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Despite a recalcitrant professor and an incident with a raw egg, Camilla fell for Japan

Traditions, sayings and customs in a new country are not always easy to swallow. Camilla Nellemann, an external lecturer and a postdoc from CBS, knows that only too well after spending five years becoming integrated in Japan. In a new novel, she describes the clash of cultures she experienced and how perseverance was the key to winning over the country.

How to research: One idea to rule them all

Conducting excellent research all comes down to one thing: an original idea. But how do you go about getting a truly unique research idea? Two CBS researchers have developed a model that should make it easier to take ideas from mediocre to great. Also, the researchers argue why getting a good idea is no trickier today than when Einstein and Isaac Newton were around.

CBS joins a major European research and teaching alliance: “It’s very good news!”

CBS has been approved as partner in one of European University Network (EUN) alliances. The alliance aims to create synergy between all the involved universities by establishing shared learning experiences comprising multiple European Universities. And according to CBS’ Coordinator Martin Jes Iversen, the alliance brings a whole new dimension to academic work at CBS.

The President of CBS answers criticism about the new deputy president position

The advisory bodies at CBS criticize that they have not been involved in the decision-making process associated with the appointment of a deputy president, and fear centralization. The President of CBS explains that it has been a “high priority” to discuss the role and responsibilities of a deputy president with the Academic Council and General Consultation Committee.

Is Copenhagen Pride Parade a civil religion?

Three researchers are behind a new research project at CBS that examines how Copenhagen Pride influences participants from organizations such as Netto, Danske Bank and the Danish Police. Organizations that over the past couple of years have been accused of so-called pink washing etc. And the researchers are looking for answers by approaching it as nothing less than a civil religion.

Vera’s research becomes an animation movie

When Vera Rocha’s research showed that female start-up employees are more likely to become entrepreneurs if they have female bosses, that conclusion was “too important” to be reserved solely for academic journals. So now it has become a two-minute animation movie. She hopes CBS will support researchers in turning more of their results into short, practical movies.

New pop-up research project at CBS fights social and economic effects of Covid-19

COVID-WISE is a new project that aims to use an approach where little to no prior research exists to support short-term enterprises at CBS that are addressing Covid-19-related challenges. Right now, the project team is looking for students, faculty members and external individuals wishing to join. And when COVID-WISE is launched in July, the aim is to have 30-40 cases and provide ECTS points.

“I’ve never done research like this before. It’s like laying the tracks while the train is in motion”

Professor Dana Minbaeva was supposed to travel to Kazakhstan to visit her family on the day the Danish borders closed. Her coping strategy? Starting a research project to investigate virtual leadership during the coronavirus crisis. The project received funding on April 15, but results are already being communicated via LinkedIn, webinars and media. “There’s more democracy in the virtual meeting rooms,” she says.

Amanda is back at CBS: “I have had to do meetings in the bathroom”

From a one-room apartment shared with her boyfriend, PhD Fellow Amanda Bille has attended online supervision sessions on the balcony, carefully coordinated to avoid the neighboring school's recess, and has waved goodbye to the PhD project of her “dreams”. Now, back at CBS, she says she has done more than she would have accomplished in a whole week at home.

Campus opens for PhD Fellows and researchers whose physical presence is required

CBS’ 200 or so PhD Fellows, along with researchers who need to be physical present at CBS, now have access to campus. According to the Dean of Research at CBS, the PhD Fellows have had “severe challenges” during the lockdown, which is why they are all now allowed back. CBS’ PhD Association, PAC, calls it “a nice gesture to help us get back on track”.  

Research in corona times: “We are finding cures for companies”

More than 2.5 months into the lockdown, CBS’ researchers are feeling the effects of Covid-19 – and in different ways, heads of department report. Fewer and more effective meetings are leaving time for finishing papers, and the situation is sparking new questions and projects related to coronavirus. But young researchers in particular are struggling under the heavy pressure to finish on time.

Despite a recalcitrant professor and an incident with a raw egg, Camilla fell for Japanby

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