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Trash Mayhem III: CBS Students needs your help to fix a trashy issue

Sarah Diemar doesn't think it's worth cancelling the party entirely, as the community serves as a motivation for handing in the thesis on time, she argues. (Photo: Allan Stockfleth Olsen)

The images from the aftermath of the handing-in party in May have provoked students and staff of CBS to share their thoughts and feelings on CBS WIRE’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Some have also come up with ideas on how to fix the problem, and they're welcomed by the Vice President of CBS Students who asks for even more ideas about what to do.

News |   04. Jun 2019

Anne M. Lykkegaard


Make posters of the images from this year and hang them at next year’s party. Remind people every hour to throw their trash in a bin. Turn trash collection into a game and give a discount on beer.

Students and staff from CBS have provided suggestions on social media about what CBS Students can do to make next year’s handing-in party and other outdoor parties look a little less like the wreck of the Hesperus. And the Vice President of CBS, Sarah Diemar welcomes the ideas.

“We’re in the midst of creating a Sustainability Council that will count representatives from CBS Students and the network organizations to discuss initiatives like these. So we’ll definitely bring them up there,” she says and asks students to contact CBS Students with ideas for sustainable activities, initiatives and projects.

“We would love to get more ideas from the students, and especially ideas that are innovative and require collaboration between the different parts of CBS,” she says.

Comment from CBS WIRE’s Instagram page.

Comment from CBS WIRE’s Facebook page.

Comment from CBS WIRE’s Instagram page.

The idea with the council is to ensure that the network organizations know what sustainable initiatives have been put in motion in order to avoid similar projects running at the same time.

“We would rather have different people working together than having two smaller and similar projects running at the same time,” she says.

The comments on Facebook and Instagram were, however, not only suggestions for future improvements. Some also provoked criticism.

One person points out that it’s a symptom of our time that the majority demand action from others, but don’t act accordingly themselves. Another calls the students spoiled brats, and a third is waiting for a campus-wide ban on plastic cups.

Comment from CBS WIRE’s Facebook page.

Comment from CBS WIRE’s Instagram page.

“Of course we have to deal with this. I think we can stand up as a good example and come up with solutions. CBS educates skilled and responsible citizens and CBS Students is part of that too,” says Sarah Diemar.

Furthermore, Sarah Diemar hopes that the Sustainability Council will find ways to communicate the different initiatives that CBS Students, the network organizations at CBS and CBS as a whole are already doing, as it’s clear from the comments that not everyone is aware of what’s currently going on at CBS in the name of sustainability.

“We have an issue here when it comes to informing people about what’s actually going on at CBS and the sustainability initiatives that have been put in motion and what’s coming up. We’ve discussed this with senior management, and we’ll continue the discussion in the Sustainability Council,” she says and hopes that the efforts of CBS Students and the network organizations will be visible at the Intro Lounge which runs on September 3 – 4.

Check out all of the comments at CBS WIRE’s Facebook page and Instagram page.

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