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CBS has found its new chairman of the Board of Directors

Torben Möger Pedersen, adjunct professor at CBS and CEO of Pension Denmark, has been appointed the new chairman of CBS’ Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will also welcome Lillian Mogensen, former CEO of Payment Denmark, as a new member of the Board.

CBS and Danish Shipping have succeeded in creating a labor market for graduates  

When students graduate from the BSc in Shipping and Trade at CBS they can walk right into the labor market and take up a full-time position. No Master’s degree is needed. The BSc program, which has been developed in close collaboration with Danish Shipping, is exactly what the Minister of Higher Education and Science is looking for when it comes to establishing a labor market for graduates.

Destination: North Korea

Three globetrotters make up a new CBS-founded travel agency, Above Borders, offering destinations in North Korea. They want to show travelers new insights into the world’s most isolated countries. But why North Korea? Isn’t that dangerous? And which country is next on their list? Our student writer, Andreas Boers, sat down with Above Borders for a round of rapid-fire questioning.

”Retaining international students is a two-sided responsibility”

Four international students from the MSc in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship want to help fellow international students to strengthen their network, find a job and settle down in Denmark. “It’s a way of showing that we care about Denmark and the international students,” says CBS student Jakub Taptik.

‘Fremtidsfabrikken’ a CBS student podcast: Learning from business stars in cool cars

Podcasting is booming. According to by Nochmal Consulting, the number of Danish podcasts has nearly doubled from 1,264 in February 2016 to 2,490 in January 2019. The trend has not gone unnoticed at CBS. Here, several students have been inspired to join the market and make their own podcast. Among them are Lars Horsbøl and Eske Gerup who produce the podcast ‘Fremtidsfabrikken’.

CBS’ successful summer university may get a sister – a winter university

CBS’ summer university, ISUP offers courses in an extraordinary setting that attracts more and more students and teachers from all over the world every year. To keep up with demand, ISUP is offering new courses and is working to get an accreditation – and they’re even flirting with the idea of establishing a winter university. Oh – and ISUP turns 20 this year! 

The man in the red sweater says goodbye

The retiring President of CBS, Per Holten-Andersen gave out hugs and his favorite cream cake, ‘Gåsebryst’, to everyone when he said goodbye to CBS on February 27. Listen to his farewell speech, in which he thanks the sometimes-invisible people of CBS, quotes Winston Churchill, and explains why he is honored to have received the Tintin character, Max Bjævermose, by Universities Denmark.

Merger: Constructing a new department takes its toll

To make room for about 50 new colleagues as part of the comprehensive merger process, the offices of the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy have been under construction since December. The reconstruction has resulted in poor working conditions for about three months. “I fully understand the annoyance about the reconstruction, but that’s the way it is,” says Mads Mordhorst, Deputy Head of Department.

Are you okay? New survey investigates PhD students’ working conditions

PhD and Master’s students worldwide report rates of depression and anxiety that are six times higher than those of the general public, according to a recently published research paper. Now, the PhD Association Network of Denmark and the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs want to investigate the working conditions of Danish PhD students.

Brexit doesn’t put CBS students off from going on exchange

Although the Minister of Higher Education and Science, Tommy Ahlers recommends students think twice before they go on exchange to the UK, 86 CBS students are going anyway. Same as usual. “British universities want to continue collaboration. No matter what,” says Scott Lewis, International Programs Manager at CBS.

Should unethical behavior lead to blacklisting of companies at CBS?

Emergency services group Falck has been reported to the Danish Fraud Squad for misusing their market position by spreading fake news about their competitor Bios and pushing them out of the market. Also, Falck had a booth at CBS’ career fair. Should CBS blacklist companies that behave badly?

New CBS program wants female entrepreneurs to rise 🚀

Only 25 percent of Denmark’s entrepreneurs are women. The Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship wants to change this by encouraging women at CBS to take the leap and join their new entrepreneurial program, RISE. “It’s about time female entrepreneurs take the lead,” says the CEO of CSE.

Demonstration against cutbacks on international study placements: Everyone seems to lose

A movement of students from across Denmark’s universities is coming together on April 17 to protest against government cutbacks on international study placements. A total of 1,000 – 1,200 study placements must go. “This will affect the quality of education,” says one of the organizing members. CBS’ student union, CBS Students, supports the cause.

The first step towards fighting climate change is: Recognition

Before we can act on the effects of climate change, we need to recognize them first, argues meteorologist Jesper Theilgaard. He’s been invited to CBS on February 14 by a group of students to talk about how we can help the climate in our day-to-day lives. Students can also get inspiration and input on how to tackle the issue through a series of five workshops.