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Eric Maganga


Eric Maganga uses blogging as a kind of therapy. He writes about heavier topics such as loneliness, dating, shyness, and experiences from the dating arena.

Eric Maganga’s blogs are usually creative, as they combine creative, almost poem-like writing and voice-overs.


What you see in me, a tribute to those who believe


Counting successes

Confidence comes from success. I may feel like: I haven’t done anything yet, or what do I have to feel great about. That’s exactly the mentality I fight against.


A passport won or lost?

"Did I gain power or give up power by saying goodbye to that old green booklet – the Tanzanian passport?" asks Eric Maganga in his latest blog. And why is it so scary to let go of the 'old' identity?

Eric Maganga reading poetry (Photo: Michael Juhl Svendsen)


Challenging the negative thought status-quo

"I can see if they have opened my messages. Then it burns if they don’t reply," writes Eric Maganga in his latest blog about the overwhelming feelings and negative thoughts that sometimes come crawling when his friends and relatives are not responding.

(Photo: Michael Juhl Svendsen)


I’m going to the concert alone

"This is the kind of blog you don't share on your Facebook page. Even for an emotional exhibitionist like me," writes Eric Maganga in his latest blog about being lonely. You can read the blog and listen to the voice over of the blog at the bottom of the blog.


The unemployment trap

"He wrote in his journal he needs to find a unique skill," writes Eric Maganga in his latest blog about unemployment, and what it does to you. You can listen to the voice over of the blog at the bottom of the blog.

Blog, Portrait

Eric writes himself out of his comfort zone

CBS student Eric Maganga will be blogging for CBS Wire about personal stuff such as loneliness, shyness, and dating. Blogging for him is a way of coming out his comfort zone, and he hopes that the people at CBS will be able to identify with his blogs, which in format spans from regular texts to sound bites and poems.


Three ways to become a networking superstar

Student reporter Eric Maganga gives his pro-tips on how to be good at networking - both in person and online.