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Teams hall meeting: CBS staff raise concerns about government proposal and ask what could happen to CBS

The President of CBS and the Dean of Education answered questions from CBS staff regarding two government proposals that could lead to significant cuts in the intake of CBS students. Staff members asked about a hiring stop, the international environment, and what action CBS is taking to argue against the proposals. The President of CBS encouraged staff members to forward input for the coming debates.

CBS’ CIO: Cyber security is like a cold war

Increasing threat levels for cybercrime and espionage against universities have resulted in a pamphlet on preventing “foreign interference” published by the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) and the ministry. CBS’ CIO explains the innate dilemma between how universities operate and cyber security, and that we all need to be a little more skeptical and watchful.

Academic Council directs incisive criticism at Senior Management in annual report

In its annual report, the Academic Council heavily criticizes the lack of involvement of staff, faculty and students during a year characterized by sweeping strategy development while a pandemic raged. Both the Academic Council and Senior Management are willing to work towards a “trustful and constructive” collaboration.  

DKK 80 million surplus: CBS is in the pink due to coronavirus

Corona restrictions put the brakes on traveling and recruitment in 2020, and it shows in CBS’ annual result, which ended with a surplus of DKK 80 million, as opposed to the DKK 22 million surplus projected. Part of the surplus will be spent on postponed activities, explains CBS’ University Director, who also expects lockdown learnings to influence future travel behavior.

Café Nexus reopens Wednesday April 21

“Café Nexus is run by the students for the students, and we can’t wait to get back to serving that purpose,” says the President of CBS Students, Mads Taudal Nyeng, about the reopening of Café Nexus.

CBS Students discusses possible reopening of Café Nexus on April 21

The Danish parliament has agreed to bring forward the reopening, including cafés and restaurants, which can reopen for outdoor and indoor serving on April 21. CBS Students is in dialogue with CBS on whether it makes sense to reopen Café Nexus. The extended reopening for higher education institutions does not affect CBS.

Test center and control procedures: CBS to reopen on April 6

A negative corona test taken within the past 72 hours will be your access card to the CBS campus when it reopens on April 6. CBS Students is seated at the table when CBS discusses detailed plans for the gradual reopening. “Study places and group rooms are first priority,” says the President of CBS Students.

CBS jumps on the SDG bandwagon

A new report aims to communicate CBS’ engagement in supporting the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The authors hope the report will lay the foundation for a new reporting system and external collaborations.

Top 10 stories on CBS WIRE in 2020

Although of course, articles about coronavirus feature among the top 10, they were not the only stories you read on CBS WIRE in 2020. Danish humor – or the lack of it, the grade race, and a huge intro case also drew your attention.

CBS@Home: Community spirit delivered online

With the second lockdown, CBS has aired the online concept CBS@Home, which aims to imitate “organizational glue” for students and staff working from home. The concept is kicking off with three yoga sessions in collaboration with CBS Yoga, and more initiatives, such as webinars and perhaps musical content, will follow to cover all of CBS.

Hybrid rooms and a supervisor wing: CBS is renovating

The large restructuring of departments and employees at CBS has kick-started several renovation projects on CBS campuses. Students and staff can look forward to new offices, a supervisor wing, a student lounge and more group rooms.

All CBS campuses to get recycling bins in 2021

After failed attempts, CBS is now ready to expand its waste sorting scheme to cover all of CBS – starting in 2021. Architect Tore Klitgaard says waste sorting is now the only responsible option, and he hopes the recycling bins will be the new place to meet for a chat.

The President of CBS: Cutting the intake by between 5% and 10% is neither an amusing nor easy taskby

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