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Intro administrators from HA Pro: Solving the problems with intro shouldn’t happen behind closed doors – it’s a joint responsibility  


Benjamin started selling secondhand textbooks to HA Almen students – now he’s expanding to cover all CBS study programs


Six students complain about temporary suspension – CBS stands by its decision

Six students have been temporarily suspended for what CBS calls violating CBS rules and regulations by signing an invitation to a “Slutty Fall Break” party hosted by “Vejlederteamet”. The six students have hired a lawyer and complained about the decision. Now, they want the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education to look into the matter. The President of CBS has declined to answer follow-up questions.


“Disgraceful”, “Too strict”: Intro guides and administrators share concerns and opinions about the temporary suspension of 25 students

Some think CBS is overreacting. Others think the suspended students have been punished appropriately. Intro guides and administrators share their thoughts about the temporary suspension of 25 students; how they think it will affect intro; and ask how to make intro both a safe space and somewhere you can “be stupid”.


CBS researchers teach the world about sustainable fashion: “Everyone has an opinion about clothes”

Students, practitioners and everyone interested in fashion can now gain more knowledge on sustainable fashion and business models. The CBS researchers Kirsti Reitan Andersen and Esben Rahbek Gjerdrum Pedersen have created a free, online course on the topic for one of the biggest platforms for online courses in the world and “gapping a hole” in the teaching materials. 500 participants have already signed up for the course.


Brand-new CBS-center accelerates the green transition in the energy infrastructure fueled by huge demand

A new ‘green’ center has opened at CBS, prompted by ‘huge demand’ in the European industry and energy sector for new research on energy infrastructure and energy economics. “These research areas have been overlooked, but if we really want to transform our system, economy and society towards a more sustainable world, we must question overarching subjects. And we will,” says Philipp Alexander Ostrowicz, coordinator at CSEI.

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Humans of CBSbyAnna Holte


A one-day guide to Malmö: Where to go, shop, and eat

A mere 40-minute train ride from Copenhagen, Malmö is the ultimate place to visit for a quick breath of fresh air, according to our student writer Caroline Sølver. Here is her guide to a full itinerary for a day well spent in Malmö.

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2019 has been my worst year in terms of a love life: I keep Googling “Norwegian guys” before I fall asleep


Is a stereotypical image of CBS scaring potential students away? Yes, thinks one CBS student

When Maria Pham says she studies at CBS, she is often met with raised eyebrows. “Isn’t CBS only about hardcore finance?” people ask. This stereotypical image of CBS and its students bothers Maria Pham, who thinks potential students are missing out on educational options they never knew they had.


TAP and VIP career opportunities to become part of CBS’ strategy

Both TAP and VIP personnel slated their career opportunities at CBS in this year’s job satisfaction survey. The theme will be integrated in CBS’ new strategy. Also, TAP shop steward's wish lists include more job satisfaction and minimized sick leave due to working conditions in future.


CBS uses philosophy as a key to major challenges in the business world

At the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, they use philosophy to investigate some of the biggest problems currently faced by the contemporary and rapidly changing business world. And although it may sound slightly high-flown to include a humanitarian discipline in business research, this is not the case, according to the head of the department.

I never had a choice about whether I wanted to disseminate my research or not Pernille Steen Pedersen, Postdoc


A shitstorm about a song, critical researchers, students trapped in Hong Kong: Here are the top 10 stories you read most in 2019

While everyone else is looking ahead, let’s take a quick glance back at what caught readers’ attention most on CBS WIRE in 2019.

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