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Job satisfaction survey: TAP and VIP have trouble seeing career opportunities at CBS


Sexist language and offensive behavior: CBS suspends 25 students for violating intro rules


Want a more sustainable society? We need to talk about capitalism, argues CBS researcher

Like a chameleon, capitalism has changed over the years. Now, we are standing on the verge of a new crisis, and either capitalism will change again, or be replaced by something else, argues CBS researcher, Lara Monticelli. She has established a world-wide network of researchers who are trying to explore and rethink capitalism – and we might want to look to India for living proof that “real utopias” are possible.


Senior Management approves projects to reach CBS sustainability goals for 2025

In May, CBS announced a sustainability action plan with concrete goals. Now, the Senior Management has approved a portfolio of projects, also known as the CBS Green Program, to meet the goals. The portfolio includes, for example, technologies to minimize water consumption, increased waste sorting across campus, and right now a soccer field is taking shape by the water tower.


You are going to study but 3 minutes later you’re watching a video of dogs singing Christmas Carols: The importance of time and how to manage it


Approved national budget abolishes budget cuts worth DKK 50–60 million at CBS

The so-called temporary rise in taximeter funding for the humanities and social sciences is continuing for another three years. This means that CBS will avoid losing DKK 50–60 million a year. What's more, the education cap will be discontinued from the summer of 2020.

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Alone in a crowd of CBS students

Have you ever felt so alone at CBS that you wondered if anyone would notice if you suddenly disappeared? Earlier this year, The Danish Association of Masters and PhDs released a study showing that one in every nine students at Danish universities have experienced loneliness. And CBS students are no exception.

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I have it all. Maybe I could wish for bread with no calories or to win a million dollars


I’m in need of a big hug after writing: The case against big NGOs


Three minors in digitalization to transform students into digital diamonds

The students’ and business sector’s demands for more digital skills will result in the launch of two new minors that can transform students into “digital diamonds”. A third minor in business data is already up and running and is described as the “trinity of data”.


10 ways to do Christmas the Danish way

Advent? Winter Wonderland? Kalenderlys? Julehygge? Konfekt? Struggling to navigate among the host of Danish Christmas traditions? Read along as our student reporter Caroline Sølver uncover 10 ways you can enjoy Christmas the Danish way.

We are a knowledge society, and if we are not good enough at disseminating knowledge then the investment is not worth much Mette Fjord Sørensen, Danish Industry (DI)


Black Friday lures us with more than just knock-out offers – it stimulates our bonding hormone

Our longing for togetherness is what makes us queue up on Black Friday for cut-price flat screens and super-stretch trekking pants, explain two CBS researchers. They also answer whether our focus on sustainability might eventually kill the need for consumer frenzies.

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