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Teacher and students looking for hands-on experience create a business together

Assistant Professor Thomas Frick wants to ‘fill the gap’ between theoretical and practical learning in the area of digital marketing. Together with his students, he has created the platform MealonSu. “Creating a business as a learning tool has brought significant value to our learning experience,” says Diana Dobre, a student on the course.

TAP, VIP and students go to the ballot boxes to vote for CBS’ future

Students and staff will be electing members to the Board of Directors, the Academic Council and study boards during the elections in week 47. Current members of the Board of Directors and the Academic Council explain why students and staff should seize their chance to influence how CBS is run.

The Danish Parliament earmarks DKK 1.5 billion for ‘green’ research

Out of DKK 1,925 billion, the Danish Parliament has agreed to set aside DKK 1.5 billion of the research reserve for fields such as the transformation of agriculture, ecofriendly transportation and sustainable cities. An additional DKK 340 million has been allocated for promoting researchers’ innovative ideas.

New kid on the block: CBS may get a one-year alternative to its two-year master’s degree

CBS has applied for funding to establish a new one-year master degree in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Management. If the degree is accepted, it will allow students to dive deeper into tourism and hospitality in collaboration with the industry. “When new education formats emerge, we should test them,” says Michala Tomra from the Dean’s Office for Education.

CBS is making exchange trips even easier – in future you won’t even have to leave Copenhagen

Taking a semester abroad isn’t easy for every bachelor student at CBS. Therefore, the Vice Dean of International Education, in collaboration with the study boards, is rethinking the exchange format. For example, in future you may be able to take a course in Norway without leaving Copenhagen, or pick universities and course programs specifically designed for your academic profile.

Shady pensions: Trade unions warn against the freedom to pick your own pension company – but times may change

In our third article about pension companies and sustainability, we talk to three trade unions about their choices of pension companies. According to them, members risk having their pension savings commercially utilized if they are free to pick their own pension companies. However, two trade unions are open to freedom of choice regarding pension companies if their members request it.  

How to land a job in DK? Learn the language and culture says Julia from Germany

Only three months after earning her master’s degree, German CBS student Julia Kick got a job in Denmark. For an international graduate, that is very unusual, since just 34 percent of all international students are still living and working in the country two years after graduating. But now, Julia Kick reveals how she managed to pass through the eye of the needle and into the Danish job market.

CBS co-develops national recommendations to attract more international graduates to the Danish job market

The education sector and business industry have launched seven recommendations to encourage more international students to embark on careers in Denmark after graduation. CBS had an important seat at the table, explains Tom Dahl-Østergaard, who advocates more language flexibility in the business sector. The recommendations have now been handed to the Minister for Higher Education and Science.

One department now has its own recycling station and it could spread to all of CBS

Astrid Tøttenborg and Marie Hansen from Student Hub were frustrated that they couldn’t sort their waste at work. Now, they have four recycling bins working as a pilot project for scaling up the initiative to cover all CBS offices and departments. This aim is supported by the results from the recent recycling project at Spisestuerne, which are so promising that it’s likely to spread to all CBS canteens.

Lifelong learning: “We are pulling the wool over our eyes if we believe learning is happening exclusively at universities”

Universities are at risk of making themselves irrelevant if they don’t acknowledge that the production of knowledge and learning also takes place outside CBS, argues the Associate Dean of Lifelong Learning at CBS. He wants to make CBS loosen its grip on the supply chain of knowledge and be present where knowledge is produced as a way of introducing lifelong learning, and he is looking for students and employees to join his quest.

CBS startup helps students get the experience they lack

When studying at CBS, Louise Bech Junge and her friend Mikkel Korn Frederiksen saw how their fellow students were struggling to get relevant student jobs. So, the two friends leapt into action and established Taskflex. And after graduating this summer, they’re putting all their energy into expanding into Norway and Sweden, and to make it “scale up like crazy”.

CBS to introduce designated smoking areas in December

Senior Management and Campus Services have agreed to introduce designated smoking areas in CBS’ outdoor areas starting with Solbjerg Plads in December. The Head of Campus Services explains that ‘smoke police’ will not be lurking around outside, and answers why CBS isn’t introducing a smoke-free policy just yet.