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Campus opens for PhD Fellows and researchers whose physical presence is required

CBS’ 200 or so PhD Fellows, along with researchers who need to be physical present at CBS, now have access to campus. According to the Dean of Research at CBS, the PhD Fellows have had “severe challenges” during the lockdown, which is why they are all now allowed back. CBS’ PhD Association, PAC, calls it “a nice gesture to help us get back on track”.  

Research in corona times: “We are finding cures for companies”

More than 2.5 months into the lockdown, CBS’ researchers are feeling the effects of Covid-19 – and in different ways, heads of department report. Fewer and more effective meetings are leaving time for finishing papers, and the situation is sparking new questions and projects related to coronavirus. But young researchers in particular are struggling under the heavy pressure to finish on time.

CBS researcher: Green transitions demand that CBS conducts more SDG-related research

A total of 19% of the 7,680 research articles published by CBS since 1985 relate to SDG themes, a new report reveals. CBS researcher and author of the report Kristjan Jespersen argues that if the Danish government highlights the SDGs in its policies, it is only logical for CBS to follow suit. Moreover, too little of CBS’ SDG-related research reaches the classrooms, the report concludes.

CBS copes with coronavirus: “My productivity is suffering. No doubt”

Four PhD Fellows share how they are coping with the current situation, including reduced productivity and the struggle to finish their degrees on time. “If you get two solid hours of work done, it’s pretty good,” says one. They share tricks on how to come to terms with not managing everything as planned – this includes avoiding productivity gurus.

Corona crisis puts PhD Fellows in a pickle: Ministry discusses three-month paid extensions

Facing cancelled or postponed conferences, courses and research stays abroad, PhD Fellows are having a harder time finishing their studies on time. The Ministry for Higher Education and Science is discussing solutions. CBS’ PhD association proposes further initiatives to alleviate the COVID-19 challenges, which include the fear of fewer jobs for new PhD graduates. 

Can mindfulness make you a better consumer and live more sustainably?

A newly started PhD project aims to help clarify once and for all; can mindfulness change our consumer behavior and how, and is being mindful making us live more sustainably? Or is sorting our trash just a personal characteristic? Also, a new elective on mindfulness will be launched this fall.

Plagiarism case at CBS under investigation by the National Committee

A former CBS student has filed a complaint with CBS’ Practice Committee after discovering that large parts of a master’s thesis were used by his Master’s thesis supervisor in a scientific article published in an international journal. The complaint has been forwarded to the National Committee and is being treated as a case of plagiarism.  

Stefan has created a PhD school: “Some go to Scouts, others go to science”

When Stefan Kirkegaard Sløk-Madsen graduated from CBS in 2009, he planned to return for a PhD. “Others wanted to do an iron man, I wanted a PhD.” Now that he has graduated with his PhD, he’s starting up a science school at CEPOS to inspire others to do the same, but without making the same “rookie mistakes” he did.

Unique cross-university collaboration offers tech-savvy postdocs a digital playground

12 postdocs divided among four Danish universities, including CBS, are set to spend two years exploring ideas and challenges within the fields of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology. And they have access to the Technical University of Denmark’s Skylab Digital – a laboratory packed with VR headsets, gamer PCs, sensors and 4K screens.

Can a new research program for women close the gender gap among researchers?

The new, national Inge Lehmann Research Program aims to pave the way for more women to reach the top in academia. The program includes DKK 19.7 million that female researchers can apply for. The Vice Dean of Research at CBS praises the focus on women but claims much more is required to reduce the gender gap.

CBS researchers get a new ethics council

More scientific journals and external foundations are demanding that research papers and applications are submitted with an official ‘ethics committee’ stamp of approval. This demand and inquiries from CBS researchers have prompted CBS to establish a new Ethics Council.

Campus opens for PhD Fellows and researchers whose physical presence is requiredby

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