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New students – new behavior: CBS Students launches the semester with a sustainable intro lounge

On September 3, CBS Students launched the semester with the ECY festival. (Photo: Anne M. Lykkegaard)

As a result of trash being left outside trash cans at parties in recent years, CBS Students launched the new semester with a lounge and an initiative to promote the general well-being of students and good trash habits.

News |   04. Sep 2019

Anne Thora Lykkegaard


The day after the thesis hand-in party in mid-May, students and staff were met with the sight of plastic cups, beer cans, take-away containers and plastic bags discarded everywhere on the outdoor areas at Solbjerg Plads.

This isn’t a new sight, but rather a returning problem. So, what can be done about it?

Well, for this semester start, CBS Students organized an intro lounge, called the ECY festival. ECY stands for Environment, Community and Yourself and served as a friendly reminder to remember how we care for each other, ourselves and the environment.

“We continuously discuss what to do about the trash issue, and we know we can’t change it with one party or one festival. But by taking the initiative to focus on it at the intro lounge, we hope to inspire the students to move in the right direction and introduce a new culture from the very beginning of the semester,” says Sarah Diemar, Vice President of CBS Students.

At the intro lounge, the new CBS students had the possibility to meet each other across programs and have a chat about cleaning up after themselves. (Photo: Anne M. Lykkegaard)

At the intro lounge, CBS Students had printed out pictures of the mess left outside after the recent handing-in party to show what it’s not supposed to look like and, in collaboration with the student organization Oikos, [organized/made] a trash-collecting game. At Ørsted’s booth, you could make your own smoothie by cycling to generate electricity that activated a blender.

Maria Nordgreen and Karoline Jacobsen are both studying on the new bachelor program HA Markeds- og Kulturanalyse, and they appreciate that responsibility and sustainability have been themes linking the intro weeks.

We all need help with being students once in a while, and that’s fine

Sarah Diemar

“Responsibility and sustainability are keywords for 2019, and are also the top three topics in our program. And that’s great. It makes me feel I have come to the right place, as I want a future career that revolves around both,” says Karoline Jacobsen.

“It’s so important to talk about these themes, and I personally think that business schools, such as CBS, are doing [really well/great] when they continuously talk about them and show what they are doing,” says Maria Nordgreen.

A space to meet other students

Intro lounge isn’t a new concept at CBS, however, now the lounge has been moved to after the introductory weeks. This allows more students to participate, as they would otherwise be preoccupied with study-program-related activities.

“We want to give the new students a space where they can meet each other across programs. We don’t have that many suitable places other than Café Nexus and the student organizations. We want to show them what a great community they are actually a part of,” says Sarah Diemar.

Different student organizations were represented at the intro lounge in order to give the new students an impression of the width of the CBS community. (Photo: Anne M. Lykkegaard)

One way to connect with different communities at CBS is through the student organizations. At the intro lounge, a selection of CBS’ student organizations were represented.

“It’s nice to see some of the different student organizations here. In that way, you get a feeling of what is actually happening at CBS,” says Maria Nordgreen.

Karoline Jakobsen adds:

“Before this event, we had heard about some of the organizations, but that was mostly through general talks. Here, you have them on a one-to-one basis and can ask them more questions,” she says.

With the ECY Festival, CBS Students also wanted to highlight that being a student isn’t always easy. And when it’s not so easy, it’s perfectly alright to reach out to one another and ask for help.

“It’s very important to us at CBS Students to show and tell the students that being a student is not always easy. And I hope the students at intro lounge got the impression that we all need help with being students once in a while, and that’s fine,” she says.

She has just one more item on her wish list.

“And then I hope that the students will clean up after themselves,” she says and smiles.


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New students – new behavior: CBS Students launches the semester with a sustainable intro loungeby

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