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Maj juggles political work and master’s studies from Brussels

As the newly elected Secretary General for Young European Socialists, CBS student Maj Jensen is going to work full-time in Brussels while studying for her master’s in Copenhagen. “My calendar and I are very close friends,” she says and gives tips on how to combine a full-time job and studies.

Grading scale can get an add-on: 12+

More focus on taking chances and challenging yourself, less focus on mistakes and weak points. This is the rationale behind the new grading scale proposed by the Danish government, which wants to introduce the 12+ for extraordinary performance. The President of CBS Students and the Head of the Dean's Office at CBS are positive about the suggestion from the government, as it shows that the politicians have listened.

The best CBS graduates teach less privileged children in public schools

Graduates from CBS join Teach First Danmark’s graduate program to take up jobs as teachers in public schools to help vulnerable children. According to CBS alum and co-founder of Teach First Danmark, Jesper Bergmann, they are part of solving one of Denmark’s biggest problems. The NGO has just partnered with CBS to help spread the message.

What happens when artificial intelligence meets morality?

Can advanced artificial intelligence convince humans that it’s human too? What moral questions does that raise? This is what filmmaker and CBS student Lina Csillag investigates in her new short film where she draws inspiration from her interest in tech and her courses in moral philosophy at CBS.

More than 100 companies are ready to hire more bachelor graduates

A total of 103 companies have signed Tommy Ahlers’ bachelor pledge and are open to hiring more bachelor graduates. The President of CBS Students supports the initiative, but emphasizes that it “should not encourage society to become less educated, but rather one that fosters life-long learning.”

Sustainability in a picture

What does sustainability look like to you? Is it a cyclist on the go? Is it flowers in bloom? Or is it a piece of handmade fabric? As a part of the three-day event, Green Week, CBS Photography organized a sustainability-themed photo walk. Check out the photographers' view on sustainability.

CBS and Danish Shipping have succeeded in creating a labor market for graduates  

When students graduate from the BSc in Shipping and Trade at CBS they can walk right into the labor market and take up a full-time position. No Master’s degree is needed. The BSc program, which has been developed in close collaboration with Danish Shipping, is exactly what the Minister of Higher Education and Science is looking for when it comes to establishing a labor market for graduates.

”Retaining international students is a two-sided responsibility”

Four international students from the MSc in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship want to help fellow international students to strengthen their network, find a job and settle down in Denmark. “It’s a way of showing that we care about Denmark and the international students,” says CBS student Jakub Taptik.

CBS’ successful summer university may get a sister – a winter university

CBS’ summer university, ISUP offers courses in an extraordinary setting that attracts more and more students and teachers from all over the world every year. To keep up with demand, ISUP is offering new courses and is working to get an accreditation – and they’re even flirting with the idea of establishing a winter university. Oh – and ISUP turns 20 this year! 

Brexit doesn’t put CBS students off from going on exchange

Although the Minister of Higher Education and Science, Tommy Ahlers recommends students think twice before they go on exchange to the UK, 86 CBS students are going anyway. Same as usual. “British universities want to continue collaboration. No matter what,” says Scott Lewis, International Programs Manager at CBS.

New CBS program wants female entrepreneurs to rise 🚀

Only 25 percent of Denmark’s entrepreneurs are women. The Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship wants to change this by encouraging women at CBS to take the leap and join their new entrepreneurial program, RISE. “It’s about time female entrepreneurs take the lead,” says the CEO of CSE.

Demonstration against cutbacks on international study placements: Everyone seems to lose

A movement of students from across Denmark’s universities is coming together on April 17 to protest against government cutbacks on international study placements. A total of 1,000 – 1,200 study placements must go. “This will affect the quality of education,” says one of the organizing members. CBS’ student union, CBS Students, supports the cause.

The first step towards fighting climate change is: Recognition

Before we can act on the effects of climate change, we need to recognize them first, argues meteorologist Jesper Theilgaard. He’s been invited to CBS on February 14 by a group of students to talk about how we can help the climate in our day-to-day lives. Students can also get inspiration and input on how to tackle the issue through a series of five workshops.

First report on sexual harassment among students at CBS calls for further action

For the first time ever, CBS has investigated sexual harassment in the study environment. A total of 429 out of 22,000 students replied to the survey, which concludes that 41% have experienced sexual harassment, and 82% don’t know where to get help at CBS. Co-author of the report and Professor at CBS, Sara Louise Muhr says that the results are alarming, and the report calls for further action from all sides within CBS.