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We must move beyond ‘green capitalism’

Big corporations are branding themselves as sustainable. But the capitalist logic of expansion and consumption that makes them thrive is the real climate issue, a CBS professor claims in his new book.

Is there a solution in sight for Catalonia?

OPINION: You may remember the fight for Catalan secession last autumn. But what happened next? And is there a solution on the cards between Catalonia and the Spanish government?

Researcher: Monopolies are good

OPINION: Without monopolies consumers miss out on the best technology at a good price. The task is to prevent that monopoly from abusing its power.

What type of project leader are you?

Everyone has their own way of organising a project. Read about the four types of leadership, and why a variety of types is good for any organisation. Take the quiz: What type of project leader are you?

Fear of gender quotas is irrational

Opposition arises when management believe that they always choose the best candidate for the position. But they are blind to their own biases, which keep women out of top jobs.