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Thoughts during a pandemic

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How do you research ‘global mobility’ during a pandemic when travel is highly restricted?

Two researchers tell the story of how the pandemic completely altered their research topic and how they dealt with it.

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Job hunting: Nobody else was you before

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Can you lead an academic department successfully?  

Department heads are often thrown into their position with no formal leadership training, claim three CBS researchers. They have therefore compiled an anthology of tips, tricks and experiences from the field covering subjects including diversity, team spirit and general management to inspire current and future department heads to become successful leaders.

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Investigation reveals inexplicable differences in men’s and women’s pay checks at CBS

Male faculty have a higher average wage than their female colleagues in all job categories – except two, an employee portfolio analysis shows. Most noticeable is the difference at associate professor level. A CBS researcher points out several potential explanations – including office housework – and calls for more transparency.


Your ultimate guide to all the reading rooms at CBS

The new semester has just begun, and the chances are that your ambition level for being a dedicated student is at its best. You’re showing up to the lectures and classes and you’re getting tons of studying done. And what better place to get your dedicated studying done than at one of CBS’ many reading rooms?

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“Welcome to Estonia, the country that Estonians cannot wait to leave behind”

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Inger Askehave appointed as acting president of CBS

On health grounds, the President of CBS, Nikolaj Malchow-Møller is taking a leave of absence.

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Time for the CBS job satisfaction survey

On September 21, CBS employees can start answering the job satisfaction survey. In the 2019 survey, both TAP and VIP personnel slated their career opportunities, but their confidence in Senior Management improved slightly.


Student Society Day with 60 organizations at Solbjerg Plads: We’re back! And it’s awesome!

After a break of almost two years, CBS Students opened its doors for this year’s Student Society Day, and the fresh-out-of-lockdown students flocked inside to be received by around 60 represented student organizations and their colorful booths.

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Risk of brickwork collapsing closes off CBS building for six weeks

The entire Department of Digitalization has been relocated after an investigation has revealed a risk of brickwork collapsing at Howitzvej 60. “There is no risk of the entire building collapsing,” a statement on CBS Share says.

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Gallery: Relive the epic Semester Start Celebration – are you there?

The grounds between The Wedge and Solbjerg Plads were transformed into a celebration zone for the 12-hour Semester Start Celebration on September 10. Photographer Uljana Tverdova was on the spot to document the festivities. Can you spot yourself or your friends?

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CBS to return DKK 692,000 to the Agency for Higher Education and Science

CBS contravened the rules when it paid the former President of CBS a one-off fee of DKK 692,000. Now, the Agency for Higher Education and Science is demanding a full refund. CBS has asked the Legal Advisor to the Danish Government to investigate whether CBS can claim against the former board. The investigation is expected to end before 2022, according to the University Director.


My LinkedIn is cool, my parents are proud, and my salary allows me to have very expensive cheese for breakfast. But is my job slowly killing me?

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Largest IT project in CBS history: Digital heart transplant ahead for CBS – and Karina is the “surgeon”

The 30-year-old IT system, STADS, is intertwined with almost every digital process at CBS. Even the parking registration is hooked up to STADS. Now, all that will change, as the Danish universities are working together to find a successor. The new system is set to be implemented at CBS in 2026.

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Art exhibition: Lock yourself to 300 kilograms of climate guilt

The six carbon dioxide molecules with large foot shackles exhibited on the wooden decking outside Café Nexus are both a reminder of our “climate sin”, and a piercing criticism of CBS, explains the initiator, Carolina Edman, from the student organization CBS Art.

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New CBS-developed teaching materials are like “a digital and interactive textbook”

A pack of teaching materials with neatly produced videos, quizzes and audio bites for teachers across CBS is in the making. The aim is to give teachers time to focus on their strengths – for example, being present in the classroom with their students rather than fiddling with home-made videos.


Can three simple words solve a EUR 3-6 billion per year problem?

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Run like the wind: 350 CBS folks participated in this year’s DHL Relay

In total, 52 teams from CBS had signed up to run the DHL Relay in Fælledparken on September 3. An additional 22 teams walked a 5-kilometer route surrounded by barbeque smoke, confetti and blasting sound systems. Can you spot yourself or your colleagues in the gallery?

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CBS’ “interior minister” is keen on theater and surprised by how “centralized” CBS is

Inger Askehave, Deputy President at CBS, enjoys being the new kid on the block, as it allows her to ask questions about CBS practices and habits. For example, she aims to challenge the distribution of tasks between the Senior Management and the departments. And then she shares what books she is currently reading, and why it was not all bad starting a new position from home.