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Job satisfaction survey: TAP and VIP have trouble seeing career opportunities at CBS

In the new job satisfaction survey, both TAP and VIP agree that career opportunities are not sufficiently transparent at CBS and that there hasn’t been good follow up on the 2016 survey. However, confidence in the Senior Management has improved. The results are up for discussion at the General Consultation Committee meeting on Friday December 13.

Sexist language and offensive behavior: CBS suspends 25 students for violating intro rules

25 students and intro guides have been temporarily suspended from CBS for violating intro activity rules. An additional 44 intro guides have received letters of consultation. Now, the concept of intro weeks is up for discussion, yet again. “Deeply disappointing,” says the President of CBS. “It’s terrible that some students have got off to a bad start,” says the President of CBS Students.

Senior Management approves projects to reach CBS sustainability goals for 2025

In May, CBS announced a sustainability action plan with concrete goals. Now, the Senior Management has approved a portfolio of projects, also known as the CBS Green Program, to meet the goals. The portfolio includes, for example, technologies to minimize water consumption, increased waste sorting across campus, and right now a soccer field is taking shape by the water tower.

TAP, VIP and students go to the ballot boxes to vote for CBS’ future

Students and staff will be electing members to the Board of Directors, the Academic Council and study boards during the elections in week 47. Current members of the Board of Directors and the Academic Council explain why students and staff should seize their chance to influence how CBS is run.

CBS co-develops national recommendations to attract more international graduates to the Danish job market

The education sector and business industry have launched seven recommendations to encourage more international students to embark on careers in Denmark after graduation. CBS had an important seat at the table, explains Tom Dahl-Østergaard, who advocates more language flexibility in the business sector. The recommendations have now been handed to the Minister for Higher Education and Science.

One department now has its own recycling station and it could spread to all of CBS

Astrid Tøttenborg and Marie Hansen from Student Hub were frustrated that they couldn’t sort their waste at work. Now, they have four recycling bins working as a pilot project for scaling up the initiative to cover all CBS offices and departments. This aim is supported by the results from the recent recycling project at Spisestuerne, which are so promising that it’s likely to spread to all CBS canteens.

CBS to introduce designated smoking areas in December

Senior Management and Campus Services have agreed to introduce designated smoking areas in CBS’ outdoor areas starting with Solbjerg Plads in December. The Head of Campus Services explains that ‘smoke police’ will not be lurking around outside, and answers why CBS isn’t introducing a smoke-free policy just yet.

The Confederation of Danish Industry: CBS must be better at showing what research it does

It is too difficult to figure out what research CBS researchers do, if you ask Mette Fjord Sørensen, Head of Research, Higher Education and Diversity at the Confederation of Danish Industry. And at a time when natural sciences are in the spotlight, humanities and social sciences need to step up and show how they can be useful to society and companies, she argues.

Diversity Day: “You can’t hire your way to the benefits of diversity”

Diversity is a vital aspect of disrupting and innovating, but you cannot acquire it simply by hiring a diverse work force, argue Florence Villeséche and Alex Klinge, researchers at CBS. As co-organizers of this year’s Diversity Day on October 8, they are aiming to investigate how diversity and innovation go hand in hand and what role research plays in making diversity a success.

Festival for the Global Goals “Exponential change calls for radical thinking”  

How can and should universities contribute to a more sustainable planet and society in the future? This question was up for discussion at the Festival for the Global Goals co-hosted by CBS. The panelists agreed that the universities should adopt a more radical approach to teaching students and disseminating research in order to fuel the green transition.

Nerve wracking, overwhelming, exciting: Nine people tell about their first day at CBS

In this podcast, students, staff members and the President of CBS share their thoughts, feelings, expectations, and concerns about their first day at CBS. Some had their first day 23 years ago, while others just started this September. Hear the funny, cute and exciting anecdotes about picking the right clothes, having butterflies in the stomachs, and almost being late to work.

“Sustainability isn’t about pointing fingers – it’s about working together”

It’s hard to mention sustainable initiatives at CBS that Centre Manager Louise Thomsen hasn’t been involved with in one way or another. Since 2016, she has done her part to push CBS in a more sustainable direction. And it hasn’t always been easy. Now, she is saying goodbye to CBS with some words of advice on how the university can become even more sustainable.