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Lockout: What about the 22,000 students at CBS?


Are CBS students locking themselves out of the conflict?

As time comes closer to the final decision on whether or not the big lockout of over 120.000 state employees will happen, thoughts arise on what role the younger generation should play in the conflict. Is this the students’ fight to fight?

News Update


There are many questions, but not a lot of answers. A lockout is threatening staff members and students, and HR is trying their best to give you an idea of what exactly will happen when you are subject to a lockout. For example, you cannot take your work computer home, but CBS is not going to ask you to hand it in. Then there are the questions about people who are employed outside of Denmark’s borders. What about them?


New report: CBS students suffer from irrational and extreme anxiety

The latest study environment report shows that a healthy mental study environment is being threatened by the study progress reform and competitive behavior where the students see each other as competitors. CBS has drawn up a plan of action to improve both the physical and the mental study environment, but a larger cultural shift in society is also needed, points out the student councilors, the study administration, and the President of CBS Students.


The mother of all consultants

Stephanie Hadler came to CBS on exchange in 1986 and found that a part of her felt like she had a new home. More than 30 years later she says goodbye to the institution that she put on the international map through case competitions. She reflects on toe-curling trends in case competition, offers some advice to future case competitors, and raises the veil on a project that can secure case solving at CBS in the future.


What does Theatre have to do with CBS? Everything!

It is Saturday and a handful of CBS students and several professional actors are meeting at CBS. Not for reading, studying, or networking. Instead, they are going to shout, cry, wrap ribbons around themselves and be covered in black plastic bags. They are part of CBS Theatre and are getting together to perform a modern adaptation of the Greek Tragedy, Elektra. But why on earth would CBS students do this?


Being a CBS student puts pressure on me!

Entering this new semester, I am feeling the pressure more than ever! Imagine doing such a great job to a point where you feel that you have set new standards to keep up and in addition to that, the people around you have set the same standards for you too. This is my current situation.

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Humans of CBSbyAnna Holte


Students criticize the ministry’s increasing control over the universities

On the 12th of March, the Committee on Improved University Educations proposed 37 new recommendations on how to improve education at universities . However, Jeppe Ask Tofteskov, President of CBS Students, and Sana Mahin Doost, President of the National Union of Students, fear a stagnation of the development of educations and the death of student democracy if the 37th recommendation is enforced, as it will diminish the power of the study boards.

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“Don’t overpay for your apartment, fight the system instead”

Do you pay too much for your apartment? Maybe you are, even if you do consider yourself lucky enough to have your own place. According to Frederik Reichstein, CBS alumnus and partner at Rent Guide, it does not have to be that way. His advice is to fight the system, for there are plenty of battles to be won.


IWD: What is there to fight for? 10 women, including Karen Ellemann and a lot of other women from CBS, talk about what they want to fight for

More female teachers, more women in leading positions, less focus on gender. 10 women including Karen Ellemann, the Minister for Equal Opportunities, Lisbeth Knudsen, the editor in chief of Mandag Morgen, CBS students and faculty members give their suggestion on what they want to fight for.

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Power looks like a woman in 2018 and beyond

Power has, for centuries, looked and sounded like a man, but that is changing. Lisbeth Knudsen, Margrethe Vestager, and Marianne Dahl Steensen, all women in leading positions , came to CBS on the 8th of March to discuss what future female leaders want to fight for. Together with the audience, they created a manifest, which was handed over to Karen Ellemann, the Minister of Equal Opportunities. Hear what she wants to use it for in the film.

Photo essay

What does sustainability look like?

Clothes made out of trash. Food sharing. Sorting waste. A man on a bike. Sustainability comes in many facets, and the student organization, CBS Photography, make suggestions as to what sustainability looks like through their photo exhibition, which is displayed in front of Café Nexus. The photo exhibition is part of the event, Green Week, which has been going on throughout the last several days.

Only while sleeping one makes no mistakes. Making mistakes is the privilege of the active – of those who can correct their mistakes and put them right The Testament of a Furniture Dealer - Ingvar Kamprad


Boss women make other women become bosses

It is not great coworkers, supporting parents, or an inspirational spouse that make more women become entrepreneurs. It is the bosses. And especially if they are women, shows new research from the Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics at CBS. The result can, according to the authors of the research paper, also be broadened to other business sectors.


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