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Online teaching: “CBS is and will remain an on-campus university” 

Students and teachers are back on campus after three semesters of lockdown and online teaching. Where is CBS heading? CBS’ Associate Dean for Technology-Enhanced Learning and CBS Students’ two Vice Presidents explain their views. They are sure of one thing – CBS will not become a university in the cloud.

Responsibility Day every day  

This year’s Responsibility Day was delivered in a hybrid format with royal flair and a message for students about how their potential can change the world. Moreover, the day will last longer, as the Ørsted company case has been turned into a teaching case available for all the teachers. This year’s case asks how you can decarbonize your business down to the very last nut, but still grow.  

New ministry report: 11,000 students have experienced sexism

Students at the Danish higher education institutions have reported multiple cases of physical and verbal sexism in the Ministry for Higher Education and Science’s new report. In 2019, CBS published its first report investigating sexual harassment in the study environment.  

A generation with broken dreams is coming to CBS

Bo Christensen is reading through quota 2 applications for the BSc in Business Administration and Psychology, and to him it is evident that the new students coming to CBS have lost valuable time and missed out on identity-forming activities. “It’s heartrending to read,” he says and asks CBS to consider what to do about this year’s intake of students.

Bachelor program hatches its first graduates: “These students took the chance and spent their high grade-point averages on this education program though they didn’t quite know what to expect”

The Bachelor in Business Administration and Digital Management was a hair’s breadth from not being accepted by the ministry, but immediately ranked among the most-sought-after programs at CBS after its launch in 2018. Now, the first student has obtained a bachelor, and the Program Director and Program Manager evaluate the first three years – and look ahead. Will the bachelor get a master’s degree?

“We risk losing out on future change makers, innovators, and female entrepreneurs who are so desperately needed”by

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