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CBS design start-up becomes part of research project


From the books to the field: CBS goes to Uganda


When mama keeps pushing you

In a country like Denmark, there are an extraordinarily amount of possibilities in terms of education. Because of that, parents who might have had different living conditions in their native country tend to put more pressure on their children when it comes to education. But is that really a bad thing? Or is it merely an attempt to make us harness the opportunities they never had?


Disaster research

Research into disasters are more evident than ever. Kristian Cedervall Lauta and Morten Thanning Vendelø, both researchers from University of Copenhagen and CBS, are part of a joint research center investigating the aftermath of devastating disasters, by trying to understand why they happen and how they affect us.


New university building facilitates collaboration between China and Denmark

The Sino-Danish Center (SDC) recently moved into a new building located north of Bejing. The new building will enhance collaboration between Danish and Chinese universities and benefit researchers and students alike, says the Principal Coordinator from CBS.


Researchers need your help for scientific experiments

Have you always wanted to participate in a scientific experiment, whether it be about eye tracking or clothing consumption, but never had the chance? Wait no more. CBS researcher, Laura Winther Balling, has set up an open-source database where you can sign up and take part in different research projects. Some of them even pay you for taking part.

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Humans of CBSbyLisbeth Holten


Six good reasons to become a Buddy

Moving to Berlin on her own inspired Caroline Sølver to join the Buddy Program at CBS. She gives six good reasons for why you should join - one of them is getting friends for life.

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Three ways to become a networking superstar

Student reporter Eric Maganga gives his pro-tips on how to be good at networking - both in person and online.

Ida Buhl-Andersen, Partner Development Manager, at Microsoft, is looking for passion and motivation. Foto: Mette Koors

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Stand up, speak up, and don’t be afraid of making mistakes

“Speak up your mind, dare to fail, and be able to work in a team with different nationalities. Be passionate, independent and motivated.”


CBS fires employees due to missing out on grants

3-5 employees from Facility Management and Campus Development are getting fired due to grants not received. “Very unfortunate,” says the Campus Director. Furthermore, the two departments are being merged on the 1st of October. A member of the coordination committee argues that the process leading to the fusion will give rise to mistrust towards CBS management. The employee representative says that the job cuts could have been avoided.


Joining a student organization doesn’t have to be nerve-racking

It can be a little stressful applying to one of the more competitive student organization. Three of the largest and most popular student organizations shine a light on why you should join a student organization and what they are looking for when recruiting students.

It just feels nice to help people out one way or another Niels Laursen, CBS Academic Housing


Once upon a time… 100 years ago

For the first time ever, CBS has a memorial plaque situated in the heart of Copenhagen. 100 years ago today, 1917 on the 1st of October, the first students attended their first class at what would eventually evolve into the prestigious institution that is CBS.

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