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Hi there! I’m Caroline, 24 years old, and born and bred in Copenhagen. I study marketing and communications at CBS, and live between Vesterbro and Brooklyn, NYC, where I have a café named Skål, with my native New Yorker boyfriend. I’m a freelance writer and consultant, and I love to travel and spend my time as a digital nomad between Berlin, NYC and Copenhagen. I published a Danish guidebook on Berlin a few years ago, and right now I’m working on a second one, so stay tuned for that. I’m also a blogger at I drink my coffee with oat milk and I recently said goodbye to eating meat. However, I still love eating everything else, especially burrata and everything pasta.


The best student discounts you should definitely take advantage of

Do you take full advantage of all the discounts available to students? Probably not! Don’t worry – our student reporter, Caroline Sølver, can give you the full rundown of the best student discounts.


Must try: Here are the five best burger joints in Copenhagen

According to our student reporter, Caroline Sølver, there’s nothing a good burger can’t cure. That’s why she’s sharing her top five burger joints in Copenhagen. Read on to find out which ones made the list and whether they match your favorites.


A guide to Copenhagen for summer schoolers and everyone else 😍

You’ve arrived at the perfect time to enjoy the best of what Copenhagen has to offer. In this summer school Copenhagen guide, student reporter, Caroline Sølver, has provided a Copenhagen bucket list – from food, to hidden gems and what to do if the weather’s bad.


Must try: Here are the five best pizzerias in Copenhagen

According to our student reporter, Caroline Sølver, summertime in Copenhagen means pizza time. In this guide, she shares her top five pizza places. Ready, steady, pizza time!


Five new food places to try in Copenhagen this spring

Our student reporter, Caroline Sølver, knows what’s up in Copenhagen! She’s always on the lookout for new food joints in the city. And when she’s not busy eating at one of them, she’s writing about them. In this guide, she shares five of the new additions to the Copenhagen food scene, so you know where to go this spring.

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Studying or interning in New York City? Here’s what you need to know

Caroline Sølver is spending her fifth semester at CBS interning at a Danish/American company in the city of all cities, NYC. In this post, she shares her best tips and advice for those who are interested in doing the same.

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Favorite places in NYC: Put on a podcast and go down to the water!

When moving to a new city, how do you find your places? The ones where you go to breathe, have fun and enjoy yourself? In this post, Caroline Sølver, who is spending her fifth semester interning in NYC, shares five of her personal favorite spots in the Big Apple.

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Work-life-study balance? Interning in NYC has me figuring out who I am

Caroline Sølver, CBS student, is doing her internship at a Danish company that recently launched in NYC. It’s a valuable experience that is teaching her things she hadn’t expected and pushing her towards figuring out what she wants for her future and in which direction she wants to go.

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Living in NYC: With a ‘pinch-me-is-this-real-life’ view!

Caroline Sølver has to pinch herself every morning when she wakes up and sees the Manhattan skyline right in front of her. She lives in Brooklyn, which like the rest of NYC is notorious for sky-high rent. How in the world did she get so lucky?

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New York City is similar to Copenhagen, and yet so different

Caroline Sølver studies at CBS and is spending her fifth semester interning at a Copenhagen/NYC company based in hip Williamsburg. In this article, she shares her personal story about how she’s immersing herself in the Big Apple and in a culture that is similar, and yet so different, to what she knows in Copenhagen.


80 cool student clubs to join

CBS is about more than just lectures, studying, and exams. Our student reporter, Caroline Sølver, has sifted through all 80 student networks at CBS to share 15 examples of cool student clubs to join at CBS. To create new friendships, memories, and experiences.

Zola makes authentic Neapolitan pizza in a fire oven. (Photo via Zola's instagram)


Five restaurants in Berlin you have to try

Our student reporter, Caroline Sølver, who lived in Berlin for three years before moving back to her hometown of Copenhagen to begin her studies at CBS, shares five tips for a day of eating in Berlin. The German metropolis offers delicious food (no schnitzel though, sorry!) and is budget-friendly. This is the perfect guide for your next trip to Berlin!


The five best green areas in Copenhagen

Spring is finally here! Or at least, we got a taste of what sunshine and warmer temperatures feel like after an eternal winter. According to our student writer Caroline Sølver, you should definitely spend an hour or two in good company in some of the green areas and parks in Copenhagen.


The top five best flea markets in Copenhagen

Spring is here. That means many things. The lighter Scandinavian nights that you’ve been waiting for all winter are approaching. It is finally socially acceptable to eat ice cream every day. But it also means that the flea market season is back and Copenhagen has a lot of great ones to choose from. Here is student reporter Caroline Sølvers' list of the top five best flea markets in Copenhagen.


How do CBS students spend their money?

Students would rather spend their money than risk missing out on having fun with their friends. They all have a restaurant budget, and they all want to spend their savings on travel. Student reporter, Caroline Sølver, asked four of her friends who are doing their bachelors in Intercultural Market Communication at CBS about their relationship with money.


Five reasons you should attend Summer University at CBS

Is summer time all about hanging out with friends, sipping rosé, and jumping in the ocean? Or is it about burying yourself in books in order to obtain yet another 7,5 ETCS points? Well, at CBS, one version of summertime doesn’t have to exclude the other.

Go get a nice brunch sunday morning. (Photo: Caroline Sølver)


The top five things to do on cold Sundays in Copenhagen

Winter is near, and while many people dread the cold season, I am also quite sure that winter contributes to the illustrious Danish “hygge" culture”. Here is CBS student Caroline Sølvers’ list of the top five things to do on a winter’s Sunday in Copenhagen.

Glyptoteket. Photographer Kim Nilsson


How to do fun things in Copenhagen without breaking the bank

Copenhagen frequently shows up on lists with the most expensive cities in the world. But that doesn’t mean you have to reach deep into your pockets to enjoy the many experiences and adventures that the city has to offer. In fact, for some places you don’t even have to reach into your pocket at all.


Six good reasons to become a Buddy

Moving to Berlin on her own inspired Caroline Sølver to join the Buddy Program at CBS. She gives six good reasons for why you should join - one of them is getting friends for life.

Foto: Democratic Coffee Bar


The best cafes to work or study at in Copenhagen

Most of us have experienced the problem of finishing our coffees and outstaying our welcome at a café. That's why we've put together a list of five, nice and "hyggelige" cafes in Copenhagen that are great to work or study at in Copenhagen.


Seven Things to Try while you are in Denmark

New to Denmark? If you wanna get the full-on Danish experience, you should try seven of these "hygge" activities that the Danes do in their spare time or sometimes even on an everyday basis.


Student friendly restaurants in Copenhagen

While people often mention that Copenhagen is a great city, there are also two more negative sides to Copenhagen that people tend to mention.


Copenhagen: Five spots you have to try this summer

Are you in Copenhagen for the summer, but not quite sure how to spend your time? Fear not. Student Caroline Sølver gives you ideas for five things to try.