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Ice-cream in return for ideas

(Photo: Emilie Schäfferling)

On 6 September, CBS WIRE invited students and staff for a scoop of ice-cream in return for a chat about what kind of topics they wanted to read more about in CBS WIRE. The turnout was excellent (looong queues) and a variety of suggestions poured in for the idea board. CBS’ independent newspaper now has plenty of tips and input to inspire its journalists on a range of themes.

News |   12. Sep 2022

Photo: Emilie Schäfferling

As participants waited for their treat, CBS WIRE was keen to invite students, staff and management to pitch content ideas.

Photo: Emilie Schäfferling

The delicious ice-cream was apparently well worth the wait as the line remained long throughout the three-hour event.

Photo: Emilie Schäfferling

‘Student life’ and ‘Recommendations for Copenhagen’ were among the most popular topics.

Photo: Ida Eriksen

Social Foodies, who delivered and served the ice cream, estimated that more than 1,500 scoops were handed out.

Photo: Emilie Schäfferling

The ideas board about to be filled. WIRE’s staff had many interesting talks with students and employees from Denmark and all over the world.


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