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PhD students at CBS missed having a community, so they created their own

CBS has its first PhD association, PAC. It is initiated by PhD students who longed for a proper community to connect with, and a place to develop opinions and strategies for PhDs at CBS. And they also want to have fun.


Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen is the new Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science

The Social Democrats’ former spokesperson for Children and Social Affairs, Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen, takes over the post of Minister for Higher Education and Science after Tommy Ahlers. “Education is undoubtedly Denmark’s most important commodity,” she writes on her website. She’s been a member of parliament since 2011.


What does it take to make a loaf of bread from scratch? Lena’s finding out

So far, 20 to 25 people have been involved in CBS graduate Lena Tünkers’ bread experiment, From Farm to Feast. She’s going through every step of producing a loaf of bread – from picking up grain at the farmer’s to building a clay oven. All of this without spending any money.


First department makes its own sustainability policy: “Why wait, when you can lead the way?”

With an aim of limiting the CO2 footprint, the Department of Organization at CBS is the first to have made a sustainability policy that prohibits unnecessary flying, introduces vegetarian catering, and in general seeks to challenge an un-ecofriendly conference culture. The initiators hope the policy will push CBS and inspire others.

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Humans of CBSbyAnna Holte


We’re running out of coffee! Can students from CBS and DTU turn you into a responsible coffee drinker?

By 2050, the area for coffee production will have shrunk by 50 percent, while the demand will have gone up. The coffee company, Peter Larsen Kaffe asked students from CBS and DTU to come up with solutions to inform consumers about the future of coffee production so they can make a responsible choice. The solutions have just been presented at Folkemødet.

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My favorite spot in Rio: Urca – a very chilled, quiet neighborhood and good for any kind of mood


Critique to the media world: 27 positive stories about foreigners

Photographer and professor at CBS, Susana Borrás is ready with a new photographic exhibition. It aims to break away from "the negative and one-sided media coverage of international citizens" living in Denmark by showcasing positive stories of Europeans.


“It’s not the music that needs to change, it’s the culture”

The fine arts are having a tough time attracting a younger audience. Lærke Mogensen, President of CBS Culture has an idea why. At Folkemødet, she shared her thoughts and challenged the directors of concert halls and Danish symphony orchestras in a panel debate, which resulted in collaboration on the shaping of DR Koncerthuset’s forthcoming program.


A simple solution transformed a classroom into thesis workstations for students – it’s a huge success

Graduate House wanted to help more master’s students find a place to work during their thesis, so they transformed a classroom into an office. The extra thesis workstations have been such a hit among the students that Graduate House is thinking about repeating it next spring. 

I’m very bad with feelings. My way of dealing with it is to ignore them until I decide to watch a sad movie – usually about dogs – just to let the feelings out Valeria Laura Rigo, Blogger at CBS WIRE


A guide to Copenhagen for summer schoolers and everyone else 😍

You’ve arrived at the perfect time to enjoy the best of what Copenhagen has to offer. In this summer school Copenhagen guide, student reporter, Caroline Sølver, has provided a Copenhagen bucket list – from food, to hidden gems and what to do if the weather’s bad.


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