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Let your face or your car do the paying

The digitalization of our everyday lives is making simple things such as purchases ever more convenient. At Spisestuerne, you can now pay with your finger, but in the future, you could pay with your face or let your car automatically deal with the parking fee. But what are the consequences of introducing biometric technologies, and are we even ready for them?

Why are case competitions so popular?

Companies and students are increasingly finding case competitions relevant – both to host and to take part in. But why? Students, the Head of Business Relations and Career Services at CBS, Grundfos, and QVARTZ give their suggestions and some of them question the format of case competitions. Because, are case competitions bringing out the most innovative ideas?

Crypto fever

Investors speculate about when to sell their crypto currencies, banks are being skeptical, yet others hope for a reformation of the monetary system and the downfall of banks. Crypto currencies, like Bitcoin, – whether we like them or not – are here to stay. But how will they change our society? We asked a philosopher, an investor, and the founders of the organization, CryptoWomen.

Cracks appear in CBS’ brand after discarded research report

On a scale of 1 to 10, the CBS brand has been compromised to a level 5, says brand experts Mads Mordhorst, CBS, and Nikolaj Stagis, Stagis A/S. Read President Per Holten-Andersen’s assessment of the case involving an agricultural report and a serious breach of good research practice.