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Five reasons you should attend Summer University at CBS

Summer school doesn't have to be a drag. (Photo: Bjarke MacCarthy)

Is summer time all about hanging out with friends, sipping rosé, and jumping in the ocean? Or is it about burying yourself in books in order to obtain yet another 7,5 ETCS points? Well, at CBS, one version of summertime doesn’t have to exclude the other.

Guide |   13. Feb 2018

Caroline Sølver


Every summer, CBS opens its doors and invites students to attend ISUP (International Summer University Programme). Both students already going to CBS as well as students from abroad are welcome to join. In about a month, students can take up to two Summer School classes, each providing the student with 7,5 ETCS points.

The ISUP classes take place in July and end with a written exam so that students can show off what they learned during the ISUP class. While spending July studying might not be the ultimate way of enjoying summer, there is actually a list of pros to joining ISUP at CBS.

Last summer, I joined ISUP for a class, and while I can see that going island hopping through Greece is also tempting, I’ve listed five reasons you should attend Summer University at CBS.

1 – Like ripping off a Band-Aid

You are most likely at Summer School because you are missing those 7,5 ETCS points or more. Summer School is a great way of obtaining those. Instead of taking an extra class during the semester, Summer School lets you finish a whole class in just about 1,5 month.

Taking the six weeks during the summer to finish the class seems like a better option than choosing to take the class during the semester, where you are already busy with your other classes and other exams. At Summer School, you can focus on just that class, and the best part is: it will be over in just four weeks. The other good part: you don’t even have classes every day. I only had classes twice a week! Easy-peasy.

And remember! You will probably still have all of August off to go island hopping in Greece, and with 2,5-hour classes only taking place twice a week, you will have plenty of time off in July too.

2 – A step towards a successful CV

Let’s face it. Showing off that you went to summer school will look pretty good on your CV. It shows that you are dedicated to learning and improving your degree even beyond your regular study program.

Now, life isn’t all about improving your CV, but if you are looking into joining ISUP at CBS anyway, this fact doesn’t hurt, right?

3 – ISUP offers some pretty interesting classes

Depending on your study program, ISUP offers a vast selection of interesting classes. There are actually around 50 classes, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Whether you are into classic business courses in the field of economics, marketing, or communication, or more diverse classes in the field of CSR, globalization, or change management, there is definitely a good fit for you.

Going to Summer School is a great opportunity to spice up your regular study program because it is all up to you to decide, which class you want to take and what class you find interesting and useful.

ISUP also gives you an opportunity to experience competent instructors from well-known universities around the world. This can provide you with an extraordinary experience and a new point of view.

4 – It’s social too!

If you are up for it, ISUP is more than just studying. Besides the 2,5 hour classes, twice a week, summer school students are also invited to participate in the ‘cultural and social programme’.

The program is packed with different events, ranging from a weekend trip around Denmark to international dinners and city tours. The events are arranged in order to get to know more about Danish culture and for the participants to get to know each other. What’s not to like?

5 – You will be spending part of your summer in Copenhagen

Maybe you are still dreaming of that trip to Greece, but Copenhagen isn’t all that bad. Actually, granted that the sun shines, Copenhagen is one of the best places in the world. If you are here, you should take the possibility to actually enjoy the city in the summer time and visit all the awesome places you haven’t paid mind to before. And if you are not from Copenhagen, you will have plenty of time to deal with the ISUP classes and still be able to enjoy Copenhagen.

All there is left to do is to check out what classes sound interesting to you and look into when and how you can apply to ISUP. And who knows, maybe you will be spending your summer at CBS? 😉 ISUP, here we come!


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Five reasons you should attend Summer University at CBSby

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