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CBS students volunteer at GirlTalk: “It’s heavy stuff like love issues, suicidal thoughts and eating disorders”


Festival for the Global Goals “Exponential change calls for radical thinking”  


Job guide: He cracked the code to the Danish labor market

Is there a way for international students to crack the code to getting a job in Denmark? One MSc student currently studying at CBS, Oded Yair Menuhin from Israel, thinks there is. He’s applied for about 300 jobs, and based on his experience from job interviews, chats with HR experts and industry professionals, he’s created a guide with all his tricks for increasing the chances of getting a job.


“After cleaning 60 kilos, I was so tired of it”:  Lena wanted to make 100 loaves of bread from scratch – here’s how it went down

In August, Lena Tünkers found herself standing in a one-meter deep hole digging for clay. She needed it to build a clay oven so she could bake 100 loaves of bread. But there was no clay. CBS graduate Lena Tünkers spent her summer turning 100 kilos of grain into bread using almost no money with just a little help from her friends. Here’s how it went down.


Researchers: “We waste time and money writing articles no one cares to read”

Rankings of researchers and universities are based on the number of scientific articles published. And that’s a huge problem, argue two CBS researchers. They think researchers should also be measured on their ability to conduct and disseminate research valuable to society. One of the researchers is taking the matter to the Minister for Higher Education and Science.


Shady pensions: Joachim is ready to give up his pension to avoid investing in weapons and oil

PhD Fellow at CBS, Joachim Delventhal’s pension company, JØP, invests his money in the biggest weapons manufacturers in the world, fossil fuels, and tobacco. Though this angers him, Danish law and collective agreements prevent him from switching pension company, so he is ready to give up his pension. JØP responds to his criticism.

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Humans of CBSbyAnna Holte


Nerve wracking, overwhelming, exciting: Nine people tell about their first day at CBS

In this podcast, students, staff members and the President of CBS share their thoughts, feelings, expectations, and concerns about their first day at CBS. Some had their first day 23 years ago, while others just started this September. Hear the funny, cute and exciting anecdotes about picking the right clothes, having butterflies in the stomachs, and almost being late to work.

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How do we promote gender equity in computing?

Computing society needs to promote more gender equity and better ways of working together. We present our experiences on trying to do so.


“Sustainability isn’t about pointing fingers – it’s about working together”

It’s hard to mention sustainable initiatives at CBS that Centre Manager Louise Thomsen hasn’t been involved with in one way or another. Since 2016, she has done her part to push CBS in a more sustainable direction. And it hasn’t always been easy. Now, she is saying goodbye to CBS with some words of advice on how the university can become even more sustainable.

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Gallery: Students kick-start the new semester with a massive party 🎉

True to tradition, the new semester was kick-started with the Semester Start Party, which every year transforms Solbjerg Plads and the green area between Kilen and Solbjerg Plads into a party zone. Photographer Luyi Liang was on the spot.


New CBS campaign asks students: Do you behave respectfully and enjoy campus life?

“There are 19,708 definitions of fun at CBS – let’s respect them all” - this is one of the slogans you might have seen on the floors and walls at CBS. The slogans are from the Enjoy Campus Life campaign, which focuses on encouraging all 19,708 students to respect one another, and lets them know where to turn when campus life becomes not quite as joyful.

The main idea is that people realize that they’re not the only ones sitting alone in their office – there are others in the same position too Niels Hulgård, PhD student


New students – new behavior: CBS Students launches the semester with a sustainable intro lounge

As a result of trash being left outside trash cans at parties in recent years, CBS Students launched the new semester with a lounge and an initiative to promote the general well-being of students and good trash habits.

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