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The atmosphere at CBS' campus: We chose the photo from the library because it precisely encapsulates the atmosphere when students are concentrating and preparing for their exams. We also found the photo to be very stylish and elegant, it draws the viewer in and results in them looking at it for a while. (Photo by Niels Jakob Kyhl Jørgensen)


A photo ‘treasure hunt’


Trash mayhem: Is it a matter of manners?


Copenhagen Art Week at CBS

Copenhagen Art Week, DIAS, and CBS are teaming up to draw more people into the world of art. There are several art projects scattered around Solbjerg Plads and Kilen. Some of the art installations include videos of cats and a robot sucking Coca-Cola off the ground, or sounds of water and fire intensifying as you move through a three-by-three meter space.

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Can you help Nima out?


Students from Dalgas Have don’t feel at home in Solbjerg Plads

Amandip Singh Grewal, a former CBS student and currently studying communication, wants to shed light on the feeling of ‘not fitting in’. He interviewed two CBS students about exactly this, and he can easily identify with them. Can you?

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Grade-free classes: Tackling a stressful performance culture

All new students enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration and Psychology will not be given any grades during the first year of their bachelor’s degree. They will be given a lot more feedback instead. The three-year project is an attempt to limit the pressure and stress that students experience from having to perform well.

Visual stories

Summer!byAnna Holte


CBS puts the brakes on hiring TAP-staff

All new positions and re-employments of technical-administrative staff (TAP) will have to be approved by Senior Management. The “decision to show moderation in recruitment” comes as payroll costs for TAP at CBS have increased significantly since 2012. Employee representatives are uncertain about the future consequences at present.

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Plastic fantastic: Beached fishing nets become reusable shopping nets

CBS students, Lena Tünkers and Niklas Sihan, have developed a circular deposit system that introduces reusable plastic nets made out of beached fishing nets to supermarket chains. They want to confront the perception of plastic being a bad material, as they think it is a valuable resource.


CBS and KADK create unique graduate program

This summer, CBS, in collaboration with KADK, launches a new graduate program. The students will work hand-in-hand on projects related to design, architecture and business. What’s the goal? Students with a whole new mindset!


The five best green areas in Copenhagen

Spring is finally here! Or at least, we got a taste of what sunshine and warmer temperatures feel like after an eternal winter. According to our student writer Caroline Sølver, you should definitely spend an hour or two in good company in some of the green areas and parks in Copenhagen.


Merger expert: If a merger doesn’t make sense to the staff, management has a problem

Eight CBS departments are facing a large reorganization as 14 departments are cut down to 11. So far, some welcome the changes while others voice their criticism. CBS WIRE asked a professor what CBS can learn from her research on merger processes.

Biometrics are a new way of protecting oneself, and it is a new way of living in a digital world Avishay Gaziel, Smart Payments


How can CBS close the enormous gender gap?

80 percent of the professors at CBS are men and it has not changed since 1999. How is this going to change? Members of the Council for Diversity and Inclusion is currently visiting all of the 14 departments to talk about why diversity matters, because as one of the members, Alex Klinge, puts it, “You cannot be, what you cannot see.”


Selfish golden frame

Meet the Danes

Barbarian cat-killers

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