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CBS WIRE is an independent university newspaper, produced at CBS and launched in May 2017. We send out newsletters to 35.000 readers every two weeks.

Our vision

CBS WIRE aims to be a curious, thorough and accessible media with a critical, balanced, fair, involving and engaging editorial profile. To stay relevant and dynamic, we constantly explore new paths. We reach out to the student and staff communities at CBS, encouraging them to share their views, contribute articles, or help to develop the platform.

(Photo by Anna Holte)

We write about

CBS WIRE writes about newsworthy topics and trends drawn from the CBS community, academia or society in general. Through our choice of relevant stories and media exposure, we target students, researchers, CBS staff, and other stakeholders who have an interest in CBS, including Danish and international companies.

The CBS WIRE team

Photo: Anna Holte

Birgitte Ramsø Thomsen, Journalist and Editor-in-chief – 51224364 /


Photo: Anna Holte

Caroline Hammargren, Journalist and Social Media Manager –


Photo: Anna Holte

Ida Eriksen, Journalist and Social Media Manager – (On maternity leave until August 2023)


Photo: Anna Holte

Helen Frances Pearce Dyrbye, proofreader and translator –


Emilie Alexandra Schäfferling, Editorial Assistant –

The Media Board

Behind the Editorial Board is the Media Board, which includes a selection of staff and student representatives, who will help to develop CBS WIRE’s editorial course.

  • Susana Borras, Chairman of the board, Professor, Department of Organization
  • Anja Sandfeld, Programme Administration Services
  • Ina Rosen, Deputy Head of Executive Support and Communication
  • Tine Silfvander, Office Attorney at Department of Management, Society and Communication
  • Henrik Johannsen Duus, Associate Professor at Department of Marketing
  • Ian Felix Dejean, CBS student
  • Mona Kahia, CBS student