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CBS introduces new intro program concept

The new intro program concept is now turning into a “first-year experience” for the new bachelor students starting in 2020, according to CBS. The new concept will shorten the intro-week program and spread it over the course of a year, with the cabin trip moved to February to link semesters 1 and 2.

CBS Students strongly criticizes drastic changes to the intro week concept

The cabin trip is moved to February, the intro weeks in August are reduced to four or five days, and the cabin trip program will not include any alcohol-related activities. These are among the changes to CBS’ study start. CBS Students is highly concerned that the dramatic transformation of the intro concept will have negative consequences for new students’ social life and current students’ willingness to become administrators or intro guides.

Coronavirus crisis: Now students can take out extra SU loans

The President of CBS Students, Sarah Diemar, is pleased that student needs are also on the agenda in these special times. However, she points out that the students will feel the effect long after the crisis has passed, as they will have additional debt.

CBS copes with corona: Anja is one of 120 CBS students in quarantine at home

Coronavirus has forced students and staff to stay at home, but for Anja Navadvorskaya, the situation is slightly different. She is in home quarantine until March 25 along with 120 of her fellow students. And so far, it is not that bad, but the uncertainty of the situation is “frightening,” she says.

“They turned off the air conditioning to stop the virus from spreading”

Tobias Løvkvist Bidstrup and Mikkel Graulund Jørgensen’s 90-day language trip to China was cut short as the corona virus spread. Shops and normal activities closed down and the two CBS students were forced pack their bags. Now, in Taiwan, they are still busy learning Chinese. Check out their cool videos documenting the whole experience.

The Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education: CBS cannot terminate the enrolment of the 25 temporarily suspended students

CBS has re-enrolled the 25 temporarily suspended students after the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education informed CBS that it is not possible to terminate their enrolment. CBS WIRE has asked the Senior Management a number of questions, including whether CBS will help the students for whom the termination has had serious consequences. CBS has issued a press release on the matter.

Six students complain about temporary suspension – CBS stands by its decision

Six students have been temporarily suspended for what CBS calls violating CBS rules and regulations by signing an invitation to a “Slutty Fall Break” party hosted by “Vejlederteamet”. The six students have hired a lawyer and complained about the decision. Now, they want the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education to look into the matter. The President of CBS has declined to answer follow-up questions.

Director of Study Administration: New study start is more inclusive and makes the transition to university less stressfulby

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