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The hateful identity battle

Mads Mordhorst has thrown himself into a historical quest to understand what drives our search for identity and where we might find it. His exploration traces back to the French Revolution, via Donald Trump and our own ‘The Danish song is a young, blond girl’. His findings will become the makings of a book.

The Christmas gift dilemma

Giving and receiving gifts can be straightforward, but it can also be a true paradox. Should you go with an element of surprise, or play it safe and pick something from the wish list to avoid disappointment? New CBS research suggests how to put together a surprising gift.

New lockdown could cause further delays for PhD Fellows

The Vice Chair of CBS’ PhD Association (PAC) is worried that more PhD Fellows, also those who have just started their PhDs, will experience delays resulting from coronavirus. PAC is initiating steps to make the new normal caused by the coronavirus more bearable for PhD Fellows.

Mentor program brings together researchers across departments

Senior and junior faculty members are being matched across departments as part of a CBS mentor program. Now, the program is open for new applications. “In the future, problems will be solved across different disciplines, so you’ll need connections outside your own bubble,” says Aixa Alemán-Díaz, PhD Fellow.

“I’m not changing my research”

Kjeld Erik Brødsgaard, CBS Professor with expertise in Chinese politics, describes what is happening in Hong Kong with the instatement of the National Security Law as “unfortunate, worrisome and sad”. But he is not worried about his or other researchers’ academic freedom. At least not yet.

Delayed PhD Fellows to get financial helping hand

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has created a DKK 18 million fund for PhD Fellows who have been delayed because of the coronavirus. The Chair of the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs says “it’s like quenching your thirst with a drop”.  The PhD Association at CBS, PAC, says this is a step in the right direction.

Between volunteering and activism comes…?

Between Black Lives Matter and volunteer football coaches, a kind of civil engagement and commitment exists that has yet to be addressed, according to PhD Fellow Cristine Dyhrberg Højgaard. Right now, there is no common term for this type of organizing, but it can cover anything from street dancers to people 3D printing visors for the healthcare sector, explains the researcher.

Have you seen the hidden sexism?

An unwanted hand on the thigh or a degrading comment about one’s gender are examples of hostile sexist behavior. However, eradicating this behavior and sexism more broadly does not necessarily start with the predators, as stereotyping by gender can lead to another, hidden kind of sexism, argues CBS researcher, Florian Kock.

And you know what? I was fully qualified for the professorship

After 31 years at CBS, Professor Anne-Marie Søderberg can add ‘Emerita’ to her title. In this interview, she talks about how the feminist movement influenced her as a researcher and teacher, why she taught CBS teachers feminist pedagogy and what can be done about the gender imbalance in academia.  

Sexism at CBS: “We have not seen many reports, but perhaps we will now”

The scale of sexism at CBS may be greater than the official figures suggest, a Senior Shop Steward and the Head of HR at CBS explain. A cultural change is needed at CBS, says the President of CBS, after more than 689 researchers in Denmark have signed a letter against sexism and shared experiences from academia.

Sexism in academia: 700 researchers’ stories to become a handbook on sexism

More than 700 researchers from across the Danish universities have signed a letter against sexism in academia and shared anonymous examples covering everything from rape to degrading and suggestive remarks. Sara Louise Muhr, Professor and co-organizer behind the letter, wants to make a handbook based on the stories.

Societal value: “Would red cabbage surprise a rabbit?”

Universities and researchers are expected to contribute to society with their knowledge and by creating societal value. And for that to happen, societal value should be a career-promoting criterion, argues the Head of the Department of Marketing at CBS, Adam Lindgreen. In a new co-authored editorial, he proposes why societal value is important and how it can be defined, identified, and measured.

Despite a recalcitrant professor and an incident with a raw egg, Camilla fell for Japan

Traditions, sayings and customs in a new country are not always easy to swallow. Camilla Nellemann, who is an external lecturer and a postdoc from CBS, knows that only too well after spending five years becoming integrated in Japan. In a new novel, she describes the clash of cultures she experienced and how perseverance was the key to winning over the country.

Small and medium-sized businesses make up 99 percent of Denmark’s businesses, but are hardly represented at universitiesby

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