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Jacob Sand Motzfeldt has staked everything on… Gum!

After graduating, Jacob Sand Motzfeldt invested all his time, energy and money in a plastic-free business idea. This marked the beginning of a long gum adventure. But as with most adventures, the quest to win the princess and half of the kingdom is not without a dash of adversity. Watch Jacob Sand Motzfeldt tell his story in a video, produced by Emil Nørgaard Munk from Teaching & Learning at CBS.

Four years after CBS |   26. Oct 2020

Kasper Christensen


Five years ago, Jacob Sand Motzfeldt was introduced to a business idea – the concept of producing gum that is completely free from plastic. After 472 attempts in his kitchen at home, the first prototype was ready and Jacob now decided to start True Gum along with his three co-founders.

But besides countless of hours working in the kitchen to perfect a recipe, being co-founder of a plastic-free gum and building a factory from scratch have not always been easy.

When Jacob Sand Motzfeldt and his partners set out on their gum adventure, they all quit their jobs and began living off their savings.

They planned to pay themselves a permanent wage after six months. However, things do not always go as planned, and Jacob Sand Motzfeldt and his colleagues ended up working without a salary for nearly two years.

Despite this financial adversity, Jacob Sand Motzfeldt firmly believes in plastic free, biodegradable and nationally produced chewing gum. And that belief still keeps him going four years after CBS. 


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Jacob Sand Motzfeldt has staked everything on… Gum!by

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