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Fire away: Ask Danske Bank’s interim CEO all your critical questions at CBS

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5 tips for students and other traveling enthusiasts who want to go to Japan

If you come to Japan as an exchange student like me, or as a tourist, there are things to do and to be aware of. The internet is bursting with articles about Japanese culture and all the dos and don’ts. But I would like to introduce you to my top 5 tips.


‘The Danish song is a young blonde girl’: A song and a shitstorm later

CBS came under heavy fire when Associate Professor Mads Mordhorst at CBS apologized for singing Kai Hoffman and composer Carl Nielsen’s 'Den danske sang er en ung blond pige' / 'The Danish song is a young blonde girl' during a morning meeting at the university. The apology was given because a teacher present at the meeting felt excluded by the song. But what concerns – if any – should we consider before we unleash our vocal cords at public institutions? Press play and dive deeper into the case that sparked one of the most furious debates about values in 2018.


Are we all con artists?

The disclosure of several cases of white-collar crime worth millions and billions of Danish kroner marked 2018 as the year of fraud and greed. But what makes us commit large-scale fraud, or fiddle our income tax? CBS WIRE asked two researchers who say that it’s a basic human phenomenon that is unlikely to go away.


Spisestuerne has reduced food waste to almost zero in one year – obtaining the ‘organic catering’ accreditation is next

The introduction of a food waste box at 2 PM in Spisestuerne’s canteens has reduced the amount of food waste to less than one percent on an average day. Furthermore, Spisestuerne is aiming for the ‘organic catering’ accreditation, and to switch out packaging and plastic cutlery with sustainable alternatives.

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Humans of CBSbyAnna Holte


Universities and industry in Denmark kick-start international brain gain

Denmark’s students, universities and industry unite in a new national partnership with the aim of making it easier for international graduates to start their career in Denmark. Tom Dahl-Østergaard, the Dean’s Representative of International Talent Retention at CBS, has been appointed as one of two university representatives in the partnership.

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Global outreach has made CBS’ Boardroom Programs among the best in the world

Engagement in global projects like the Global Board Leadership Summit, which comes to CBS in September, is one of the reasons why CBS’ Board Education has continued to grow in popularity since it started in 2013. Furthermore, about 40 percent of the participants of the board programs are women who become qualified to take up boardroom positions.


The screens have invaded our lives – it’s time we made a stand

BOOK NEWS: We’ve developed an even closer symbiosis with our smartphones over the last 10 years. It’s a dream for tech giants. But does it have to be our dream too?


Sometimes, I simply just do it

I have this English subject that’s been ‘haunting’ me for years now. I took this subject a while ago when I was studying somewhere else. However, it didn’t go so well. Okay... I FAILED.


CBS researchers investigate the world of tea: A window into politics, capitalism and sustainability

Tea, the second-most consumed drink in the world, is undergoing rigorous scrutiny, as three anthropologists from CBS explore what sustainable tea is, how it is certified, and who benefits from the certifications. Also, hear how entering into the worlds of tea has changed the researchers’ view on this tasty brew.

Failure is taboo. But paradoxically, failure is a condition for learning Mathilde Andersen, CBS student


Frederiksberg Municipality wants CBS students and researchers to make the city smarter

Between February 8 and 10, students, researchers, businesses and citizens of Frederiksberg Municipality have the chance to flex their innovative muscles and come up with solutions to some of the city’s challenges when CBS hosts Frederiksberg Municipality’s Smart City Challenge.

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