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I always get disappointed when I get a bad grade, then I remember something…!

Merveille Musungay

When I got one of my grades back this summer, I was highly disappointed because I thought it was going to be higher. This is mainly because I was certain that the exam was easy.

I am positive that procrastination also played a major part in the grade that I received, because I kept pushing beginning studying for the exam, thinking that the exam was going to be easy.

Lesson learned.

When I get disappointed over a bad grade, I quickly remember the way I studied, and conclude that I didn’t study as much as I should or could have. I especially realise that when I hear the feedbacks. To be honest, it makes me feel senseless, knowing that I could have spent more time studying and learning more.

I am also certain that this is a common thing amongst us students. We expect the best, however, we do the least.

Nevertheless, I quickly realised that the consequence of underestimating subjects and overestimating myself results in me receiving a bad grade. Subsequently, I also believe that I sometimes trick my brain into thinking that I will directly score the highest grade even though I barely studied.

This is where I am wrong.

Therefore, I will personally advise you to avoid underestimating any subject in this new semester. I am aware of the fact that some subjects are more interesting than others, however, they are all equally important. Hence, we should all avoid ‘skipping’ them during this semester and especially during the exam period.

I have a question for you: Have you ever received a less satisfying grade from a subject you perceived as easy?

This semester, I am hoping to prioritise each subject, despite the difficulty level or my level of interest in order to avoid unwanted surprises or disappointments.

In order to completely avoid skipping the subjects during the exam period, I will prioritise the ‘easiest’ subjects, since I have a bad habit of skipping them. Hopefully this will help me during my exam period and my grades will be more satisfying.


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I always get disappointed when I get a bad grade, then I remember something…!by

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