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Senior Management listens to the students and adjusts plan for study place reductions

(Photo by Mette Koors)

After massive protests and internal consultations, the Senior Management will no longer close the BSc in Business Administration and Philosophy and the MSocSC in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Instead, the study places will be achieved by reducing intakes across several bachelor’s and master’s programs. The new plan will cost CBS around DKK 5 million more a year and will be presented to the Board for final approval on 2 December.

News |   29. Nov 2021

Signe Mereta Lauesen


Anne Thora Lykkegaard


The Senior Management has heeded the student protesters at CBS, who for the past few weeks have objected to the plan to shut down six CBS programs.

After receiving “valuable input” during the consultation process, the Senior Management is no longer proposing to close the BSc in Business Administration and Philosophy (HA Fil.) and the MSocSc in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIE).

“The program presented an analysis based on register data from Statistics Denmark that shows that a student with a completed HA Fil. bachelor who does not continue to the follow-on master’s program, namely the MSc In Business Administration and Philosophy, but goes on instead to complete another higher degree program at CBS, has just as good employment prospects as other graduates,” the adjusted plan states and continues:

“This invalidates the argument for the complete close of HA Fil.”

Regarding the OIE program, Inger Askehave says in a statement on CBS Share:

“The consultation also showed that cand.soc. Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship, owing to its focus on entrepreneurship, has a relatively sizeable portion of students from the programme who try to set up their own companies and thus take a longer time to find employment in their own or another company.”

The Senior Management is now proposing to adhere to the plan to close the four programs: MSc in Business Administration and Philosophy, Soc. in Political Communication and Management, MSc Soc in Management of Creative Business Processes and the MA in International Business Communication.

To make up for the difference, the Senior Management proposes to cut back the intake on a number of bachelor’s and master’s programs based on unemployment rates, beginning in 2023.

HA Kom (26 places), HA Psyk (20 places), BSc BLC (11 places), HA fil. (7 places), HA MAK (10 places), and correspondingly reductions from 2026 on CM Kom (21 places), CM Psyk (14 places), CM BLC (5 places) and cand. merc. (11 places).

Altogether, this totals 192 fewer student places resulting from program closures and 125 fewer student places resulting from reduced admissions, amounting to a total reduction of 317 student places. The remaining five percent reduction required, corresponding to 311 student places, will be tackled in 2025.

CBS still stands to lose upwards of DKK 45-55 million per year due to lower student intakes. The adjusted model means that CBS will have to make cost cuts of around DKK 5 million more than in the plan that was presented on 12 November 2021, if the plan is approved by the CBS Board on December 2.

If approved by the CBS Board, the plan will be submitted to the Ministry for Higher Education and Science, and reviewed by the Danish government in the spring.


  1. Fionna says:

    Denmark as a country needs young talents not only from within the country, but from abroad as well. This might (apparently) seem like a reasonable decision, but it is a NO way a long-term thinking. Closing 4 programs and leaving just 2 is not a win, it’s still a loss and we should refer to it as such.

  2. A says:

    No CBS, you are not listening to students. We said save All programs. What is your response to closing down a program due to women taking maternaty leave? Or creative project Work?

    You are finding All you reductions at programmes with a high amount of women. Did you even bother to listen to us when we told you about the Damaged you were doing to diversity?

    Trust us students and alumni. You did not listen to us. Bad Management.

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Senior Management listens to the students and adjusts plan for study place reductionsby

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