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DI director: “Going abroad gives you a front row ticket on the job market”


Can grade-free classes reduce stress and improve the student environment? It looks like it


Getting a grip on business models


When my dad pulls the ‘driver card’ I feel guilty


CBS risks losing DKK 50–60 million of its education funding if the government’s budget is approved

If the government’s draft budget is approved, CBS’ budget will increase by DKK 12 million but be reduced by DKK 50–60 million - a tenth of CBS' education funding. The University Director explains that the budget cut could lead to fewer teaching lessons, fewer teachers and fewer resources to introduce up-to-date teaching methods.  


The Confederation of Danish Industry: CBS must be better at showing what research it does

It is too difficult to figure out what research CBS researchers do, if you ask Mette Fjord Sørensen, Head of Research, Higher Education and Diversity at the Confederation of Danish Industry. And at a time when natural sciences are in the spotlight, humanities and social sciences need to step up and show how they can be useful to society and companies, she argues.

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Humans of CBSbyAnna Holte


Meditation at hundred miles an hour

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Cross-uni organization helps companies create happy elderly communities and sell ugly vegetables

A construction container by the old police station in Frederiksberg is home to Millennial Consulting. This organization encourages students with different academic backgrounds from a range of Danish universities to come up with ideas on how to improve life for elderly people and how to sell ugly tossed vegetables.


Rockstar professor visits CBS and shares the dark sides of Surveillance Capitalism

The famous bestselling author professor Shoshana Zuboff visited CBS and shared the dark findings from her whopper of a book on how shadowy forces such as Facebook and Google shape and control our lives and society.


Diversity Day: “You can’t hire your way to the benefits of diversity”

Diversity is a vital aspect of disrupting and innovating, but you cannot acquire it simply by hiring a diverse work force, argue Florence Villeséche and Alex Klinge, researchers at CBS. As co-organizers of this year’s Diversity Day on October 8, they are aiming to investigate how diversity and innovation go hand in hand and what role research plays in making diversity a success.


HA Psyk. students learn presentation techniques to curb exam stress

Students in their first and third semesters of the BSc in Business Administration and Psychology program will soon be taught presentational techniques to help them communicate their new knowledge during oral exams. The course lecturer, Mathias Bruhn, hopes the techniques will reduce the stress related to oral exams, and offers advice on preparing for them.

The Danish pensions are managing about 600 billion dollars. It would go a long way if they were invested in sustainable and responsible companies Joachim Delventhal, PhD fellow, CBS

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Snapshots from Entrepreneurial Day: Making a business out of the SDGs

For the fifth time, CBS Entrepreneurial Day brought together students with innovative and curious mindsets. Visitors had a chance to explore more than 20 different start-ups and gain inspiration on how the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals can be transformed into a business.

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