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Station to host first-ever thesis festival

Station and UNGDOMSBUREAUET have received money to host a festival to celebrate and disseminate the knowledge compiled in master’s theses. Station’s director hopes the festival can inspire coming thesis writers and create synergies between students and researchers across universities.

CBS students hack IKEA furniture

This year’s GLOBAL case company, IKEA, has challenged CBS students to upcycle whatever old IKEA furniture they have at home. Check out three students’ creations.

Teachers and students to supply teaching cases to new case house

Nordic Case House is a new strategic CBS initiative, and one of its main aims is to ensure case-based teaching is a deeply rooted element of CBS. And teachers are not the only ones who can provide the cases, as students can write them too, explains CBS’ Associate Dean for Life-Long Learning.

CBS Fintech sheds light on a goldmine industry and cures a missing focus at CBS

Niels Kristian Damsgaard and his fellow students were missing a larger focus on fintech at CBS. Instead of complaining, they took matters into their own hands and established CBS Fintech – a student organization with the mission to share its interest in the successful industry of financial technology – while also enlightening other students. 

“The students are feeling terrible”

The second lockdown is like sandpaper on an open wound for CBS’ students struggling with loneliness and non-existent motivation, say two student advisers. The advisers fear that the effects of the lockdown will be long-lasting.

Exchange: Covid-19 has painted the world burning red – but there is light ahead

This semester, Covid-19 has canceled close to all exchange activities - including scheduled exchange trips for entire programs. CBS’ Vice Dean for International Education compares the past year to a traffic accident. However, the downtime Covid-19 causes is not wasted, as CBS is working with international universities on new forms of international education.

CBS Students strongly advises students against working for CBS during intro

In a new podcast produced by CBS Students, tutors from this year’s intro week share their experiences of how CBS has handled their intro cases. For the second time, CBS Students criticizes CBS and sees a general mistrust in students at around intro time. Now, “for the first time in 1.5 years” CBS Students is experiencing a “willingness” from Senior Management to listen. CBS WIRE has presented the Dean of Education with the criticism.

Suspected exam cheating doubles

This year, CBS has received 307 reports of suspected cheating and plagiarism. Last year, the figure was 158. Wilbert van der Meer, Head of Education and Quality, has several explanations for the high number, including COVID-19 and not knowing the rules. He also announces that CBS will be introducing a mandatory course on academic integrity.

Board of Appeal returns SU grants to suspended students: “There was no legal basis for terminating the payment of SU”

The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science ordered that 25 CBS students could not receive student grants (SU) while temporarily suspended, but the Board of Appeal has found that “an authority cannot sanction a citizen by, for example, removing financial support without a clear and unambiguous legal basis”. The students have twice experienced mistakes concerning their rights to SU.

Station to host first-ever thesis festivalby

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