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Kvium: “Art trains you to see what you don’t want to see”

A huge bronze sculpture made by the famous Danish artist, Michael Kvium, has become a new, permanent decoration at Kilen. And you can experience Kvium’s curious art in more than one place at CBS right now.

News / Film |   28 Aug 2018

Anne M. Lykkegaard


Mette Koors


It twists and turns around the column and connects small, oddly shaped pieces of bronze. What is it? What does it mean?

The sculpture, titled ‘Social Pattern’, was made by the internationally renowned artist Michael Kvium as a permanent decoration at Kilen. And CBS has got its hands on this curious sculpture because of Christoffer Faurschou, CBS student and chairman of CBS Art.

About two years ago, Christoffer Faurschou picked up the phone and called Michael Kvium to ask if he would be interested in collaborating by creating a piece of art for CBS. But what would happen? What answer would he get from the artist? Would Michael Kvium be interested at all?

Last year, Christoffer Faurschou initiated a collaboration with The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which provides digital art for CBS’ Digital Art Space at Solbjerg Plads. A naked, dancing man and a woman licking up jelly and other substances have been among the art works shown in the digital art space. And now it is time for a blood-spitting magician.

You can experience Michael Kvium’s two films from the exhibition, Circus Europa, in the coming 1,5 month.



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