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Teachers and students to supply teaching cases to new case house

Nordic Case House is a new strategic CBS initiative, and one of its main aims is to ensure case-based teaching is a deeply rooted element of CBS. And teachers are not the only ones who can provide the cases, as students can write them too, explains CBS’ Associate Dean for Life-Long Learning.

“If you know the answer, it’s not transformative”

We are at risk of having inadequate job skills, dysfunctional pension systems and suffering from energy poverty if transformation is overdue, three economists claim. CBS’ new strategy calls for transformation, and in a new article series CBS WIRE ask researchers what it looks like.  

Scandal-ridden research prompts new national principles for research

Missing arm’s length impartiality between researchers and external parties has resulted in several cases of questionable research – including cases from CBS. With yet more research being funded by corporations and NGOs, new principles and recommendations have been compiled. But what happens if they are breached?

The hateful identity battle

Mads Mordhorst has thrown himself into a historical quest to understand what drives our search for identity and where we might find it. His exploration traces back to the French Revolution, via Donald Trump and our own ‘The Danish song is a young, blond girl’. His findings will become the makings of a book.

The Christmas gift dilemma

Giving and receiving gifts can be straightforward, but it can also be a true paradox. Should you go with an element of surprise, or play it safe and pick something from the wish list to avoid disappointment? New CBS research suggests how to put together a surprising gift.

New lockdown could cause further delays for PhD Fellows

The Vice Chair of CBS’ PhD Association (PAC) is worried that more PhD Fellows, also those who have just started their PhDs, will experience delays resulting from coronavirus. PAC is initiating steps to make the new normal caused by the coronavirus more bearable for PhD Fellows.

Mentor program brings together researchers across departments

Senior and junior faculty members are being matched across departments as part of a CBS mentor program. Now, the program is open for new applications. “In the future, problems will be solved across different disciplines, so you’ll need connections outside your own bubble,” says Aixa Alemán-Díaz, PhD Fellow.

Do you talk about your never-ending invisible work? Perhaps you shouldby

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