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Should unethical behavior lead to blacklisting of companies at CBS?


New CBS program wants female entrepreneurs to rise 🚀


A day in the life: Bristol vs Copenhagen


Demonstration against cutbacks on international study placements: Everyone seems to lose

A movement of students from across Denmark’s universities is coming together on April 17 to protest against government cutbacks on international study placements. A total of 1,000 – 1,200 study placements must go. “This will affect the quality of education,” says one of the organizing members. CBS’ student union, CBS Students, supports the cause.


Seven words that describe CBS’ coming chairperson: Quirky, daring, buzzing…

CBS flair, defender, international bandwidth, the best. CBS WIRE asked representatives from CBS Students, the Academic Council, the Inclusion and Diversity Council, and a professor of management studies what CBS needs to look for in a new chairperson.


CBS celebrates diversity and inclusion with drag show and workshop

At CBS’ first-ever Winter Pride, participants were asked to put on their norm-critical glasses and find solutions to inclusion- and diversity-related cases at the GenderLab workshop. And then some gorgeous drag queens showed up…

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Humans of CBSbyAnna Holte


The first step towards fighting climate change is: Recognition

Before we can act on the effects of climate change, we need to recognize them first, argues meteorologist Jesper Theilgaard. He’s been invited to CBS on February 14 by a group of students to talk about how we can help the climate in our day-to-day lives. Students can also get inspiration and input on how to tackle the issue through a series of five workshops.

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“I feel like a whore”


When stress and guilt take over exams

Stress levels among Danish students are skyrocketing. Since 2013, the number of students between the ages of 25 to 34 who feel stressed has risen from 29.3 to 41.3 percent. And there’s nothing to indicate that the curve will stop its upward climb. But what’s the best way to handle the familiar cocktail of physical stress and guilt that crop up during the exam period?


Danske Bank in the hot seat: Students and staff asked the scandal-ridden bank 50 questions

“We want to make the bank available and talk about what happened. Hopefully, people will see that we’re taking responsibility,” said the interim CEO of Danske Bank, Jesper Nielsen when he visited CBS on February 6. Students approve of the bank’s availability, but doubt whether it will restore the bank’s credibility. Is it just talk?


If worse comes to worst, closing down EOK will lead to layoffs

An email about possible layoffs sent to staff at the Department of Management, Society and Communication is causing insecurity. The head of the department and the employee representative say that the layoff of “six to seven staff members” is unlikely. The Dean of Research says that it’s the last resort if the volume of tasks within CBS isn’t enough for the affected staff members.

We need to get graduates from CBS who understand data and data-driven strategies. Graduates who can ask critical questions about what data is used for Mikkel Flyverbom, CBS professor


Legislation! A walk in the park to some, a labyrinth for others

When jumping into the world of entrepreneurship it can be difficult to figure out how to fill out an employment contract or patent the product you’re selling. That’s why a group of CBS law students and CBS LAW have joined forces to establish Erhvervsjuridisk Retshjælp. An organization that helps start-ups and small businesses navigate the jungle of commercial law.

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