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CBS participates in the largest CPH Pride ever


Bye, bye Fingopay… Hello again

UPDATE: The Fingopay scanners have been turned on again, while the collaborators, Spisestuerne, Nets, and Fingopay, are negotiating whether to continue the project. Kim Frølund, IT responsible at Spisestuerne, hopes that the negotiations will fall into place during the coming weeks.


Should CBS ban alcohol during intro week?

Three years ago, CBS was heavily being covered by the media, as students reported humiliating and sexist activities such as licking whipped cream off bananas during the intro week. Before the semester start in 2016, new rules were introduced, and they seem to be paying off. But still, CBS is not ready to ban alcohol during the intro week.


Counting successes

Confidence comes from success. I may feel like: I haven’t done anything yet, or what do I have to feel great about. That’s exactly the mentality I fight against.


An international Mekka for CBS researchers

About 70 researchers and the Senior Management from CBS are joining the prestigious American conference, Academy of Management, which attracts more than 10,000 researchers from all over the world. The University Director explains that attending a conference like AOM is an important way of branding CBS and attracting international researchers.

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Humans of CBSbyLisbeth Holten


CBS has this year’s most sought-after study program

CBS is among the most popular choices for undergraduate applicants this year, which means that CBS is getting some of Denmark’s brightest young students. But according to Wilbert van der Meer, the head of deans office, grades are not the most important aspect of university life. He wants the student to try something wild.

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Researcher: Monopolies are good

OPINION: Without monopolies consumers miss out on the best technology at a good price. The task is to prevent that monopoly from abusing its power.


Solar shading crashes down at Solbjerg Plads

During the summer holidays, a solar shading panel broke and fell out of the steel frame near the southern façade of Solbjerg Plads. Something that should not be possible. The unusually hot weather seems to have caused the problem, and this can have consequences for the semester start if the panels are not fixed on time.


Party time 2.0: CBS is ready for their second Pride Parade

After last year’s success, CBS is turning up the volume a notch for this year’s Copenhagen Pride Parade. A bigger truck, the DJ That Fucking Sara, and more t-shirts have been ordered. Both the Dean of Education and a co-organizer of CBS’ participation underline the importance of CBS’ presence at the Pride.


What can Hollywood movies teach us about business? A whole lot

Citizen Kane, Wall Street, and The Big Short can tell us a lot about businesses through good and bad times, according to CBS Professor Per H. Hansen. He has watched more than 81 business movies as part of a new research project and points out that movies are as important as annual accounts from big companies.

It is an increasing challenge that a lot of students think the outcome of a university degree is to get the highest grades. But the real outcome should be to know the most! Per Holten-Andersen, President of CBS


Fun events in Copenhagen in the next months to not miss

Our student reporter, Caroline Sølver, guides you to fun events taking place in Copenhagen over the next few months that you simply can’t miss.


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Midsummer in denmark

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