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The legal claim is extended to three years and it’s now easier to study part-time


She went to Rome and came home with a cat – now she has written a book about it


How can CBS make international graduates stay in Denmark? Tom’s about to find out

He has travelled to 80 countries and worked for international students for seven years at CBS. Now, Tom Dahl-Østergaard has been entrusted to find out how to retain the international graduates. But how is he going to do that? Part of the answer is to build a bridge to Danish society.


CBS’ answer to 700 researchers’ climate appeal: “It’s a concern that we share!”

“We regard the letter as a deep concern for the climate. This is a concern that we share and we are positive about the request.” This is the message from the Senior Management at CBS after they discussed a climate appeal from more than 700 researchers from all eight of Denmark’s universities.


New sustainability center allows greater collaboration with companies and universities

CBS’ 16-year-old cbsCSR center has changed its name to CBS Sustainability and launches on December 3. CSR is still relevant, but CBS needs to engage in broader collaboration with universities and companies to push the sustainable development of society in the right direction, argues Academic director of the centre.


A t-shirt from Lanzarote bought at the airport: 10 CBS folks reveal their best and worst Christmas gifts ever

Beermats with Spanish landscapes, a sweater that would look much nicer on your brother, underfloor heating, LEGO and a red bike. Do you remember the best or worst Christmas gift you've ever received? CBS WIRE's intern, Clara Florentsen asked people at CBS that very question.

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Humans of CBSbyAnna Holte


New report: 1,194 university students have experienced unwanted sexual behavior

“It’s about time we do something about it,” says Rie Snekkerup, Head of the Program Administration at CBS, about a new report on unwanted sexual behavior towards students at Danish universities. Universities have been blind to the problem, argues the President of CBS Students. CBS is putting the finishing touches to its own report.

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Fewer students apply for CBS’ diploma program: ‘Original teaching’ is smarting up the program

CBS’ diploma program has, as the first full program at CBS, been running a project for the past three years that combines on-campus teaching with various online activities. One of the goals is to attract more students to the program, which has experienced a decreasing number of applicants in recent years.


When Christmas dinner leaves a bad taste

December is upon us and it’s once again time for the dreaded and celebrated Christmas dinner – the Danish ‘julefrokost’. The annual cocktail of schnapps, Christmas beer and copy room canoodling are an institution in Denmark. But that doesn’t prevent us from feeling a substantial amount of guilt and shame the morning after. We had a chat with theologian Camilla Sløk, Associate Professor at CBS, to examine why and how the guilt and shame manifests itself doing the so-called ‘season to be jolly’.


5 minutes on responsibility? I don’t think it’s enough!

"The planet is dependent on action today. CBS could become a role model for other universities and business schools and attract even more engaged students," writes a CBS student in this opinion piece. Why not devote a mandatory module of 5 ECTS purely to “sustainability and responsibility?", he asks.


Exam fears are my worst fears

The thought of being inside a cold room with two lectors staring straight into my eyes, and judging my knowledge for 10-15 minutes, is probably one of the things I fear most as a student.

Failure is taboo. But paradoxically, failure is a condition for learning Mathilde Andersen, CBS student


Fingopay is a hit and here to stay

The pay-with-your-finger system at Spisestuerne at Solbjerg Plads is such a hit that it’s becoming permanent in all of CBS’ canteens. The system should be up and running and ready for more users before Christmas. Also, Nets has received several inquiries about the solution.

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