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Photo essay

Photo gallery: Hello Miss Boogie

This profile article features more fabulous pictures of CBS graduate Finn Ferjá and his drag side-kick Miss Boogie.

Man putting on makeup


Finn is here to transform businesses with his drag queen persona Miss Boogie

Wearing lipstick and high heels all began as self-exploration for CBS graduate Finn Ferjá. But his sequin-clad drag counterpart, Miss Boogie O’Kayla, obviously has greater potential than giving Finn a personal boost of empowerment. Miss Boogie is a role model for the youth of today and makes businesses more diverse and inclusive.

Canteen under renovation


All six CBS canteens soon to reopen with about half the Spisestuerne staff onboard

When Jespers Torvekøkken reopens the six CBS canteens on August 24, you’ll see some familiar faces, but a smaller assortment and initially no buffet. However, sustainability and gaining an ‘organic catering’ accreditation are still high priority, explains the Customer Manager.

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News, Study Start

Coronavirus has serious consequences for exchange trips: “Hopefully, we’ll be back to normal in two or three years”

234 students are studying abroad on exchange trips this semester. The figure last autumn was 1,088. Martin Jes Iversen, Vice Dean of International Education, reflects on what he calls the “unfortunate and terrible” consequences of coronavirus for exchange trips. However, there is light in the dark for students hoping to go on exchange.

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CBS student from Female Invest: We’ve beaten COVID-19 with a 710 percent increase

Despite the widespread financial consequences of the COVID-19 crisis, CBS student Emma Due Bitz and her two partners from Female Invest have been included on the coveted Forbes’ ‘30 under 30’ 2020 list and have managed to expand their subscriber base by 710 percent. And just as the pandemic exploded, they all went fulltime while also studying.

orange reading booths


Comfy reading booths and more space for coaching: CBS Library has a makeover

CBS Library’s makeover has lasted for a couple of years, but has now reached its final stage, which includes a compact self-service canteen and color-coordinated reading booths with smart light dimmers. Recreational books are also finding their ways onto the shelves.

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Study Start

Bachelor program enrolls  50 extra students: “It’s great, but also a hefty upheaval”

Based on expectations from policy makers at the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, CBS has found 100 additional places for new students in its 2020 intake. 50 of those have been created at the BSc in Business Administration and Digital Management, which is welcoming 175 new students.

Portrait of man, PhD from CBS


Jannick Friis Christensen defended his PhD thesis online: “It was rather an anticlimax”

Just before the summer vacation, Jannick Friis Christensen defended his 380-page PhD thesis on diversity management in front of 70 attendants, opponents and jury members. It all proceeded as normal, however, due to the risk of infection, he was forced to carry out his defense in an alternative manner: online.

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Vera’s research becomes an animation movie

When Vera Rocha’s research showed that female start-up employees are more likely to become entrepreneurs if they have female bosses, that conclusion was “too important” to be reserved solely for academic journals. So now it has become a two-minute animation movie. She hopes CBS will support researchers in turning more of their results into short, practical movies.

Picture of a dining area with a green wall


Prominent restaurants and CBS team up to learn from each other

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, Alouette, AMASS, Lola and Ved Stranden 10 are partnering up with CBS to explore new models for learning and new forms of collaboration, as well as making teaching cases for students. The resulting ‘steppingstone’ could help transform the old industry to withstand times of change and other crises.


CBS launches initiative to help small businesses in Covid-19 distress

Micro-courses, round-table discussions and an online accelerator are among the plans CBS and the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship are launching to help “reactivate business activity” in a post-Covid-19 society.

giraf robot


CBS professor joins the fight against Covid-19 challenges in schools with robots

For four weeks, Professor Kim Normann Andersen and his colleagues have been testing whether robots can be used as teachers’ doppelgangers in schools. Three Danish schools have been involved in the project, and now the results are coming in.

green and blue illustration of Kilen building


Will coronavirus make CBS more sustainable?

The effects of coronavirus may turn out to be environmentally and financially advantageous, as we will probably fly less and not need to expand our campus with new buildings to the same extent, claims CBS’ Green Program Leader. However, the social aspects of running a sustainable university post-COVID-19 are more ambiguous.

Building towards sky


Entrepreneurship research got “unique” DKK 40 million funding from Maersk: “It has propelled CBS into a whole other league”

CBS is halfway through spending the DKK 40 million it received in 2014 from Maersk to build an internationally renowned entrepreneurship research environment. The Head of Department of Strategy and Innovation and an assistant professor reflect on the first six of 13 years of research. 

CBS building - windows


Reorganization falls into place: Five employees leave CBS

As a result of the reorganization, five employees have either resigned or will resign from their positions in the months ahead, according to a statement on CBS Share. Moreover, 46 employees and 17 student assistants will be relocated. The aim is to move the employees to a new physical location in week 42.

Illustration: business people


New pop-up research project at CBS fights social and economic effects of Covid-19

COVID-WISE is a new project that aims to use an approach where little to no prior research exists to support short-term enterprises at CBS that are addressing Covid-19-related challenges. Right now, the project team is looking for students, faculty members and external individuals wishing to join. And when COVID-WISE is launched in July, the aim is to have 30-40 cases and provide ECTS points.


Thumbs down:  CBS students displeased with online teaching, new survey reveals

In a new ‘mini’ survey conducted by CBS Students, 54 percent of 114 students across 26 study programs at CBS expressed dissatisfaction with this spring’s online teaching. CBS researchers agree that online teaching has its limits.


CBS startup beats physical inactivity: “Coronavirus made our business explode, along with the need to exercise”

Physical inactivity is a global health problem, according to the WHO. Three graduates from CBS and the University of Copenhagen set out to solve the issue and get employees moving through active breaks called ‘Pleazers’. The startup has already attracted multinational businesses including L’Oréal and Nestlé to its digital platform, which received a serious head start when the coronavirus outbreak hit.


What’s it like to be back at CBS? “It’s good to see people’s real faces again – but I miss my coffee machine at home”

VOXPOP: All employees are allowed back to CBS starting from this week. So what is it like? What has working from home been like? And do they miss anything about their home offices? Hear five CBS folks’ perspectives on the matter.


“You may not learn about statistics at the theater, but the theater can teach you about the wicked challenges we share”

If you ask CBS’ Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning, the theater is a good place to learn. Right now, he is collaborating with the organization Stages of Science on a play about the ethical dilemmas of artificial intelligence. The plan is to invite both students and CBS alumni to join in and help shape the project.