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Counting successes

CBS blogger Eric Maganga

Confidence comes from success. I may feel like: I haven’t done anything yet, or what do I have to feel great about. That’s exactly the mentality I fight against.

Blog |   15. Aug 2018

Eric Maganga


The first step is giving myself credit – there are different levels to it. Whether I got a good grade, improved from last semester, or simply gave it my all, which left me feeling like I can look myself in the mirror and say: “well done”.


Count your successes – I list them one by one in a journal, but you can use an app or whatever works for you. Never forget – has to be your approach and when you build up multiple successes in your mind and acknowledge them – you can start by saying “I’ve been doing good for a while”.

Do you count your successes?

The short game

When I don’t accomplish some goals that either I or someone else has set for me – it can be easy to quit and feel like there’s something wrong with me. I fight against this!

I try not to be short-sighted – I look at it like I have gained valuable experience. That means I am gonna nail it the next time – I’ve learned that if you try hard enough, you will find successes and view yourself as a success.

Do you find the positive in your experiences?

Light at the end of the tunnel vision

I don’t focus on what I don’t have and what I didn’t do. I have learned that being so caught up in this and comparing myself to others will betray me now and especially in the long term when I risk my self-esteem ending up in the dumpster.

Are you an optimist?

No chaser

I don’t chase success – I sit back and evaluate how it is already a part of my life. I make building blocks in my mind of how I’ve gained knowledge, a lesson or general value in everything I do. If you want to feel good about yourself, you need an almost irrational memory for the positive and a matching belief in oneself.

I hope I have inspired some irrationality in this read.

Is confidence overrated?


  1. Merveille Musungay says:

    Love this! Your contents always make me happy!

  2. Simon says:

    Nice work Eric, this article can go in the success journal.

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