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New kid on the block: CBS may get a one-year alternative to its two-year master’s degree


CBS is making exchange trips even easier – in future you won’t even have to leave Copenhagen

Taking a semester abroad isn’t easy for every bachelor student at CBS. Therefore, the Vice Dean of International Education, in collaboration with the study boards, is rethinking the exchange format. For example, in future you may be able to take a course in Norway without leaving Copenhagen, or pick universities and course programs specifically designed for your academic profile.


Crocodile rain … come and rescue me!


The Greta Syndrome: How a Swedish girl became a world-wide climate phenomenon – and why she is making some people absolutely furious

Greta Thunberg has become the Joan of Arc of climate action. Millions idolize her, while others are downright enraged by her. But how did a 16-year-old girl have this effect? And how did she – and not researchers – succeed in making global warming and other climate challenges the hot topics of our time? CBS WIRE explores the Greta Thunberg effect.


Universities Denmark: No need to change the University Act to prompt more sustainability  

The Director of Universities Denmark would rather find common solutions than rewrite the University Act to address the climate and biodiversity crises, as 558 researchers and university teachers have requested. They want the preamble to focus specifically on how universities can contribute to solving the challenges created by climate change.

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Humans of CBSbyAnna Holte


4 hours in Shanghai are 6 years on earth

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She began investing in crypto currencies at 14 – now here are her tips for getting your life together 😀


The obvious career choice with a cand.merc.? Start a yoga and meditation community!

Björn Behn and his former classmate Jeppe Skovgaard co-founded a movement studio called ‘Rört’. They now want to encourage other students to follow their dreams and explore the ideas that spark their curiosity and motivation, instead of looking for external validation of their career decisions.


Think tank: The publication race has gone over the top and hinders good research communication

CBS can do more to improve its research communication. This includes supporting its researchers in strengthening their communication skills, as well as giving researchers time to focus on third-party communication, argues the Head of Analysis at the Think Tank DEA. She believes an overemphasis on the number of published articles is a barrier to better communication.  


Universities Denmark is firing up for a cross-university initiative to reduce the Danish universities’ CO2 emissions

The university directors of the eight Danish universities are joining forces to share best practices and discuss potential joint initiatives, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions on campus. The University Director of CBS believes the collaboration will accelerate change.  

After cleaning 60 kilos of grain, I was so tired of it Lena Tünkers, CBS graduate


Shady pensions: Trade unions warn against the freedom to pick your own pension company – but times may change

In our third article about pension companies and sustainability, we talk to three trade unions about their choices of pension companies. According to them, members risk having their pension savings commercially utilized if they are free to pick their own pension companies. However, two trade unions are open to freedom of choice regarding pension companies if their members request it.  

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