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Manuel Llorca prepares EU for tackling energy poverty and a tough winter

Rising energy demands combined with a low production of electricity from renewables have resulted in soaring energy prices and laid bare the consequences for people living in so-called energy poverty. CBS researcher Manuel Llorca wants to understand their problems and is equipping the EU Commission with tools for warding off a potential energy poverty crisis.

Criticized company form dispensed with: “Now, only children with rich parents can afford to start businesses”

Irregular political moved and bad publicity have been the downfall of the entrepreneur company form, and on November 15, 5,500 businesses risk facing a compulsory dissolution, according to CBS professor Troels Michael Lilja. Along with Danish researchers in company law, he advised against the decision, which has resulted in Denmark having the second-highest capital adequacy requirement in the EU. The Chair of Danish Entrepreneurs says that entrepreneurs are left in a no man’s land.

CBS PhD Fellow answers billion-dollar question: Can financial crises be predicted?

The idea occurred to him during a run in the grounds of Harvard Business School, and when the data showed a more than convincing result, Jakob Ahm Sørensen knew he was on to something. The PhD Fellow at CBS tells the story of being a bachelor’s student wanting to understand the financial meltdown of 2008 to answer a crucial question about crisis predictability.

New national data management strategy to bring desk-drawer data to light

Worldwide, data volumes are doubling every 9 to 12 months. Unfortunately, much of that data goes missing or is not put to use, explains Professor John Renner Hansen. He has chaired the committee that has developed Denmark’s new strategy for managing research data, which aims to make Danish research data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. “This is momentous,” says Senior Advisor Mareike Buss from CBS Library.

CBS researchers help the Danish government prepare for the next pandemic

When a new pandemic strikes, the Danish government will have a list of principles to lean on to bring Denmark’s economy unscathed through the turbulence. Two CBS researchers, Birthe Larsen and Yvette Lind, are contributing economics and law expertise to help formulate the principles. 

Can blockchain technology battle corruption? Yes, CBS research suggests

Bribes covered as facilitation fees, and document fraud are part of the ugly truth about how global industries are run, the United Nations claims. Now, CBS research suggests that blockchain technology can help to mitigate corruption in the shipping industry – and elsewhere. But fraudsters and crooks will always find a way, the researchers point out.

Can you lead an academic department successfully?  

Department heads are often thrown into their position with no formal leadership training, claim three CBS researchers. They have therefore compiled an anthology of tips, tricks and experiences from the field covering subjects including diversity, team spirit and general management to inspire current and future department heads to become successful leaders.

That’s interesting: “Good research always has an element of a good cock-and-bull story”

Postdoc Jannick Friis Christensen and PhD Thomas Burø from CBS have created the concept ‘That’s interesting’. A kind of science club where researchers and everyone else can hang out and listen to new research being presented. The first event explores how DKK 2,500 million disappears into tax havens every year, and how the oldest building material, wood, is enjoying a revival.

When strategies leave behind ghosts in the organization

Reforms and strategies can – if not well implemented – create destructive ghosts that haunt organizations, explains Associate Professor Justine Grønbæk Pors. She draws parallels from her own research to the implementation of CBS’ new strategy and warns that strategies should not become ideologies.

Manuel Llorca prepares EU for tackling energy poverty and a tough winterby

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