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Café Nexus: We operate a strict zero-tolerance policy on harassment of any kind

Café Nexus stresses in a statement that the safety and security of students is the top priority at all times, and that inappropriate behavior is not acceptable at any time. The statement comes after an anonymous student shared her story of being harassed at last year’s Semester Start Party.

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My life at ESSEC Business School in Paris: Do you have paper and pen?

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What happens in Spain when your roommate is confirmed to have Covid-19?

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Online teaching and the problems of surveillance

As online teaching becomes increasingly common, there is a need to talk about issues of data privacy, surveillance, and not least ownership. At present, we are not sure that everybody has fully realized how much individual-level data is collected and stored, nor is there a discussion about when such data collection without clear aims or objectives becomes too much.

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Four years after CBS

Jacob Sand Motzfeldt has staked everything on… Gum!

After graduating, Jacob Sand Motzfeldt invested all his time, energy and money in a plastic-free business idea. This marked the beginning of a long gum adventure. But as with most adventures, the quest to win the princess and half of the kingdom is not without a dash of adversity. Watch Jacob Sand Motzfeldt tell his story in the video below, produced by Emil Nørgaard Munk from Teaching & Learning by CBS.

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7 must dos in Copenhagen this fall

Fall has officially arrived in Copenhagen, and before you go into hibernation, there are plenty of fun fall events and activities to experience and explore in Copenhagen. In this guide, student writer Caroline Sølver lists seven activities that you shouldn’t miss in Copenhagen this fall.


Self-reflection: “What would I like to do when I graduate and who do I want to be?”

Self-reflection is part of the new CBS strategy. Three students share their thoughts on what self-reflection means to them, and how to avoid getting lost in your ambitions and goals.

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MBA and master’s students from Canada and CBS solve sustainability issues together in cyberspace

Bringing MBA students from Rotman School of Management in Canada together with master’s students from CBS started as an idea that came to life with the COVID-19 pandemic. In teams online, the students are devising solutions to sustainability issues in Denmark and Canada – for example, how to electrify the bus fleet in Toronto.

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Bodies belong at CBS

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“It was a vulnerable moment, I was surrounded by so many people, but I started feeling alone”

A CBS student tells her story of being harassed at the Semester Start Party last year. She hopes her fellow students will speak up and not close their eyes to sexual harassment. Both for the sake of themselves and others. 

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Sexism at CBS: “It’s a giant ship that needs to be turned”  

Two student counsellors who deal with cases of harassment at CBS explain that inquiries about sexism follow the overall focus in society. They hope that more dialogue and a wider acceptance of individual differences can change the culture and have the same effect as when issues like stress, anxiety and depression were addressed.

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Sexism at CBS: “We have not seen many reports, but perhaps we will now”

The scale of sexism at CBS may be greater than the official figures suggest, a Senior Shop Steward and the Head of HR at CBS explain. A cultural change is needed at CBS, says the President of CBS, after more than 689 researchers in Denmark have signed a letter against sexism and shared experiences from academia.

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Okay, I must find myself a job (tomorrow…)


Sexism in academia: 700 researchers’ stories to become a handbook on sexism

More than 700 researchers from across the Danish universities have signed a letter against sexism in academia and shared anonymous examples covering everything from rape to degrading and suggestive remarks. Sara Louise Muhr, Professor and co-organizer behind the letter, wants to make a handbook based on the stories.

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What does truthfulness mean on Instagram?

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Political campaign at CBS uses famous paintings to make students stop sitting on their hands and vote!

‘Gamble or safe bet’, ‘Sometimes it’s better not to be alone’ and ‘Does everyone have a seat at the table?’ are some of the slogans in a new political campaign by CBS Students, which wants students to vote in order to remedy a 20 percent participation rate at the last CBS election and prevent student democracy from dying a slow death.

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Renovations reach an end: 100-year-old police station becomes student innovation house

The old police station at Frederiksberg, now known as Station, has been positively transformed into a student innovation house. Now, student organizations are ready to move in.

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This is how I live in France

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Five museums you can’t miss in Copenhagen

According to student reporter Caroline Sølver, Copenhagen may be a small capital, yet it has everything you need, including great museums that share the history of Copenhagen and Denmark through art, design and artefacts. Here are five great museums to add to your Copenhagen bucket list.

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Amalie Thestrup plays professional football for Liverpool F.C. and gets a kick out of studying at CBS

Ever since she was a little girl, she has wanted to be a professional football player. Today she’s 25 years old and her dream has come true. In just one year, Amalie Thestrup has moved from her local club in Ballerup-Skovlunde to Liverpool F.C. – but despite her new career and ocean-view apartment, she is still studying for her master’s degree at CBS.