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Coronavirus to affect teaching and exams in the autumn semester

At least 50% of all teaching must be carried out online and exams must be designed so they can be converted and taken online. CBS’ Dean of Education has just launched a set of principles for teaching and exams in the autumn, and a program director explains that the principles will facilitate planning for the coming semester.  

The major breakthrough?

Two months into the lockdown, students are happy with the flexibility of online teaching, but also feel pressure to study nonstop. Teachers are eyeing possibilities for freeing up more time for feedback. One researcher believes that online teaching is on the verge of a breakthrough. And a new research project is collecting teachers’ and students’ experiences.

Next semester’s exchange trips hang by a thread

The closedown of the world’s borders has cut short this spring’s exchange trips and caused several additional issues. Now, next semester’s trips are under threat. This can potentially leave CBS with too few places for its students on some courses. Ideas and solutions are being mulled over, including online elective courses at international universities.

CBS copes with coronavirus: “My productivity is suffering. No doubt”

Four PhD Fellows share how they are coping with the current situation, including reduced productivity and the struggle to finish their degrees on time. “If you get two solid hours of work done, it’s pretty good,” says one. They share tricks on how to come to terms with not managing everything as planned – this includes avoiding productivity gurus.

Denmark has fallen behind on responsible finance – new minor aims to change that

The other Nordic countries are ahead of Denmark in the context of financial responsibility, including responsible and sustainable investments, according to CBS researcher Kristjan Jespersen. Investment funds do not know where to start or end, but a new minor at CBS aims to give candidates the necessary tools to change Denmark’s position in a fast-moving world facing climate changes and pandemics.

The big test: CBS moves campus to cyberspace

Coronavirus prevents us being together, but luckily we can meet in cyberspace. Here, teachers, students and the Head of Teaching and Learning at CBS explain from their home offices how moving lectures, study groups and oral exams online is coming along. “It will definitely take more self-discipline,” says a student.

Can mindfulness make you a better consumer and live more sustainably?

A newly started PhD project aims to help clarify once and for all; can mindfulness change our consumer behavior and how, and is being mindful making us live more sustainably? Or is sorting our trash just a personal characteristic? Also, a new elective on mindfulness will be launched this fall.

Now MBA students can specialize in sustainability

CBS innovates its MBA program in response to students’ demands for more in-depth knowledge within four new subjects: sustainability, finance, digitalization and entrepreneurship. The new ‘concentrations’ are based on extensive research into future and previous students’ needs and demands.

“They turned off the air conditioning to stop the virus from spreading”

Tobias Løvkvist Bidstrup and Mikkel Graulund Jørgensen’s 90-day language trip to China was cut short as the corona virus spread. Shops and normal activities closed down and the two CBS students were forced pack their bags. Now, in Taiwan, they are still busy learning Chinese. Check out their cool videos documenting the whole experience.

CBS reschedules 40 students’ studies in China due to coronavirus concerns

Chinese universities are closing down as the coronavirus is continuing to spread. Consequently, 39 students from the bachelor program of International Business in Asia have had their exchange trips to Beijing suspended and been offered alternatives programs here in Copenhagen. One other student’s exchange trip has been rescheduled.

CBS answers criticism from students trapped in protest-stricken Hong Kong

Two CBS students required more support from CBS when their university became a battleground. CBS argues that it is doing what it can for its students in Hong Kong, and although there is now no academic reason to stay in Hong Kong, CBS does not consider students under obligation to return home.  

Coronavirus to affect teaching and exams in the autumn semesterby

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