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CBS’ sustainability strategy is here – now it needs initiatives

The framework has been laid out for CBS’ sustainability strategy, with the first initiatives covering the social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability starting up in spring. “Becoming sustainable is a common effort,” says the project manager.


Stone expert: Look down. The floor talks!

The stone floor at Solbjerg Plads is made from Kelvin Bjerre's favorite stone. The Øland's stone. Together with his colleague from Stone Treatment, he is polishing and grinding the floors to make them shine again. Kelvin Bjerre shows us the cool spots on the floor and talks about how shiny the floor is at the Royal Danish Opera.


This CBS rock star masters both business and the bass

Together with bandmates Selina Gin and Maria Juntunen Signe Tobiassen has created one of Denmark’s biggest musical successes – the band Nelson Can. It’s not only because they have a load of great songs they also have a great flair for the business part of the music scene. Unlike many musicians, Signe Tobiassen has no problem calling herself a businesswoman which is not only supported by Nelson Can’s succes, but also by all the bands Signe has helped as a manager. Now this bass-swinging businesswoman studies Management of Creative Business Processes at CBS, so we caught up with her for an interview about her experiences within the music business. Press play and enjoy.


Danish leadership brought Nattana to CBS – with a little help from Waldemar

In Thailand, Nattana Utoomprurkporn is the heir of her father’s business. But before she takes over, she wants to find out how Danes run companies. She has just received the first CBS MBA scholarship awarded by the former CEO of ISS, Waldemar Schmidt, who had a few pieces of advice for the new MBA student.

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Humans of CBS: Upside downbyAnna Holte


CBS will not establish new collaboration with Danske Bank… for now

The senior management at CBS has decided to curb new collaboration with Danske Bank as a direct consequence of the ongoing money laundering case. No new collaboration will be established until new top management has been appointed at the bank, says the President of CBS.

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CBS creates ethical guidelines for future partnerships

In the wake of the money laundering case, researchers ask what CBS will accept from their collaborators. Guidelines are now being drawn up, but will not apply to the current Danske Bank case. In the end, CBS might need to discuss its overall values, argues a CBS professor.


Is there something wrong with the study spaces at CBS or am I just losing interest?

Monday morning, 10 o’clock to be exact, while sitting on the second floor at Solbjerg Plads and trying to concentrate on my books, I find myself being distracted by the smallest things around me. I wonder if there is something wrong with the view or is it just me?


CBS gets its own whistleblower scheme

From October 4, everybody with a connection to CBS can use the whistleblower scheme anonymously to report infringements and severe offenses such as financial crimes and sexual harassment. Kirsten Winther Jørgensen, the University Director of CBS, says that the scheme is “an expression of good management.”


New book: Investment is for women – and everyone else

Female Invest has quickly become a big investment organization for women. Now the CBS students behind the project are ready with a new book that offers advice for beginners who want to start investing.

The way we do business in Denmark just works. And it works everywhere Waldemar Schmidt, the former CEO of ISS


Constance quit cars and planes and biked to Denmark from France

She traveled 3,500 kilometers by bike to get to Denmark. It was not her end-destination – far from it. But “things never go according to plan,” as the new CBS student Constance Regnier puts it. Her aim is to live her life with the smallest carbon footprint possible. This included not driving cars or taking planes for a while. And that is one of the least radical choices she has made.

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