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CBS has found its new chairman of the Board of Directors


Danske Bank’s scandal to be taught worldwide through a teaching case from CBS

Photo essay

Sustainability in a picture

What does sustainability look like to you? Is it a cyclist on the go? Is it flowers in bloom? Or is it a piece of handmade fabric? As a part of the three-day event, Green Week, CBS Photography organized a sustainability-themed photo walk. Check out the photographers' view on sustainability.


Is your solution the one Tommy Ahlers is looking for? Then you can win DKK 9 million

DKK 27 million is at stake in the Ministry for Higher Education and Science’s Green Challenge. Here researchers at Danish universities can team up with companies to come up with solutions to three of the greatest green challenges of our time. Each winning team gets DKK 9 million so they can implement their solution.


Is a zero-waste society realistic? Yes, with a circular economy

A circular economy is a zero-waste system. In a circular economy, you think about the next life of your product. In a circular economy, inequality is avoided. A circular economy has the potential to uphold our living standards in the future. Does it sound utopian? Well, Ida Auken, MP from the Danish Social Liberal Party, Karin Klitgaard from the Confederation of Danish Industry, Anders Bering from Carlsberg, and CBS researchers Jesper Clement and Sönnich Dahl Sönnichsen offer their views on what it takes for society to succeed in a circular economy.


Campus pastor at CBS helps students tackle life’s problems

Anxiety, competitive culture, and the feeling of being alienated. These are some of the tendencies that the campus pastors at CBS highlighted when students rated the mental study environment at CBS as unsatisfactory in the Educational Environment Assessment published last year. Being a student isn’t easy, and it doesn’t get easier if you’re feeling stressed out or if things aren’t going smoothly on the home front. But help is at hand.

Visual stories

Humans of CBS: Hooray – it’s spring!byAnna Holte


CBS and Danish Shipping have succeeded in creating a labor market for graduates  

When students graduate from the BSc in Shipping and Trade at CBS they can walk right into the labor market and take up a full-time position. No Master’s degree is needed. The BSc program, which has been developed in close collaboration with Danish Shipping, is exactly what the Minister of Higher Education and Science is looking for when it comes to establishing a labor market for graduates.

Gif of the week


Destination: North Korea

Three globetrotters make up a new CBS-founded travel agency, Above Borders, offering destinations in North Korea. They want to show travelers new insights into the world’s most isolated countries. But why North Korea? Isn’t that dangerous? And which country is next on their list? Our student writer, Andreas Boers, sat down with Above Borders for a round of rapid-fire questioning.


Denmark achieved gender equality a long time ago… “Let’s be frank – it’s bullshit!”

At CBS’ celebration of International Women’s Day, participants were asked to come up with suggestions that could bust the myth that gender equality had already been achieved in Denmark. CBS delivered one of three cases for discussion: How could CBS get more women to move up the academic hierarchy? “Male professors, give up power,” one suggested.


Has the Huey, Dewey and Louie effect taken over CBS? Three female professors think so

For 20 years, women’s representation among professors hasn’t improved one jot. They still represent 20 percent of the professors. How can CBS change that? Well, if you ask three female professors it’s clear.


‘Fremtidsfabrikken’ a CBS student podcast: Learning from business stars in cool cars

Podcasting is booming. According to by Nochmal Consulting, the number of Danish podcasts has nearly doubled from 1,264 in February 2016 to 2,490 in January 2019. The trend has not gone unnoticed at CBS. Here, several students have been inspired to join the market and make their own podcast. Among them are Lars Horsbøl and Eske Gerup who produce the podcast ‘Fremtidsfabrikken’.

We need to get graduates from CBS who understand data and data-driven strategies. Graduates who can ask critical questions about what data is used for Mikkel Flyverbom, CBS professor


”Retaining international students is a two-sided responsibility”

Four international students from the MSc in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship want to help fellow international students to strengthen their network, find a job and settle down in Denmark. “It’s a way of showing that we care about Denmark and the international students,” says CBS student Jakub Taptik.

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