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“It was an emotional rollercoaster to go from poverty in Tanzania to a corporate headquarters position”

Since graduating from CBS, Sara Lyng has worked in a wide range of areas. Watch her telling her emotional rollercoaster story in the video below, produced by Emil Nørgaard Munk from Teaching & Learning by CBS.

Four years after CBS |   12. Nov 2020

Kasper Christensen


According to CBS alumnus Sara Lyng, everything she has done since graduating from CBS have been deeply rooted in an inner urge to make a change, having an influence on things and a purpose in life. And so, in an attempt to achieve those things she unifies working in a major financial concern, running a charity and a podcast about sustainability.

Coming straight from Tanzania where poverty is a part of everyday life to a corporate headquarter position in a well-run business in many ways felt like going from one extreme to another for her.

However, according to Sara Lyng herself, it has all made perfectly sense as stepping stones on her journey since graduating from CBS four years ago.


  1. Eric says:


    This video makes me feel highly uncomfortable. It perfectly plays into the known narrative of a young person from an economically developed country who feels guilty for her privilege and tries to ease that feeling by going to poor Africa (big place, by the way) to save children. It’s easy, so “why not try and go down that road?”.
    I do not intend to criticise Sara personally here, as I do not want to judge her motivations from a single video and I do not learn enough about her projects. However, I would have very much appreciated if everyone involved in the production of this content in any way had read up on the concept of the white saviour and its highly delicate implications. I believe the video would have been a different one.

    Kind regards,

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“It was an emotional rollercoaster to go from poverty in Tanzania to a corporate headquarters position”by

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