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Is boredom meaningless or can it actually be liberating?

“Boredom is taboo in a world where all opportunities are open, and where you can always reach for your telephone if you are bored. But boredom has a built in bullsh!t detector, that may just be liberating,” says philosopher Rasmus Johnsen. He researches boredom and lectures managers and specialists attending the executive degree Master of Business Development on… yes, boredom.

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The Duck Syndrome: Are we living in an illusion?

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The Danish parliament earmarks DKK 100 million to reboot study life

The higher education institutions receive funding to host academic activities and initiatives to improve student wellbeing.

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The Dean of Research: We need researchers to join in the public discourse now more than ever

Søren Hvidkjær, the Dean of Research, calls the ongoing debate on the freedom of research both “important” and “unfortunate”. He stresses that, contrary to claims made by Henrik Dahl and Morten Messerschmidt, he has not seen examples of excessive activism at CBS.

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Freedom of research at the marketized university?


Sustainable Startuppers: Simon Søndergaard learned to see through bullshit and began reincarnating bike cadavers

At Buddha Bikes, they educate young people who are excluded from society and turn them into skilled mechanics who save old used bikes from sudden death. Because according to the Managing Director and CBS alumni Simon Søndergaard, a sustainable business is a business that is able to sustain.

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The first ever thesis festival: “We’re combining new knowledge with an atmosphere just like a regular music festival”

For two days in September, the old police station at Frederiksberg will be the backdrop for different stages where audiences will be introduced to no fewer than 75 master’s theses as well as musical interludes, speeches, lounge areas, workshops and debates.


BSc thesis: Confessions of a serial planner


Figuring out CBS’ 38 master’s programs will soon be easier: A student dreams of a system that can “spit out my options just like that”   

Students, faculty and employers are struggling to make out CBS’ master’s programs. A new structure aims to ensure better communication and more collaboration between programs.


Economic geographer: Politicians are up against a millennia-old trend – moving study places is not a silver bullet

The government wants to move 7,000 study places outside the biggest cities. Mark Lorenzen, Economic Geographer at CBS, explains why that will not necessarily help medium-sized cities. Making the cities attractive to live in is a more efficient way of spending the money, or you risk wasting opportunities, he says.  

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“Henrik Dahl and Morten Messerschmidt would fail their exams with their anecdotal argumentation”

Two gender and diversity researchers from CBS reply to accusations from politicians Henrik Dahl and Morten Messerschmidt, who state that they have no trust in gender and migration studies and claim that the research is politics and activism in disguise. “We are happy and open to having discussions based on evidence, not on liking and disliking,” says Florence Villesèche, one of the researchers.


Sustainable Startuppers: Regitze Gaarde Bang went from being a top-grade CBS student to a sustainable flower child

Ever since she was a little girl, Regitze Gaarde Bang has been fascinated by flowers. So much so, that she left CBS four months into her master’s degree to follow her dream and turn her hobby into her profession: a self-employed sustainable flower farmer.


This was the moment. My moment. The moment my supervisor had been waiting for the whole year. I was determined to write my entire thesis in 3 weeks

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How do we share the climate cake?


“We cannot give back what has been lost – but we can give them a good study start”

CBS’ study administration is gearing up to welcome new students and reboot campus life for second- and third-year students. The students coming to CBS will be different after having coronavirus as a companion for 1.5 years claim three CBS employees working on this year’s study start.

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Teams hall meeting: CBS staff raise concerns about government proposal and ask what could happen to CBS

The President of CBS and the Dean of Education answered questions from CBS staff regarding two government proposals that could lead to significant cuts in the intake of CBS students. Staff members asked about a hiring stop, the international environment, and what action CBS is taking to argue against the proposals. The President of CBS encouraged staff members to forward input for the coming debates.

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New ministry report: 11,000 students have experienced sexism

Students at the Danish higher education institutions have reported multiple cases of physical and verbal sexism in the Ministry for Higher Education and Science’s new report. In 2019, CBS published its first report investigating sexual harassment in the study environment.  


Capitalism, the economy, and our organizations and businesses, will change as they have in the past

While we would like to think of Copenhagen Business School as unique (and it is), there is nothing especially radical about ‘reimagining capitalism’ in our present times. We find the World Economic Forum talking about The Great Reset and the Financial Times offering opinions on transforming the financial system, writes Mitchell Dean, Head of Department, CBS, in a response to an opinion piece critical of new courses.


“If you know what makes a city cool, you can make uncool cities cool”

Associate Professor Florian Kock at CBS has developed a cool tool that can help cities understand and measure their coolness. Based on his study that revealed cool cities are perceived as authentic, rebellious, original, and vibrant, his new tool can help cities pinpoint where to take action to keep cool, he claims.

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This isn’t one of those dull “10 tips for your job interview” online crap articles. This is a personal anecdote about stranded businesses, piles of dirty dishes and the stories from 250 countryside kids