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The Student Rebellion: How is CBS getting away with closing small unique education programs?

(Illustration by Ida Eriksen)

The four CBS education programs slated for closure under the regionalization agreement are small and unique programs, even though the regionalization agreement claims that small education programs that are not available elsewhere cannot be shut down. CBS student and initiator of the Student Rebellion, Morten Levinsen, is shocked and unhappy at the prospect of the four education programs closing. He is backed by two political parties that have withdrawn from the agreement altogether.

News |   08. Apr 2022

Ida Eriksen


On March 24, CBS announced that its proposal to close four education programs to meet the demands of the regionalization agreement had been approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

The four programs that are to be shut down are the MSc in Business Administration and Philosophy, MSocSc in Political Communication and Management, MSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes and MA in International Business Communication. Apart from them all being small, the three firstly mentioned programs are also unique, meaning that they aren’t taught anywhere other than at Copenhagen Business School.

In the regionalization agreement paragraph 12, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science explains how “small programs and language educations are excepted so that educational shutdowns in these areas are avoided”.

“So why is CBS getting away with proposing to shut four small and unique programs?” asks Morten Levinsen, initiator of the Student Rebellion and student at the BSc in Business Administration and Philosophy program, which is due to close as of 2023.

“CBS is putting the knife in education programs that are visionary and cross disciplinary, which are key points of its alleged strategy for education programs at CBS. So, it is disturbing programs that should be the core of this university,” he adds.

Ø and Å are sad to see small education programs close

During the regionalization agreement negotiations, several politicians also raised concerns about the prospect of closing small, unique education programs in Denmark.

“The agreement should not be used as an excuse to shut down language classes or small education programs. And it must not put pressure on institutions to close education programs at the expense of diversity,” said Victoria Velásquez who is the education spokesperson for the Unity List in an article from January 2022.

When presented with CBS’ plan to shut down four small and unique education programs, she states in an e-mail to CBS WIRE:

“For exactly these reasons and lack of funding, we decided to withdraw from the regionalization agreement earlier this year. Despite the special points of consideration that were included in the agreement, it is now clear that those were not complied with.”

The same sentiment is expressed by Nicklas Hakmann who is education spokesperson for the political party The Alternative.

“We have left the agreement and can in no way accept that you shut down small, cool, creative and really important education programs. One example of such a program is the MSc in Business Administration and Philosophy at CBS, which educates people to enter the job market with an ethical and critical mindset,” he writes in an e-mail to CBS WIRE.

The Socialist People’s Party (SF) also claimed to want to protect the small education programs, but has approved the current regionalization agreement. It has not been possible for CBS WIRE to obtain a statement from SF’s educational spokesperson Astrid Carøe.

Back at CBS, Morten Levinsen still hopes that CBS will reconsider shutting down what he believes are some of the most diverse, creative and interdisciplinary education programs at the university.

“The amazing thing about smaller education programs is that they make it possible for students and their teachers to develop a genuine relationship. We have the chance to ask questions and engage in dialogue, which strengthens our knowledge and methodology. Also, the interdisciplinary programs are in many ways those that attract students from human or social sciences from other universities. Therefore it is my plead, that CBS will live up to the agreements paragraph 12 and spare the small unique programs,” he concludes.


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The Student Rebellion: How is CBS getting away with closing small unique education programs?by

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