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The mother of all CBS’ study programs turns 100 

When CBS was founded, the Graduate Diploma Program (HD) was the first educational program and it lay the foundation for future programs, tells the Associate Dean of the program, Peter Lotz. Despite ups and downs, it has now turned 100, and for good reason, he argues. But what if we look 100 years into the future? Will the HD program still be around?

First-year students struggling to study under “extreme conditions”

First-year students from the IBP program have on average received one on-campus lecture a week since semester start, which is causing demotivation to study, loneliness and thoughts of dropping out. The President of CBS Students, the Director of Program Administration and the Dean of Education respond to the situation.

Climbing SU expenses worry minister

A new prognosis shows that student grant (SU) expenses related to students from other EU countries will increase to DKK 650 million by 2023 – that is DKK 201 million more than budgeted. The Minister for Higher Education and Science is eager to discuss ways to prevent this trend.

Corona robot reminds people to sanitize their hands at CBS

For 40 minutes, one of the usual corona stewards at CBS was replaced by a robot operated by CBS students to encourage people to sanitize their hands on entering Solbjerg Plads. CBS WIRE tagged along to observe the robot’s performance.

Expert group presents four new possible grading scales

Since the spring, an expert group appointed by the government has evaluated different types of grading scales. Their new report lists pros and cons for changing the grading scale and suggests four alternative grading scales. 

Despite a recalcitrant professor and an incident with a raw egg, Camilla fell for Japan

Traditions, sayings and customs in a new country are not always easy to swallow. Camilla Nellemann, who is an external lecturer and a postdoc from CBS, knows that only too well after spending five years becoming integrated in Japan. In a new novel, she describes the clash of cultures she experienced and how perseverance was the key to winning over the country.

Testing China’s censorship comes at a price – just ask Luisa

‘Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times’. Luisa Gonzalez Boa was almost expelled from the University of Chinese Academy of Science for posting that slogan on the Chinese platform WeChat. CBS and Sino-Danish Center consider improvements to better prepare students for what awaits in China.

New survey: The spring semester’s teaching quality suffered a blow

Teachers’ and students’ experiences of the spring semester’s online teaching are described in a comprehensive new CBS survey. Mainly the quality of the teaching and students’ motivation has been rated lower.  “I’m not surprised,” says CBS’ Associate Dean for Technology-Enhanced Learning, who hopes that the knowledge can improve the quality of future online teaching.

The silver lining of the pandemic: online teachingby

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