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Copenhagen Business School

“Sustainability isn’t about pointing fingers – it’s about working together”

It’s hard to mention sustainable initiatives at CBS that Centre Manager Louise Thomsen hasn’t been involved with in one way or another. Since 2016, she has done her part to push CBS in a more sustainable direction. And it hasn’t always been easy. Now, she is saying goodbye to CBS with some words of advice on how the university can become even more sustainable.

Leon tied his shoes and left the humdrum life of pension schemes and a good canteen behind him – now he just won the European Championships twice

It was a life-changing decision, and Leon Kofoed was both scared to take it, and scared not to. But as soon as he changed his profession from ‘Junior Analyst’ to ‘Athlete’ on LinkedIn, all of his fears vanished. Everything felt right. This is a story about quitting the humdrum of a steady career and stable income and what it takes to turn your passion into a livelihood.

New CBS president wants to bring the technical and natural sciences to CBS

Building bridges sums up new president, Nikolaj Malchow-Møller's agenda for CBS. He wants to bring the natural and technical sciences, the business community, and society around us closer to CBS. He wants to make studying into a lifelong experience, and he thinks that the way to curb stress is to make space for your personal life. And he loves oatmeal, old western movies and Liverpool FC.

I wear my culture

Yuan Fang, an MBA student from China, almost looks like someone from an Asian fairytale when she wears her traditional Chinese clothes. She likes this old-fashioned style, and only ditches it when it rains. CBS WIRE sat down with her to talk about Chinese and Danish culture.