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The unemployment trap

Eric Maganga reciting one of his poems. (Photo: Michael Juhl Svendsen)

"He wrote in his journal he needs to find a unique skill," writes Eric Maganga in his latest blog about unemployment, and what it does to you. You can listen to the voice over of the blog at the bottom of the blog.

Blog |   09. Feb 2018

Eric Maganga


All he needed was one mic like how Nas would do it, but this is a remix to 2 Chainz’ pretty girls like trap music. The trap is unemployment. And the lack of self-worth it can lead to, feeling useless, no communication jobs and even the kindergarten said he was too nice. Sent applications to some supermarkets too, but no job interviews.

He wrote in his journal he needs to find a unique skill, he always wanted to write, his ninth-grade teacher believed in his journalist dreams. But now he was a master’s graduate and there was no ninth-grade teacher to save him. His life goals were simple, any job where he could write and six babies to have a close relationship with.

He found out what he needed to make him feel better by accident. I told you all he needs is one mic, well add a mom to that. His brother Mike and supportive mom helped him weather the storm. But he got on stage on his chase for reign. He took to the stage by random just to try another poem recital. His first few experiences with it were mixed, but on this stage, on this occasion it just clicked. It is so emotionally draining, and his poems are soul bearing. The response he got on the stage reminded him that he was good at something at a time when he needed it the most.

He decided he would remind himself of all his positive qualities. The poetry was the first step to prosperity. He had bigger visions and wanted to take it further yeah you know it, because he was a dreamer but couldn’t dream he’d make a living as a poet. He continued to network, reach out and apply for jobs.

He finally got called into a job interview, got into the swing of the things. The man didn’t hire him, but he didn’t let the process tire him, the man wanted to see him succeed and win. So even though hearing you don’t have enough experience gets old he didn’t turn cold, he stayed bold. It’s no fairytale and jobs are hard to come by.

But he finally got what seemed like a break, a chance to do it all over again and you knew it, because it turned out he had enough experience to get hired as a student. So, the journey starts all over again and there are no guarantees. But do it for mom and mic, just win young man, just win.

Listen to his blog “The unemployment trap”, which is read out loud by the actress, Cila Brosius.


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