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Stress has taken over my life!

Monday morning, I log into and check my CBS emails per usual. I see 40 unread messages, 7 assignment deadlines and over 200 book pages to read. I immediately start shaking and sweating. I now realise that I am stressing. Stress has taken over my life! I feel helpless and do not know where to begin with all these deadlines. How am I going to survive this?

Stress is very common for me as a student. As a student who used to attended another university, I often suffered from stress. I was stressing about my assignments, deadlines, and the fact that everything was going too fast, to the point where I could not keep up. What I did in order to stop the stress was to drop out. I dropped out because I could no longer handle the pressure of doing well in school, submitting the assignments on time, and having a life outside of my studies.

Starting at CBS, I still stress. However, dropping out is no longer an option for me! Although taking a break from university was good for me, I have learned that I cannot run from stress.

To be clear, taking a break from university was good for me due to the fact that I was able to ‘heal’ from all the stress that I was suffering from. When I was studying at my old university, I pressured myself to do so well in every course that it got to a point where I overestimated myself and did not feel like I needed to plan my study times. By overestimating myself I ended up failing several exams, which caused me even more stress! This kind of stress came from thinking about all the effort I had to put in so that I can pass my failed exams and the little time I had! Unfortunately, I gave up… I could not do it anymore. I could no longer continue studying at that university.  My self-esteem was destroyed and I needed a break.

Currently, as a CBS student, I am teaching myself to handle stress, and what I am doing at the moment to decrease my stress level is to plan.

I want to slowly go through the topic of stress and give you a glimpse of how I reduce my stress level to a minimum.

As mentioned, planning is how I decrease my stress level. I am not naturally the most organised person, however, being stressed has forced me to start planning. Every Sunday I plan my week by setting up a schedule where I prioritise my most challenging courses. The courses that challenge me the most are the ones that I study first. This gives me a feeling of control over my study days and I feel happier knowing that I can keep up with 80% percent of the courses.

To be honest, I firmly believe that stress can be avoided and I am aiming towards that.  I know certain people from other cultures who do not stress at all and I truly do not know how they do it. Nevertheless, I want to reach that point too! I do not think that stress should be a major part of my study life. If I can reduce it, so can you!


  1. David says:

    When you are so stressed, how do you find time to write a blog?

    I find life as a student stressful too, hence I do not do much but studying.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Interesting read with great, relatable points! Thank you so much for sharing this – looking forward to some more practical tips! 🙂

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