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Five new food places to try in Copenhagen this spring


Why teachers should use emojis more often 😊


CBS professor is charged with money laundering and stripped of teaching and supervision tasks

Henrik Ramlau-Hansen, CBS professor and former financial director of Danske Bank, is no longer teaching or taking on new tasks as a supervisor, as he has been charged with money laundering as part of the investigation into Danske Bank.


Simple concept from CBS students can change Pandora’s sales

Fewer British men buy Pandora jewelry as gifts. CBS students were asked to crack the case and present solutions to Pandora’s executive team. The live case format builds a bridge between theory and practice and it’s here to stay, according to a CBS teacher and the person who developed the concept


One foot in a pig hut and the other on the shiny floors of CBS

When Nickolaj Skytte Nielsen was just 19 years old, he invented a special hut for free-range pigs and established his own company in Jutland. Today, at 22 years old, he still runs his business while studying at CBS in Copenhagen. Although it demands a lot of traveling, he loves working with the pig huts. But fellow students from Copenhagen have never seen a pig in real life or heard of huts in their big city lives. Some even think that pigs live on shelves… Well, they don’t!


Are you suffering from skin starvation?

An exhibition created by CBS and KADK students explores the theme of different bodies through ceramics, blown glass, textiles and a performance piece with touch from strangers. “We’re losing touch with each other,” argues one of the students behind the exhibition.

Visual stories

Humans of CBSbyAnna Holte


Happily ever after…

CBS student and filmmaker Lina Csillag got fed up with pulling off the perfect façade. Breaking out of the tiresome lifestyle required an existential-like crisis that resulted in an eagerness to express her feelings and reflections visually. Now, her short film about why the perfect life is not so perfect after all has premiered. Watch the film here.

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CBS’ new sustainability action plan aims for 100% waste diversion and 100% reduction in CO2 emissions

A new action plan with concrete goals could make CBS a leading university in Europe when it comes to sustainability, argues one of the authors. At the moment, CBS is lagging behind other universities, and if CBS doesn’t push for a sustainable transition, it can potentially lose out on students in the future, according to the authors.


Christina pushes for more democracy in Moldova

CBS student Christina Hansen was in Moldova during the recent election as a volunteer for the youth organization, Silba. She was there to talk about democracy with adolescents and to observe that everything went according to plan, as electoral fraud is common. “My experience in Moldova has helped me figure out what I want to do with my career,” she says.


A month of welfare: How can CBS increase student welfare?

Student wellbeing is being impacted on all sides. So what can be done about it? During May, CBS Students wants to invite the students of CBS to events that talk about how to improve wellbeing. Also, CBS Students encourages you to share your ideas on what CBS can do.

(Photo: Mette Koors)


Merger postponed CBS job satisfaction survey by one year – it’s coming this autumn

CBS’ job satisfaction survey was supposed to take place last autumn but was postponed due to the large department merger, which resulted in CBS going from 14 to 11 departments. Employee representatives explain that conducting a survey last year would not have been any use.

China is already the second biggest economy in the world and has become the most important trading partner for more countries than the USA Nis Høyrup Christensen, postdoc, CBS


“It’s good to focus on other things, so that I don’t become a huge karate nerd”

CBS student Katrine Lionett Pedersen is among the best karate fighters in the world. She’s Denmark’s big medal hope for the Olympic Games in 2020, and she recently won the bronze medal at the European Championships. Soon she’s going to turn in her bachelor, but the fight for her career and her beloved sport has only just begun.


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