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I bought my first car! Here is what I learned

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Ministry advises against exchange trips and internships abroad

Until February 7, exchange trips and internships abroad are being discouraged. Before January 21, it was among the few legitimate reasons to travel. The Ministry of Higher Education and Science stresses that the period may be extended.

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Entrepreneurs and researchers aren’t like apples and oranges, but more like apples and apples

Limited freedom, an unknown future and devastating application processes, to name just a few similarities that equate innovative souls with knowledgeable academics. Signe Bruskin has a foot in both camps.

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Small and medium-sized businesses make up 99 percent of Denmark’s businesses, but are hardly represented at universities

SMEs have a hard time finding their way into universities and higher educations. Each could benefit from teaming up, surveys show. A new EU project that includes CBS aims to exploit new ways of collaborating.

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We want to bring back the trust

CBS Students’ new presidency wants to deal with the seeds of mistrust growing between the students and CBS, but without losing its integrity. It hopes to engage and empower as many students as possible during the coming year.

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The hateful identity battle

Mads Mordhorst has thrown himself into a historical quest to understand what drives our search for identity and where we might find it. His exploration traces back to the French Revolution, via Donald Trump and our own ‘The Danish song is a young, blond girl’. His findings will become the makings of a book.

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CBS jumps on the SDG bandwagon

A new report aims to communicate CBS’ engagement in supporting the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The authors hope the report will lay the foundation for a new reporting system and external collaborations.

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CBS joins digital forces with computer scientists to form new research center worth millions

“It’s a major step for collaborations between different environments dealing with digital technologies. Instead of competing against each other, we partner up,” says Head of the Department of Digitalization, Helle Zinner Henriksen.

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New members of the Academic Council: We need to discuss reopening with first-year students in mind

The Academic Council now has three new student representatives. Blended learning, prioritizing language programs and students’ well-being are the issues they will be fighting for.

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I have almost been expelled twice, moved 9 times, lived in 5 countries, and been in unpleasant and great situations: Goodbye CBS, goodbye Ashbee, goodbye student life!

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Exchange: Covid-19 has painted the world burning red – but there is light ahead

This semester, Covid-19 has canceled close to all exchange activities - including scheduled exchange trips for entire programs. CBS’ Vice Dean for International Education compares the past year to a traffic accident. However, the downtime Covid-19 causes is not wasted, as CBS is working with international universities on new forms of international education.

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The case of the song that became an identity-politics evergreen

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Mads Mordhorst: In a matter of hours I was the most hated man in the country

Two years after the media storm about “The Danish Song is a young, blond girl”, Mads Mordhorst, Associate Professor and the center of attention, tells his version of what happened back then, and why he has not broken his silence earlier and put the case to rest.

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How to cope with coming home from exchange: Adding a little bit of Korean Zen in my life

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CBS and DTU become ‘partners in science’ to defeat societal challenges

By sharing bright brains and collaborating on master’s programs, CBS and DTU want to contribute to overcoming challenges such as the green transition, artificial intelligence and even pandemic control, while spurring new business adventures for Denmark. And since the two universities are leading lights in their fields, together they can become stronger, according to the President of CBS.

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The mother of all CBS’ study programs turns 100 

When CBS was founded, the Graduate Diploma Program (HD) was the first educational program and it lay the foundation for future programs, tells the Associate Dean of the program, Peter Lotz. Despite ups and downs, it has now turned 100, and for good reason, he argues. But what if we look 100 years into the future? Will the HD program still be around?

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Top 10 stories on CBS WIRE in 2020

Although of course, articles about coronavirus feature among the top 10, they were not the only stories you read on CBS WIRE in 2020. Danish humor – or the lack of it, the grade race, and a huge intro case also drew your attention.

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Inger Askehave is CBS’ new deputy president

CBS’ new deputy president position will be taken up by the current Pro-rector of Aalborg University, Inger Askehave, on February 1. Among her tasks, the new Deputy President will have direct management responsibility for CBS’ department heads and departments with almost 1,500 staff members.

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“I have difficulty seeing how we can educate transformative students in traditional classrooms”

CBS Students’ retiring president, Sarah Diemar, will have a seat on CBS’ Board of Directors from February 1. She has a message for the board: hold your horses. What else is on her agenda?

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CBS student unites girls worldwide to develop a workbook: What makes you you?

“We started the PAMOJA movement with the vision of inspiring girls all over the world to believe in themselves,” says Vendela Barck from International Business in Asia. She is currently working together with seventy girls based in Stockholm and Copenhagen while liaising with an NGO in Nairobi called Green-Kenya.