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What happens when artificial intelligence meets morality?

Can advanced artificial intelligence convince humans that it’s human too? What moral questions does that raise? This is what filmmaker and CBS student Lina Csillag investigates in her new short film where she draws inspiration from her interest in tech and her courses in moral philosophy at CBS.

Film |   10. Apr 2019

Anne M. Lykkegaard


When Lina Csillag isn’t spending time studying the BSc in Business Administration and Philosophy, she produces films.

In 2017, she recorded scenes for her short film Happily Perfect here at CBS, and now she’s making the final edit to her upcoming sci-fi short film, Alan Isaac.

She graduates from CBS this summer, and this means goodbye to the business school as she’s going to focus on writing manuscripts, directing and producing films.

What do you think the challenges would be if we had advanced artificial intelligence living alongside us?



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