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A different study start: “We are worried about the dropout rate”

CBS Students is worried that the new intro-format and corona restrictions will send the dropout rate in the wrong direction compared to other years. However, smaller events, other students and personal responsibility should pave the way for the best study start possible, they claim.

How to love a country you hate

Abel Aioanei was thrilled when he left Romania, two years ago. In fact, he didn’t plan to return. Ever. But coming to Denmark to study at CBS one year ago turned everything upside down. Could the Danes be the key to making him love the country he had always despised? And would five months of corona quarantine in Romania change anything?

CBS Students criticizes Senior Management’s handling of intro cases: “The management style is built on punishment and fear”

Intro guides and coordinators have waited for more than four months to receive the decisions on 44 cases related to the 2019 intro program. CBS Students severely criticizes the process, which “has treated the students like criminals” and left them in a limbo of uncertainty. As a consequence, the process has led to silence among the affected students, who dare not criticize the process, according to CBS Students. The President of CBS doesn’t wish to answer to the criticism.

Hong Kong protests forced exchange program to reschedule – then came COVID-19…

The students of the international GLOBE program, which takes students to the States, CBS and Hong Kong, have been hit twice in succession. First, the Hong Kong protests let to rescheduling of the program, and then coronavirus regulations sent everyone home. Five students share their thoughts and experiences and hope to unite in Hong Kong in September. But will the protests return when coronavirus dies out?

CBS introduces new intro program concept

The new intro program concept is now turning into a “first-year experience” for the new bachelor students starting in 2020, according to CBS. The new concept will shorten the intro-week program and spread it over the course of a year, with the cabin trip moved to February to link semesters 1 and 2.

CBS Students strongly criticizes drastic changes to the intro week concept

The cabin trip is moved to February, the intro weeks in August are reduced to four or five days, and the cabin trip program will not include any alcohol-related activities. These are among the changes to CBS’ study start. CBS Students is highly concerned that the dramatic transformation of the intro concept will have negative consequences for new students’ social life and current students’ willingness to become administrators or intro guides.

A different study start: “We are worried about the dropout rate”by

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