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New Year, New Semester, New City! Welcome to Dublin

(Photo: Camilla Ørum Davidsen)

Go on exchange |   25. Feb 2020

Camilla Ørum Davidsen


So, I’ve been in Ireland for about a month, and what a lovely month it has been. After a hectic and stressful exam period, I think most students could use some Irish quality time. Irish people truly have a skill to make everyone smile and relax, just by being Irish. It sounds really cliché. But it’s true they just have a quality that can’t be identified or properly explained!

You might have heard Irish people being described as very nice. But did you know that they are jokers? Irish people love to have a good craic (laugh). Not just with family and friends but in general. From grocery shopping to ordering a beer in a pub. Nowhere is safe from the Irish pranksters.

You might have heard Irish people being described as very nice. But did you know that they are jokers? Irish people love to have a good craic (laugh). Not just with family and friends but in general. From grocery shopping to ordering a beer in a pub. Nowhere is safe from the Irish pranksters.

The same goes for a good story. Irish people are very talkative and love to share their stories. And the topics differ a lot. Everything from old folktales and myths – about the giants who fought each other and created what is today known as Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland – to theories concerning links between the IRA (Irish Republican Army) and the political party Sinn Féin. Not to mention the “real” story about the Irish beer called Guinness. For instance, “Did you know that Guinness is actually very good for your heart, love?”

(Photo: Camilla Ørum Davidsen)

In a pub, I was told that research has proved that Guinness is good for health, especially your heart. Apparently, the antioxidant compounds in Guinness are very similar to some in types of fruits and vegetables? So now there’s another good reason to grab a beer when you visit Ireland.

The Pubs

A lot of people, as in 99.8%, will refer you to the Irish pubs! I have to say this… those people have a good point. If you don’t visit an Irish pub while you are in Ireland, you are missing out on a cultural experience big time!

(Photo: Camilla Ørum Davidsen)


Travelling alone? Don’t let that stop you. Irish people are very easy to come into contact with. And as previously mentioned, they love the opportunity to tell a good story or have a bit of fun.

Joined the Anti-Social Club? Again, not an excuse. You can easily go to a pub and get a beer (or a coffee, whatever you prefer) do some work or just sit and chill.

Don’t let the weather stop you! The weather is funny. Some days it will literally rain for 30 minutes, then the sun will shine for 30 minutes and then it will start to rain again, and the circle continues throughout the day. Personally, I think Irish weather is sort of charming. And as a true Scandinavian… there is no bad weather, just bad preparation 😉

But fear not, if you come unprepared for Irish weather, there is always a good excuse to go to a pub, which won’t be hard to find. The worse the weather, the more people in the pubs!

Final Note

Irish people are exceptionally considerate, helpful and sweet. At work and off work… I hadn’t been in the country for more than 3 hours-ish and I was already very confused and a bit lost somewhere in Dublin. A man walked towards me and asked, “Are you alright, love?”. During this first month, in Ireland, I have been pranked countless times. I have listened to so many stories that seem to never have an ending. From the old Irish folktales, to endless explanations on the Irish 2020 general election outcome.

(Photo: Camilla Ørum Davidsen)

So, overall, am I very happy with my decision to move to Dublin while writing my thesis. Personally, I see this as an opportunity to gain first-hand experience on topics that relate to my thesis. But also, as a great opportunity to get some work experience while exploring a different country’s culture.

(Photo: Camilla Ørum Davidsen)
(Photo: Camilla Ørum Davidsen)
(Photo: Camilla Ørum Davidsen)


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New Year, New Semester, New City! Welcome to Dublinby

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