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Festival for the Global Goals “Exponential change calls for radical thinking”  

How can and should universities contribute to a more sustainable planet and society in the future? This question was up for discussion at the Festival for the Global Goals co-hosted by CBS. The panelists agreed that the universities should adopt a more radical approach to teaching students and disseminating research in order to fuel the green transition.

Researchers: “We waste time and money writing articles no one cares to read”

Rankings of researchers and universities are based on the number of scientific articles published. And that’s a huge problem, argue two CBS researchers. They think researchers should also be measured on their ability to conduct and disseminate research valuable to society. One of the researchers is taking the matter to the Minister for Higher Education and Science.

New CBS campaign asks students: Do you behave respectfully and enjoy campus life?

“There are 19,708 definitions of fun at CBS – let’s respect them all” - this is one of the slogans you might have seen on the floors and walls at CBS. The slogans are from the Enjoy Campus Life campaign, which focuses on encouraging all 19,708 students to respect one another, and lets them know where to turn when campus life becomes not quite as joyful.

RD: A snapshot of what the students can expect to meet in their future working life

At this year’s Responsibility Day, some of the heavy hitters of the Danish business industry discussed and shared dilemmas rooted in responsibility. The Academic Director of UN PRME at CBS hopes that the students appreciated the snapshot of what awaits them on the other side of their studies at CBS. Also, we asked Novo Nordisk and Ørsted what skills CBS graduates should acquire in order to solve responsibility dilemmas.

Minister dismisses the 12+ grade and opens an office for student welfare

The new Minister for Higher Education and Science, Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen (S) has canceled the proposal made by the former government about a 12+ grade. Instead she wants to open a new office that focuses on student well-being. The President of CBS Students and the Head of the Dean's Office at CBS are positive about the idea, but note that it might only be part of the solution.

Meet the new chairman of CBS: An opera freak with a vision of making sustainability a core value

He goes to the opera as often as he can, is concerned with the climate crisis, and is interested in how new digital technologies can change CBS. Torben Möger Pedersen, CEO of PensionDanmark, is the new chairman of CBS, and CBS WIRE met him for a chat about what we can expect from him over the next four years. One of the first thing on his agenda is to make sustainability a core element of CBS’ upcoming strategy. 

Nima Sophia Tisdall started her first business venture in high school – now she runs a seafood company praised by Barack Obama

Her name means ‘sunshine’ in Nepalese. She created her first start-up when she was just 16 years old. And now Nima Sophia Tisdall is 25 and has just graduated from CBS. Earlier this year her company Blue Lobster was singled out by former president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, as an inspirational innovator. She learned at a young age that earning money isn’t hard – but creating change is.

The president of CBS invites EVERYONE to take part in celebrating love

On Saturday August 17 the annual Copenhagen Pride Parade will take place in the streets of the capital, and this year the president of CBS Nikolaj Malchow-Møller urges students, staff and friends of CBS to wear a rainbow tie and join the celebration under the motto ‘Love Suits Everyone’.

Cristiana Parisi wants to make European cities flow better and she got € 10 million to do it

So far, the REFLOW project has taken up most of Associate Professor Cristiana Parisi’s time. Weekends, holidays, spare time, work time. And she’s totally fine with it. The project involves 27 partners and covers 10 European countries, with the aim of turning waste into a resource and making the six cities of Amsterdam, Berlin, Vejle, Paris, Milan and Cluj-Napoca in Romania circular. Also, the project is the largest of its kind at CBS.

94 students got their grades mixed up: Should students be worried that other grades are flawed?

A typing error was the reason why 94 students out of a class of 104 got their grades mixed up before the summer holiday. Now, some of the affected students are worried that other grades might be flawed too. The Acting Director of the Study Administration at CBS calls the case “unfortunate” and “extraordinary”. He explains why students shouldn’t be worried about their grades being flawed and how typing errors can be avoided.

Five-year collaboration has made sustainability research a permanent feature at CBS

“Five years ago, you wouldn’t see sustainability-related research published in the big, mainstream journals. Now it’s a natural part of them,” explains CBS Professor, Andreas Rasche. With the Director of CBS Sustainability, Jeremy Moon, he reflects on the outcomes of the five-year collaboration between the Velux Endowed Chair in Corporate Sustainability and the Governing Responsible Business World-Class Research Environment that just came to an end.

A new CBS program focusing on consumerism has enrolled a maximum number of students

A new bachelor program kicks off for the first time in August. It’s filled to the max with 90 new students where they’ll learn to provide customer foresight – not with a crystal ball, but by combining methods from anthropology, cultural studies, sociology and communication studies. The program has been developed in close collaboration with the Danish business community.

Is it responsible to fly nearly 90 people to a conference in Boston?

For this year’s Academy of Management conference in Boston, 88 people from CBS have been chosen to participate. This will cost about 300,000 kilograms of CO₂ if everyone goes by plane. The Dean of Research explains that they’ve started to track emissions from flight travel and have found that researchers appear to be skipping conference travel. We talked to one researcher who ditched this year’s AOM conference in order to reduce his carbon footprint.