuable experience that is teaching her things she hadn’t expected and pushing her towards figuring out what she wants for her future and in which direction she wants to go.

Living in Tokyo: A real hassle just to find a tiny room

Finding accommodation in Tokyo might be tricky, considering the size of the population and the number of international students who come and go or come and stay. So Madina Balgabek started looking for a place as soon as she applied for the exchange program, but she quickly found out that it wasn't easy at all.

Living in NYC: With a ‘pinch-me-is-this-real-life’ view!

Caroline Sølver has to pinch herself every morning when she wakes up and sees the Manhattan skyline right in front of her. She lives in Brooklyn, which like the rest of NYC is notorious for sky-high rent. How in the world did she get so lucky?

Living in Kuala Lumpur: Nice flat, great pool and five minutes from uni

For Mihika Deb, the exchange started off as a rollercoaster ride with a lot of frustration and time spent trying to get her passport stamped properly. But on the other hand, she didn’t have any problems finding a great flat. Lean back and enjoy Mihika’s video as she takes you on a tour of her university and her home.

Madina eats her way through Japan

Bento boxes, cheap ramen soup, and crazy expensive apples. Madina Balgabek is doing her second exchange in Japan, this time as part of her Master's at CBS, and one way to get to know East Asian culture is to enjoy the food.