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FIR trip to NY

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While some people use the autumn holidays to write exam assignments, attend classes or get a head start on the coming exams, 30 FIR students (from Finansiering og Regnskab: Finance and Accounting) from the MSc EBA programme (cand.merc.) spent a week in the centre of American finance: New York City.

After a few years while COVID-19 challenged tourism and travelling around the world, the class of 2021-2023 finally managed to make the annual NY trip happen, in the third semester of the master’s programme.

The study trip was organised by FIR-Klubben and provided us with the opportunity to gain an insight into what it is like to work as a Danish expat in NY and much more besides.

The week mixed company visits, socialising and time on our own to experience the US metropolis.

The official programme consisted of visits to the Maersk terminal, the office at the Consulate General of Denmark in New York, and the future AIP Management office, a tour of NY-based Columbia University and a lecture on Financial Accounting and Reporting by NYU professor Julian Yeo.

A common focus of the visits was the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which obligates the American state to invest heavily in the green transition in the years ahead.

This has provided new opportunities, increased security, and afforded greater predictability for the companies we visited. To a greater extent, they now dare to think long-term and commit to the green transition of the American market.

We were also introduced to the motives for and challenges of starting an office in the US, and the many  opportunities from working and living in the city that never sleeps. It is safe to say that there are remarkable differences from the life we know and live in Denmark.

Besides the official programme, the early risers also went for a morning run in Central Park with a contrasting view of Manhattan, where the countless skyscrapers towered above the otherwise tall treetops.

Photo: Private

In addition, some chose to experience the American sports culture and atmosphere by attending a basketball game and an American football game. Joint dinners were also planned to strengthen bonds between the students.

The programme also provided ample opportunities for smaller groups to explore the cultural treasures, diversity, iconic buildings and monuments as well as experiencing the eternal bustle of the city.

Dennis, Jeppe, Julie P and Julie N at FIR-Klubben would like to thank the students for their great curiosity and constant good spirits. We would also like to thank the companies we visited for their openness and commitment to giving us a fun and educational experience. Finally, we would like to extend our gratitude to CBS and André Thormann for taking an active role in making the trip possible.


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