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CBS at Folkemødet: What has miniature golf got to do with the SDGs?

CBS, Kvinfo and the Danish Institute for Human Rights hosted an event that combined a game of miniature golf and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. For the event, politicians, activists and professionals were invited to discuss the goals and to see if they could get a hole in one.

PhD students build a daybed out of discarded books

The merger between the Department of Organization and parts of the former Department of Business and Politics resulted in a huge pile of books that no one wanted to use. They’d become discarded knowledge. That’s until three PhD students picked them up. Now, they’ve been turned into a piece of furniture.

Happily ever after…

CBS student and filmmaker Lina Csillag got fed up with pulling off the perfect façade. Breaking out of the tiresome lifestyle required an existential-like crisis that resulted in an eagerness to express her feelings and reflections visually. Now, her short film about why the perfect life is not so perfect after all has premiered. Watch the film here.

What happens when artificial intelligence meets morality?

Can advanced artificial intelligence convince humans that it’s human too? What moral questions does that raise? This is what filmmaker and CBS student Lina Csillag investigates in her new short film where she draws inspiration from her interest in tech and her courses in moral philosophy at CBS.

Is a zero-waste society realistic? Yes, with a circular economy

A circular economy is a zero-waste system. In a circular economy, you think about the next life of your product. In a circular economy, inequality is avoided. A circular economy has the potential to uphold our living standards in the future. Does it sound utopian? Well, Ida Auken, MP from the Danish Social Liberal Party, Karin Klitgaard from the Confederation of Danish Industry, Anders Bering from Carlsberg, and CBS researchers Jesper Clement and Sönnich Dahl Sönnichsen offer their views on what it takes for society to succeed in a circular economy.

Stone expert: Look down. The floor talks!

The stone floor at Solbjerg Plads is made from Kelvin Bjerre's favorite stone. The Øland's stone. Together with his colleague from Stone Treatment, he is polishing and grinding the floors to make them shine again. Kelvin Bjerre shows us the cool spots on the floor and talks about how shiny the floor is at the Royal Danish Opera.

What you didn’t know about CBS Case Competition

Each year a new team of students takes part in organizing the CBS Case Competition. We talked to several of the organizers of the 2017 CBS Case Competition about, what's going on behind the scenes.

Three good reasons why you should vote

This week every student can vote for their favorite candidate during the university election. Rachel Scheele, Vice President at CBS Students, gives you three good reasons why you should vote.

Meet Jesse Schwartz the piano jukebox

Beyoncé, Adele, Led Zeppelin, and Foo Fighters. CBS alum Jesse Schwartz plays every song you can name without any sheet music, and he used to play at SP.01 when he was an exchange student at CBS back in 2008.

Namaste: Thursday means Yoga Time

Researchers, students and administrative staff gather each Thursday to practice yoga at the Department of Digitalization. The idea comes all the way from Oxford, England.

Cool summer art: Spit, cola and sex

Fine art-student Frederik Næblerød did quite a performance, when he came by the CBS Summer Party to make a painting symbolizing the issues with trafficking.

The rumor about the office chain

Just like the President of CBS the Department of Organization has an office chain. Although, they are a bit in doubt who actually made it.

Where to start? Start with art!

Art and business school. For some, these two words belong to different worlds. Nevertheless, Copenhagen Business School tries to combine the two by showcasing absurd, beautiful and reflective video art in collaboration with the museum, Louisiana.