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Is CBS short of Danish-speaking teachers? The issue is to be discussed at HSU

Ole Helmersen, Senior Shop Steward, has asked for the Senior Management’s opinion regarding a shortage of Danish-speaking teachers who, according to him, are being assigned extra classes in Danish. The issue will be brought up at an upcoming meeting in the General Consultation Committee.

News |   10 Apr 2019

Anne M. Lykkegaard


Despite CBS being an international university, there are a lot of classes taught in Danish. And although it shouldn’t be a problem to find Danish-speaking lecturers in Denmark, it actually seems to be the case.

According to the minutes from the latest meeting in the General Consultation Committee (HSU), Ole Helmersen, Senior Shop Steward at CBS, explained that he has heard about cases where Danish-speaking lecturers are being asked to take on extra classes due to a shortage of faculty who can teach in Danish.

In the minutes, it says that he wants to know the Senior Management’s opinion about the case and wishes to discuss it at an upcoming HSU meeting.

Furthermore, Gregor Halff agrees in the minutes that it should be discussed, as the need for Danish-speaking lecturers will only increase as a result of the reform of the HD programs.

The shop stewards told CBS WIRE that they don’t want to comment on the case until the Senior Management and HSU have discussed it.


CBS WIRE will follow up on the case when it has been discussed at HSU.



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