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Test center and control procedures: CBS to reopen on April 6

A negative corona test taken within the past 72 hours will be your access card to the CBS campus when it reopens on April 6. CBS Students is seated at the table when CBS discusses detailed plans for the gradual reopening. “Study places and group rooms are first priority,” says the President of CBS Students.

CBS jumps on the SDG bandwagon

A new report aims to communicate CBS’ engagement in supporting the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The authors hope the report will lay the foundation for a new reporting system and external collaborations.

Top 10 stories on CBS WIRE in 2020

Although of course, articles about coronavirus feature among the top 10, they were not the only stories you read on CBS WIRE in 2020. Danish humor – or the lack of it, the grade race, and a huge intro case also drew your attention.

CBS@Home: Community spirit delivered online

With the second lockdown, CBS has aired the online concept CBS@Home, which aims to imitate “organizational glue” for students and staff working from home. The concept is kicking off with three yoga sessions in collaboration with CBS Yoga, and more initiatives, such as webinars and perhaps musical content, will follow to cover all of CBS.

Hybrid rooms and a supervisor wing: CBS is renovating

The large restructuring of departments and employees at CBS has kick-started several renovation projects on CBS campuses. Students and staff can look forward to new offices, a supervisor wing, a student lounge and more group rooms.

All CBS campuses to get recycling bins in 2021

After failed attempts, CBS is now ready to expand its waste sorting scheme to cover all of CBS – starting in 2021. Architect Tore Klitgaard says waste sorting is now the only responsible option, and he hopes the recycling bins will be the new place to meet for a chat.

In CBS’ backyard lies a very special house

CBS has been the contractor behind the retrofit of the more than 100-year-old police station that has now been transformed into Station – A Student Innovation House. Tore Klitgaard and Mads Vigen from Estates Management at CBS reflect on the building process, which has exceeded “business as usual”.

CBS’ finances escape coronavirus  

Coronavirus has left its mark on CBS finances, but it could have been worse. Much worse, according to Kristian Dyhr, CFO at CBS. Especially less travelling and fewer conferences have saved CBS some money.

New strategy echoing the Danish doctor’s oath holds key to transforming CBS

For CBS’ President, Nikolaj Malchow-Møller, the students have played a key role in drawing up the new strategy, which drives CBS in a transformative direction. He hopes the new strategy can transform society as well as CBS, while giving students the capabilities to deal with the expectations and pressure they are facing.

Now you can get regular infection rate updates for CBS  

Staff can now get updated figures on the coronavirus situation at CBS, and soon the service will also be available to students. So far, the figures show no sign of a massive outbreak, says the Director of Campus Services. Moreover, guards will be patrolling the hallways and asking people to keep one meter apart.

The President of CBS answers criticism from the HSU and Academic Council about strategy approval behind closed doors

At two meetings with the General Consultation Committee (HSU) and the Academic Council, the President of CBS answered criticism about the absence of involvement in the final stages of the strategy process up to the CBS Board Meeting on June 29. Members of the two collegial organs still lack a good explanation as to why the decision was made to finalize the strategy in secret, and expect more involvement in the strategy process going forward.

CBS Board of Directors finalizes new strategy behind closed doors: “It’s against the spirit and bylaws of CBS”

The employee representatives of the General Consultation Committee (HSU) have unanimously sent a letter to the President of CBS harshly criticizing the decision to include the final discussion of the strategy as a confidential item on the agenda at the board meeting held on June 29. “It is not acceptable management from the President and the Chair,” the letter states. The President of CBS does not wish to comment on the criticism before meeting with the HSU.

Affaldssort … what?

CBS graduate Franziska Röttger was baffled that she could not look up waste sorting information in English on Danish municipalities’ websites. So together with a group of students and Studenterhuset, she has translated 21 municipalities’ waste sorting schemes to make them accessible to everyone. And more are coming.

The President of CBS answers criticism about the new deputy president position

The advisory bodies at CBS criticize that they have not been involved in the decision-making process associated with the appointment of a deputy president, and fear centralization. The President of CBS explains that it has been a “high priority” to discuss the role and responsibilities of a deputy president with the Academic Council and General Consultation Committee.

Throwback: Relive three fabulous Pride Parades with CBS ‍🌈

CBS is participating in its fourth Copenhagen Pride, but this year, without a huge, colorful, buzzing and jolly pride parade. So, right here you can experience or relive CBS' participation in the past three Copenhagen Pride Parades under the motto 'Love Suits Everyone'.

Test center and control procedures: CBS to reopen on April 6by

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