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My name is Merveille Musungay and I study English & Organizational Communication. I blog about my whole process as a CBS student – the struggles, successful moments and different challenges that I face. I hope you’ll be able to relate to some of my content. Besides being a CBS student, I’m a pretty chill person who likes to write about different things and enjoy life day by day.


My greatest mistakes


What my BA journey taught me


Why I think procrastination can be a good thing sometimes 


The joy of being a CBS student😀


My exam breakdowns


Sometimes, I simply just do it

I have this English subject that’s been ‘haunting’ me for years now. I took this subject a while ago when I was studying somewhere else. However, it didn’t go so well. Okay... I FAILED.


I cannot keep up with the tempo this semester…!

Initially, when I started this semester, I had some internal doubts about how I would make it through the year. However, in the midst of my doubts, I slowly began to gain confidence and became more optimistic. Unfortunately, the doubts have come back and I am honestly slacking a bit. Maybe much more than a bit actually.


Is there something wrong with the study spaces at CBS or am I just losing interest?

Monday morning, 10 o’clock to be exact, while sitting on the second floor at Solbjerg Plads and trying to concentrate on my books, I find myself being distracted by the smallest things around me. I wonder if there is something wrong with the view or is it just me?


I always get disappointed when I get a bad grade, then I remember something…!

When I got one of my grades back this summer, I was highly disappointed because I thought it was going to be higher. This is mainly because I was certain that the exam was easy.

Merveille Musungay, CBS student, writes about how to keep motivated in university.


Why I ignore noises

I remember during the past years, I used to be a follower of other people’s attitude and opinions towards their bad situations. For instance, if someone expressed their frustrations in a given situation, I will follow and believe that I will be just as frustrated as them, even without trying. This was mostly in school and workplaces.


I believe in taking challenges

My current situation is that I am challenging myself with the difficult subjects that normally one would rather give up on. As a student, challenging myself has been one of my strengths.


Being a CBS student puts pressure on me!

Entering this new semester, I am feeling the pressure more than ever! Imagine doing such a great job to a point where you feel that you have set new standards to keep up and in addition to that, the people around you have set the same standards for you too. This is my current situation.


Stress has taken over my life!

Monday morning, I log into and check my CBS emails per usual. I see 40 unread messages, 7 assignment deadlines and over 200 book pages to read. I immediately start shaking and sweating. I now realise that I am stressing. Stress has taken over my life! I feel helpless and do not know where to begin with all these deadlines. How am I going to survive this?


Merveille wants to motivate others with her blogs

At first, Merveille Musungay kept her blog anonymous, but given that she wanted to encourage and motivate others, she had to put herself out there. Merveille Musungay is CBS WIRE’s new blogger, and she will blog about failure, how to battle stress, and her everyday life as a CBS student.