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Wacky brainwaves and grassroots innovation in Kenya: Podcast explores CBS students’ master’s theses


Unique cross-university collaboration offers tech-savvy postdocs a digital playground

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The Danish parliament abolishes its education cap from summer 2020

A majority of the Danish parliament has voted to abolish the education cap. CBS Students is thrilled by the decision and claims this is a core element in improving student welfare.


Four Years After CBS: A plastic adventure through blood, sweat and Google searches

It’s pretty common to have seaweed left sticking to your legs after taking a quick dip at a Danish beach. But when Katrine Lee Larsen was diving and surfing in the waters around Bali, plastic bags were what stuck to her body. This was the beginning of a journey in a sea of plastic where she has kept her head above water ever since.

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How barbarian cat killers became benevolent cat kings

Dress up, hit a barrel filled with candy, and gorge yourself on cream-filled buns. This is what characterizes the celebration of Shrovetide in Denmark on Sunday. The tradition, however, started out to be much more morbid and it involved smashing barrels with live cats in them.

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Humans of CBSbyAnna Holte


Master’s thesis: International graduates want to remain in Denmark, but find out too late

71 percent of international students at CBS want to stay in Denmark after graduating, but not finding a relevant student job in time can thwart their plans, a CBS master’s thesis shows. Right now, a global research project with CBS participation is helping to clarify international students’ experiences and needs.

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International Women’s Day Celebration: Are we in a post-#MeToo world?

Researchers, panelists and artists are raring to explore what has happened to the world after #MeToo at CBS’ International Women’s Day celebration on Friday March 6. Here you can also meet the queerfeminist and anti-capitalist band ‘Følsom Front’.


CBS researcher: Here’s what to do if you don’t want your business to end up like Lehman Brothers or Blockbuster

Lehman Brothers and Blockbuster were both solid businesses in the 2000s. Still, they faced unexpected and shocking collapses. Why? CBS researcher Dorthe Thorning Mejlhede has investigated how disruption and innovation operate as close cousins, and can destroy a business or make it future proof. Also, she explains why she has grown skeptical of innovation, all things considered.


Victoria Grønsedt was born in Hong Kong, and now, aged 21, she runs her own home improvement store in Kalundborg

She has lived in East Asia for most of her life and speaks three languages fluently. But back when her international friends were talking about attending Oxford or the London School of Economics, Victoria Grønsedt chose CBS. Soon after, the opportunity to start a business came along, and she seized it.


How to be a top performer and how a tomato watch can help you

Failure is taboo. But paradoxically, failure is a condition for learning Mathilde Andersen, CBS student


Three case competition organizers: Our weekly Monday evening meetings are always an energy boost

Three students share what they have learned from being part of the CBS Case Competition organizing committee and explain why everyone can benefit from working with a more sustainable and inclusive mindset. New initiatives for this year include QR codes instead of flyers, and charity contributions instead of Amazon gift cards.

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