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CBS at Copenhagen Pride – in photos

Months of preparations finally paid off in grand style, and with 600 balloons to brighten the truck, Colorful CBS lived up to its name. Photo: Helen Dyrbye

2023 is the first year for the new organisation Colorful CBS to organise the participation in Copenhagen Pride Parade.

News |   21. Aug 2023

Helen Dyrbye

Proofreader and Translator

Birgitte Ramsø Thomsen






Gudbjorg (centre) owner of DEKO Design, assisted by Anna Dóra and Heida, all originally from Iceland, had a busy Friday decorating 23 cargo bicycles, four trucks – and one king-size bed on wheels – for various large corporations. As a community supporter of Copenhagen Pride, CBS made room for the pop-up, rainbow, pimp-my-ride session at the Solbjerg Plads basement car park. Photo: Birgitte Ramsø Thomsen
After five years of coordinating CBS’ participation in the Pride Parade, Jesper Bjørn (here with Ben Hales, Research Assistant at MSC, right) and other staff members took more of a back seat when CBS hit the streets for its flagship diversity event. Photo: Helen Dyrbye
As Sofie Sørensen explained (here with co-Colorful CBS board member Tore Overgaard), earlier this year, after news of cutbacks, students were quick to take action. With funding and help from CBS Students, and the entry fee covered by CBS, the organisation Colorful CBS, formed last year, stepped up to walk the talk. Photo: Helen Dyrbye
Not everyone wore CBS T-shirts. Dress codes were optional, a point Erik (AKA Eros) Hesselstrand was happy to drive home, here with Nicklas Heitman and Nicolai Sørensen. Photo: Helen Dyrbye
DJ Aviaja called the shots with a choice of rhythm & blues, violets, reds, oranges, yellows and upbeat evergreen hits! As CBS was number 91 in line, the 200+ CBS students were happy to dance, sway and occasionally lurch the day away to the music as the truck wound slowly through crowds of onlookers all celebrating human rights across the spectrum. Photo: Helen Dyrbye
Cheers everyone! Luckily the gloomy weather changed overnight. No coats or hoodies were needed after all, and the ‘Love suits everyone’ message shone through loud and clear. Photos: Helen Dyrbye


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CBS at Copenhagen Pride – in photosby

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    CBS at Copenhagen Pride – in photos

    2023 is the first year for the new organisation Colorful CBS to organise the participation in Copenhagen Pride Parade.

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