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Responsibility Day every day  

This year’s Responsibility Day was delivered in a hybrid format with royal flair and a message for students about how their potential can change the world. Moreover, the day will last longer, as the Ørsted company case has been turned into a teaching case available for all the teachers. This year’s case asks how you can decarbonize your business down to the very last nut, but still grow.  

9,000 students invited to epic 12-hour Semester Start Celebration

Students are back on campus for a semester that is not all about cancellations. Rather the opposite. The annual Semester Start Party has been upgraded to a 12-hour celebration with CBS’ many student organizations participating. “It’s all about creating opportunities for the students to find and form communities,” says CBS Students’ Vice President.

New ministry report: 11,000 students have experienced sexism

Students at the Danish higher education institutions have reported multiple cases of physical and verbal sexism in the Ministry for Higher Education and Science’s new report. In 2019, CBS published its first report investigating sexual harassment in the study environment.  

A generation with broken dreams is coming to CBS

Bo Christensen is reading through quota 2 applications for the BSc in Business Administration and Psychology, and to him it is evident that the new students coming to CBS have lost valuable time and missed out on identity-forming activities. “It’s heartrending to read,” he says and asks CBS to consider what to do about this year’s intake of students.

Niclas fixes a stinky laundry issue – by creating an app

Finding an empty washing machine can be a time-consuming hassle when you live in a dorm. Niclas Lach experienced that. So he took matters into his own hands, sat up for two nights straight and coded a widget that tells him exactly when the machines are free. Pssst, the widget works for most CBS dorms.

Can your entrepreneurial idea fix an economy in COVID-19 shock?

The team behind the CBS-anchored #covidWISE project has created Ideation Awards, an initiative that invites students to submit entrepreneurial ideas for solving social and economic issues arising in the wake of the pandemic. Four CBS students have already submitted their idea for hosting online museum exhibitions.

CBS receives 15% more quota 2 applications compared to 2020

Altogether, 4,155 quota 2 applicants have put CBS as their first priority in this year’s round of applications. Covid-19 could explain the increase, says CBS’ Head of Student Affairs. Now, CBS is looking into increasing the number of study places for quota 2 students.

Station to host first-ever thesis festival

Station and UNGDOMSBUREAUET have received money to host a festival to celebrate and disseminate the knowledge compiled in master’s theses. Station’s director hopes the festival can inspire coming thesis writers and create synergies between students and researchers across universities.

CBS students hack IKEA furniture

This year’s GLOBAL case company, IKEA, has challenged CBS students to upcycle whatever old IKEA furniture they have at home. Check out three students’ creations.

Teachers and students to supply teaching cases to new case house

Nordic Case House is a new strategic CBS initiative, and one of its main aims is to ensure case-based teaching is a deeply rooted element of CBS. And teachers are not the only ones who can provide the cases, as students can write them too, explains CBS’ Associate Dean for Life-Long Learning.

CBS Fintech sheds light on a goldmine industry and cures a missing focus at CBS

Niels Kristian Damsgaard and his fellow students were missing a larger focus on fintech at CBS. Instead of complaining, they took matters into their own hands and established CBS Fintech – a student organization with the mission to share its interest in the successful industry of financial technology – while also enlightening other students. 

“The students are feeling terrible”

The second lockdown is like sandpaper on an open wound for CBS’ students struggling with loneliness and non-existent motivation, say two student advisers. The advisers fear that the effects of the lockdown will be long-lasting.

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