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How to fool your brain while studying


“CBS is plagued by theft every day”

Trick thieves and light-fingered people steal phones, computers, wallets and belongings at CBS on a daily basis. The Safety Manager at CBS, Lars Bergø reminds staff and students to think of CBS like the Central Station and offers advice on what to do if you experience something suspicious.


CBS Film is ready to feed hungry movie lovers

CBS Film has been hibernating for the last couple of years. But the with new director Anna Krasztev-Kovacs at the helm, the student organization is now reawakened and ready to provide CBS students with movie marathons and film festivals, collaborations with other student organizations, such as CBS Art and CBS Fashion Society, and lots of events about the business of filmmaking.


Grading scale can get an add-on: 12+

More focus on taking chances and challenging yourself, less focus on mistakes and weak points. This is the rationale behind the new grading scale proposed by the Danish government, which wants to introduce the 12+ for extraordinary performance. The President of CBS Students and the Head of the Dean's Office at CBS are positive about the suggestion from the government, as it shows that the politicians have listened.


What happens when artificial intelligence meets morality?

Can advanced artificial intelligence convince humans that it’s human too? What moral questions does that raise? This is what filmmaker and CBS student Lina Csillag investigates in her new short film where she draws inspiration from her interest in tech and her courses in moral philosophy at CBS.

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The best CBS graduates teach less privileged children in public schools

Graduates from CBS join Teach First Danmark’s graduate program to take up jobs as teachers in public schools to help vulnerable children. According to CBS alum and co-founder of Teach First Danmark, Jesper Bergmann, they are part of solving one of Denmark’s biggest problems. The NGO has just partnered with CBS to help spread the message.

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Is CBS short of Danish-speaking teachers? The issue is to be discussed at HSU

Ole Helmersen, Senior Shop Steward, has asked for the Senior Management’s opinion regarding a shortage of Danish-speaking teachers who, according to him, are being assigned extra classes in Danish. The issue will be brought up at an upcoming meeting in the General Consultation Committee.


He quit the corporate life to get his hands dirty in a startup

CBS student Kevin Hilaire quit his job in a large corporation so he could do stuff that would help him grow as a professional. “There are many risks associated with joining a startup as opposed to an established corporation. I had no idea if SPOT Solutions would still be in business six months after I joined,” he says. Now the startup has created an award in his name and CBS students can apply.


Solbjerg Plads gets 600 new parking spaces for bikes

Endless rows of bikes usually block Solbjerg Plads and the south entrance to CBS, but 600 new bike parking spaces ought to change that this summer. One of the project leaders, Maria Hansen Møller from CBS hopes that the new parking spaces can change the behavior of cyclists.


Students use crowdsourcing to help student organization break barriers to fine arts

What’s preventing students from attending fine arts events? Members of CBS Culture have been scratching their heads trying to figure this out. Luckily two students from the BSc in Business Administration and Service Management had a solution to the problem: crowdsourcing.

Let’s be frank, it’s bullshit and a mistake to think that there’s nothing left to fight for Sofie Carsten Nielsen, member of parliament and the Danish Social Liberal Party


CBS teachers challenge old-school economics: “It has lost its relevance”

Mainstream economics is out of touch with the real world, argue two CBS teachers. They have made a more pluralistic course in macroeconomics to give students a better understanding of the different approaches to economics and therefore the world. Four students give their feedback on the course.

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