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“Our social life will be challenged”

Normally, the large reading room at Dalgas Have offers students 150 study places, but until March next year, the Department of Digitalization will be moving in while its ‘home’ at Howitzvej 60 is renovated. The Head of Department, Helle Zinner, acknowledges that the working conditions are not ideal, but calls the situation “a blessing in disguise”. Meanwhile, Station will provide temporary study places for the displaced students.

Online teaching: “CBS is and will remain an on-campus university” 

Students and teachers are back on campus after three semesters of lockdown and online teaching. Where is CBS heading? CBS’ Associate Dean for Technology-Enhanced Learning and CBS Students’ two Vice Presidents explain their views. They are sure of one thing – CBS will not become a university in the cloud.

Time for the CBS job satisfaction survey

On September 21, CBS employees can start answering the job satisfaction survey. In the 2019 survey, both TAP and VIP personnel slated their career opportunities, but their confidence in Senior Management improved slightly.

CBS to return DKK 692,000 to the Agency for Higher Education and Science

CBS contravened the rules when it paid the former President of CBS a one-off fee of DKK 692,000. Now, the Agency for Higher Education and Science is demanding a full refund. CBS has asked the Legal Advisor to the Danish Government to investigate whether CBS can claim against the former board. The investigation is expected to end before 2022, according to the University Director.

Art exhibition: Lock yourself to 300 kilograms of climate guilt

The six carbon dioxide molecules with large foot shackles exhibited on the wooden decking outside Café Nexus are both a reminder of our “climate sin”, and a piercing criticism of CBS, explains the initiator, Carolina Edman, from the student organization CBS Art.

Flower power

The art duo Orkidé has decorated 270 square meters of CBS’ buildings with flowers in bloom to welcome students and employees. The flowers symbolize transformation, growth and new beginnings.

1000 ways to say welcome

This week CBS is opening its doors to new students, and a part of the welcome program is the study start campaign. However, this year the campaign named The Welcome Project is for a wider audience, as it also welcomes current students and employees through a series of pop-up events and cute gimmicks.

“Our social life will be challenged”by

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