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Fake news fighter: Nation sponsored disinformation worries me

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CBS goes to Bornholm

Folkemødet is a bit like Roskilde Festival. More than 100,000 people – including students and staff from CBS - visit the festival on Bornholm to engage in debates, events, and celebrate democracy. Watch the films and hear what the President of CBS, students, researchers, and staff from CBS got out of Folkemødet.

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The sounds of witches

Witch-hunting is part of Denmark’s dark heritage, and it is a story about the silencing of a group of people. Associate Professors from CBS, Ana Maria Munar and Mads Bødker, want to give voices to the witches and tell their stories through sound bites for the coming witch museum in Ribe.


What type of project leader are you?

Everyone has their own way of organising a project. Read about the four types of leadership, and why a variety of types is good for any organisation. Take the quiz: What type of project leader are you?


CBS wants to turn down the tobacco industry

The Senior Management at CBS recommends a policy where CBS does not accept any kind of funding directly from tobacco companies. If the policy is decided on, it may result in a stop of the sale of tobacco on CBS’ campus. But that is up for discussion. The Senior Management will make the final decision in the Autumn, and it can potentially make CBS a frontrunner among other Danish universities.

Visual stories

Humans of CBSbyLisbeth Holten

Young and ambitious, Kristoffer Lundberg (left) and Andreas Broby (right) are the cofounders of CFO Insights (Photo: David Fulop)


They are disrupting CFO conferences and gathered 400 CFOs

After a smashing success and the organizing of the largest CFO conference in Scandinavia, the founders of CFO Insights are planning to pass on the torch to a new generation of students. They want to help CFOs transition into their new role and their company to become a talent factory for students.

Gif of the week
Zola makes authentic Neapolitan pizza in a fire oven. (Photo via Zola's instagram)


Five restaurants in Berlin you have to try

Our student reporter, Caroline Sølver, who lived in Berlin for three years before moving back to her hometown of Copenhagen to begin her studies at CBS, shares five tips for a day of eating in Berlin. The German metropolis offers delicious food (no schnitzel though, sorry!) and is budget-friendly. This is the perfect guide for your next trip to Berlin!

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Tommy Ahlers: Failing is an excellent way to learn

How do universities stay attractive? How do they educate business students for the 21st century? Tommy Ahlers, the Minster for Higher Education and Science, Gregor Halff, the Dean of Education at CBS, Anita Monty, Learning Consultant at CBS, and Barbara Sporn, Professor at Vienna University of Economics and Business, offer their insights.


Now international researchers can legally do sideline activities, but…

A new law reform is now making it possible for researchers to engage in sideline activities without having to apply for an extra work permit. However, the new law does not apply to all, and it is receiving a lukewarm reception from CBS researchers who have been affected by the previous law.


They make their own chewing gum

What started off as a project being done for fun in the kitchen, turned into a growing business. Chewing gum has been a blight for cities all across the world, but now it does not have to be. Three CBS alumni came up with an organic, decomposable solution.

It is an increasing challenge that a lot of students think the outcome of a university degree is to get the highest grades. But the real outcome should be to know the most! Per Holten-Andersen, President of CBS

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Do you know the penguin and the cocktail shaker? You should!

Two minutes with an exercise band is all it takes to relieve your body of pain and discomfort, claims physiotherapist Søren Hald. He came to CBS with an arsenal of exercise bands to show the employees how easy it is to better their physical condition.


Highlights from Folkemødet on Bornholm


Selfish golden frame

Meet the Danes

Midsummer in denmark

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