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Students Unite: CBS’ Program Portfolio Needs your Help


Copenhagen: Five spots you have to try this summer

Are you in Copenhagen for the summer, but not quite sure how to spend your time? Fear not. Student Caroline Sølver gives you ideas for five things to try.


Researchers know how you behave at Roskilde Festival

Researchers love festivals, as they are like living labs. 14 scientists from CBS are going to this year’s Roskilde Festival to gather data about how much people walk, sleep, their behavior on social media and what they talk about during the festival.


The fight for the city

Residents around cities of Europe are fed up with tourists, even though most governments want to attract more. Researchers at CBS have investigated how branding a city can make residents and tourists better friends.


Does CBS top management have a problem with its style and structure?

A new committee, set by the Academic Council, has looked into why the academic staff has a low confidence in the top management at CBS and found four major issues. We asked the top management what consequences this report will have.

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CBS Photography goes to DyrehavenbyDaiana Contini

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CBS and UN come Together to Get More Women in Leading Positions

CBS is worst in class in terms of gender diversity compared to other Danish universities. Now, the President of CBS is joining a newly establish initiative by the UN Women Nordic Office and The Boston Consulting Group to support more women to take on leading positions, despite not having any set goals for the future.

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How French Apples Created a Revolutionary Entrepreneurship

A semester abroad turned into a cider revolution for the newly CBS graduate, Paw Wöhlk. The young entrepreneur is about to launch Copenhagen’s first cider bar this July and despite the hard work of starting a business, he only encourages others to do the same.


In Search of My Career Path

What is it like to graduate? Leaving the student comfort zone and preparing for the real life of being an adult with a full-time job? Newly fledged graduate, Signe Lund Bunke shares her thoughts in her new blog.


Meet the Researcher who Combines Metal & Marketing

For most people, heavy metal equals noise pollution. To the Finnish researcher Toni-Matti Karjalainen it’s the sound of his research project. He has recently been at CBS as part of his project to investigate how metal bands promote themselves internationally.


Democracy for all or only the privileged few?

The annual Folkemøde has just been held at the island of Bornholm, celebrating democracy and citizen interaction. But as I return from the political festival, I can’t help but question the democracy that is being celebrated – is it really for everyone?

It’s important to take your time to get inspired Paw Wöhlk, founder of Ciderrevolution


Namaste: Thursday means Yoga Time

Researchers, students and administrative staff gather each Thursday to practice yoga at the Department of Digitalization. The idea comes all the way from Oxford, England.

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Meet the Danes

Midsummer in Denmark: Time to burn some witches

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