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Here to help – at the touch of a button and at Campus Desk

Photo: Helen Dyrbye

Exam anxiety? Lost student card? I’ve wedged my car between a Fiat 500 and a lamp post, can you help? You never know what you’ll be asked next. But that’s just how the Campus Desk team like it. And if they can’t fix your problem, they’ll know someone who can. CBS WIRE asked the team about the whole range of topics they advice on every day.

News |   22. Sep 2023

Helen Dyrbye

Proofreader and Translator

Busy though they are with the start of term and the long queues for help, team coordinator Allan Stockfleth Olsen and senior assistant Louise Fawcett from the Campus Services side of the team squeezed in time to tell CBS WIRE about their work.

The list of how they help new students, returning students and the usual faculty suspects is pretty long and complicated. But it really boils down to this: if you can’t find what you need in the snowstorm of online info, or just need a friendly face when time is running out, then come and see if the Campus Desk team can help you.

Look out for the virtual reception sign at the five virtual receptions.
Allan Stockfleth Olsen, Team Coordinator at Campus Services Photo: Helen Dyrbye.

Or, like the blue sign in the picture says, press the button at one of the five virtual receptions at Kilen, Porcelænshaven, Finsensvej, Flintholm and Graduate House and get a direct line through to whichever team member picks up at the other end, keen to help.

Promote your campaign with a banner or poster

Banners and posters are just one area where Allan Stockfleth Olsen and Louise Fawcett play a role in making sure CBS looks good. External organisations must try their luck elsewhere, as CBS banners are designed and reserved for in-house use only. But if you work at CBS managing campaigns, Allan Stockfleth Olsen and Louise Fawcett together have decades of practical experience to draw from. It’s the perfect way of getting messages across, but plan ahead, they advise, as all the slots are booked until at least Christmas.

A-frame poster displays are another eye-catching option – also for the 60 or more student organisations hoping to attract more members. Floor stickers too, though the adhesive used, size and messages must always be agreed in advance to ensure they meet CBS guidelines and don’t leave marks or the wrong impression.

As Allan Stockfleth Olsen recounted, one lot of floor stickers were cut to size in place, leaving score marks on the marble slabs that had to be sanded off. A costly affair. Any other posters, stickers, notes etc. not agreed in advance are removed immediately to keep the campus looking neat and professional. With no exceptions.

Where can I find SP213?

Events, conferences, career fairs and open houses are another area of their expertise. Directing visitors to specific events or venues, like the elusive SP201 Danske Bank Auditorium, can be challenging. Especially if the Campus Desk team are not warned of upcoming events.

As Allan Stockfleth Olsen explains:

“It’s so much easier to help people find what they are looking for if we know in advance that an event is being held. Even if we only get a few days’ warning, it means we have a much better idea of which auditorium people might want to find, especially if they come from abroad and don’t speak Danish or English too well. It cuts out some guesswork and that cuts down the time it takes to get them where they want to be.”

Onscreen map at Solbjerg Plads that helps you find specific room is being tested. Photo: Helen Dyrbye

As a new initiative to help visitors find their way quickly and efficiently, right beside the desk itself, a large new onscreen map is currently being tested. More advanced than a simple ‘You are here’ and red dot, the system includes multiple notifications linked to meeting invitations etc. Feedback is appreciated by the Campus Desk team and the final decision will depend on a number of factors, not least budget parameters.

Locating AV equipment and getting to exams

Behind the scenes, or glass wall to be precise, senior assistant Pia Jensen has a network of useful contacts stretching across CBS. She minimises phone queuing times while assisting her colleagues with callers asking about everything from parking permits, to who has run off with the microphone from the Bain & Company Auditorium. Don’t worry, that microphone is right here, stored safe and sound with the other AV equipment. So just come and ask when you need it – or before, if you like to be prepared.

Another challenge that requires preparation across the CBS community, but also Campus Desk involves exam time. Crowds of students, with their heads full of theory and insight gathered during the term, make sure they arrive on time – but suddenly meet one or two practical details that risk derailing their best efforts.

“You can feel the tension growing as exam time approaches,” Louise Fawcett says. “One problem in particular that adds to the anxiety is that some exams are held at Solbjerg Plads whereas others are at Solbjergvej.” That’s not something you want to find out at the last minute. “But luckily, Solbjergvej is just around the corner,” she explains.

For one worried student lost in the corridors, it was all too much. As Louise Fawcett recalls: “I calmed her down, told her she could do it and set her off in the right direction. Later, I was thrilled to receive a thank you letter saying that the student did well in her exam.”

Providing a shoulder to cry on when the chips are down is just one of the extremely wide range of services Campus Desks offer. But the Q & A below might fill in a few more useful blanks. See if you know the answers already…


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Here to help – at the touch of a button and at Campus Deskby

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