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Senior Management schedules extra hearing for students in wake of protests

“We use the hearings to see whether input from the organization can give grounds for adjusting the plan,” says Inger Askehave, the Acting President of CBS. She and the Dean of Education, Gregor Halff, also answer questions regarding whether CBS can live up to its strategy and how they will avoid layoffs.

Senior Management proposes to close six programs starting from 2023 to meet government demand – layoffs cannot be ruled out

By 2030, CBS is to reduce its intake by 10%. In total, that is 628 study places in Frederiksberg. On November 12, the Senior Management presented a study place reduction plan to the CBS Board of Directors. The plan includes closing the BSc in Business Administration and Philosophy, and several master’s programs. Now, hearings will be held regarding the plan until the final agreement is made at a CBS Board meeting on December 2.

A trashy issue: “The to-go packaging is our biggest hurdle”

Jespers Torvekøkken runs experiments to find solutions to their single-use coffee cups, paper bags and plastic packaging problems, for example, a pilot with coffee-cup rental, and a closed trash circuit. “Reuse is the ultimate goal,” says Chief Commercial Officer at Jespers Torvekøkken.

CBS introduces recycling bins throughout campus: The journey started 2.5 years ago

Now, students and employees can sort their waste at CBS wherever they are on campus in up to seven different fractions. The student organization oikos Copenhagen initiated a pilot project in 2019 that, with help from CBS, grew and become permanent, putting CBS one year ahead of the Danish government’s waste sorting policy, according to the Program Manager.

Academic Council meets with the chair of the CBS Board to improve relations

After the Academic Council directed incisive criticism at the Senior Management and the CBS Board of Directors in its annual report from spring this year, the chairs have been meeting to improve relations. At the Academic Council’s latest meeting, the Chair of the CBS Board of Directors, Torben Möger Pedersen, was invited to share his ambitions and priorities for CBS.

“Our social life will be challenged”

Normally, the large reading room at Dalgas Have offers students 150 study places, but until March next year, the Department of Digitalization will be moving in while its ‘home’ at Howitzvej 60 is renovated. The Head of Department, Helle Zinner, acknowledges that the working conditions are not ideal, but calls the situation “a blessing in disguise”. Meanwhile, Station will provide temporary study places for the displaced students.

Online teaching: “CBS is and will remain an on-campus university” 

Students and teachers are back on campus after three semesters of lockdown and online teaching. Where is CBS heading? CBS’ Associate Dean for Technology-Enhanced Learning and CBS Students’ two Vice Presidents explain their views. They are sure of one thing – CBS will not become a university in the cloud.

Time for the CBS job satisfaction survey

On September 21, CBS employees can start answering the job satisfaction survey. In the 2019 survey, both TAP and VIP personnel slated their career opportunities, but their confidence in Senior Management improved slightly.

CBS’ sustainability plan aims at limiting new item purchases – so what is being done?by

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