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“Henrik Dahl and Morten Messerschmidt would fail their exams with their anecdotal argumentation”

Two gender and diversity researchers from CBS reply to accusations from politicians Henrik Dahl and Morten Messerschmidt, who state that they have no trust in gender and migration studies and claim that the research is politics and activism in disguise. “We are happy and open to having discussions based on evidence, not on liking and disliking,” says Florence Villesèche, one of the researchers.

CBS’ CIO: Cyber security is like a cold war

Increasing threat levels for cybercrime and espionage against universities have resulted in a pamphlet on preventing “foreign interference” published by the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) and the ministry. CBS’ CIO explains the innate dilemma between how universities operate and cyber security, and that we all need to be a little more skeptical and watchful.

The power of the wallet: We vote with our money

As consumers, do we have the power to force businesses to change their behavior, improve working conditions, and become sustainable? Yes, claim two CBS researchers, who share their views on the matter in the wake of the case and give three pieces of advice.

CBS’ Data Protection Officer calls an EU Court of Justice decision “one of the wildest in his field” and it has a major impact on researchers  

It started as a quarrel between an Austrian activist and Facebook, now the decision in the so-called Schrems II case in the EU Court of Justice has consequences for researchers who cannot as easily share personal data with colleagues outside the EU. The question is: Can you strive for open access and adhere to strict data protection rules at the same time?

Teachers and students to supply teaching cases to new case house

Nordic Case House is a new strategic CBS initiative, and one of its main aims is to ensure case-based teaching is a deeply rooted element of CBS. And teachers are not the only ones who can provide the cases, as students can write them too, explains CBS’ Associate Dean for Life-Long Learning.

“If you know the answer, it’s not transformative”

We are at risk of having inadequate job skills, dysfunctional pension systems and suffering from energy poverty if transformation is overdue, three economists claim. CBS’ new strategy calls for transformation, and in a new article series CBS WIRE ask researchers what it looks like.  

Scandal-ridden research prompts new national principles for research

Missing arm’s length impartiality between researchers and external parties has resulted in several cases of questionable research – including cases from CBS. With yet more research being funded by corporations and NGOs, new principles and recommendations have been compiled. But what happens if they are breached?

The Dean of Research: We need researchers to join in the public discourse now more than everby

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