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Housing chaos led to start-up company


CBS is closing down its last business language program

Senior Management at CBS has decided to close down the last program associated with language, the EOK bachelor, and is converting the IMK Bachelor into a BSc. The study boards, CBS Students, and the trade union, Kommunikation & Sprog, are unsympathetic towards the decision, whereas the Dansk Industri is partly understanding.


Housing Chaos: CBS has 350 dorm rooms to 1,832 international students

CBS only has access to a limited number of dorm rooms and these are reserved for exchange students only. This means that international students studying a bachelor or master degree are left alone to find a place to live in Copenhagen. “It’s a heartbreaking job,” says housing coordinator at CBS.


CBS stops selling unfair access to students to companies

Companies can no longer ask CBS to send out invitations to students with the highest GPAs and invite them to special events. This has recently been decided after students have criticized the practice, which they have described as opaque and unfair. McKinsey was the last company to take advantage of the possibility this August.


CEO of Danske Bank will share ups and downs with CBS students

Thomas F. Borgen, CEO of Danske Bank, is going to spend an academic year at CBS. Not to drink coffee with the President of CBS, but instead to learn from academics and students. In the wake of the money laundering case at Danske Bank, he will share what he can if students ask him.

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Humans of CBSbyLisbeth Holten


Start-up wants to empower female asylum seekers with crocheting

Pillow by pillow, Novaheim wants to get female asylum seekers more in tune with the Danish job market, give them a better understanding of Danish culture in general, and change the discourse revolving around asylum seekers. All through the use of yarn and crocheting needles.

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“My student job has opened my eyes towards tech and robots”

Monday’s are crucial in my team. We have our weekly editorial meetings and set the agenda for the rest of the week. Despite it being Monday morning, I quite look forward to getting to work since my colleague Isabella will be waiting for me with our usual breakfast, which consists of a croissant. It’s not all bad.


Amman: Humus, Bedouins and Roman Ruins

According to world politics and various news’ sites, the Middle East doesn’t seem like the most appealing place to travel for a relaxing and safe holiday. But beyond the conflicts lies multiple destinations of interesting cultural and historical content and a great place to start is the capital of Jordan: Amman.


Do you know a student who deserves a prize?

Until 15th September, you can nominate a fellow student for the CBS Student Prize for being inclusive, and in general, trying to make CBS a better place to study. CBS is giving away three prizes of DKK 20,000 to the three students.


Seven Things to Try while you are in Denmark

New to Denmark? If you wanna get the full-on Danish experience, you should try seven of these "hygge" activities that the Danes do in their spare time or sometimes even on an everyday basis.

I decided to take a risk throughout my internship. I finally understood that sometimes it is important to have courage. Marco Bennati, Student at CBS


Housing chaos: “I’ve never experienced anything like this”

What CBS student Ana Andonovska hates the most about the housing market, is the overwhelming numbers of scammers and that the market is so uncontrollable. She asks CBS to do more in helping international full degree-students.

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