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Now you can get regular infection rate updates for CBS  

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CBS is continously taking up new measurements to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus at CBS. Latest, extra guards have been hired to ask people to stay one meter apart and figures with the latest infection rate will be issues to students and staff members. (Illustration: Shutterstock)

Staff can now get updated figures on the coronavirus situation at CBS, and soon the service will also be available to students. So far, the figures show no sign of a massive outbreak, says the Director of Campus Services. Moreover, guards will be patrolling the hallways and asking people to keep one meter apart.

News |   28. Sep 2020

Anne Thora Lykkegaard


It is hard to miss the various measures introduced at CBS to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Stickers on the floor, signs, dispensers with hand sanitizer and corona stewards on duty at staircases, which have been made one-way.

Now, CBS is taking further measures to prevent coronavirus from settling in. At Solbjerg Plads, extra guards have been employed to make sure groups of students remain one meter apart, explains René Steffensen, Director of Library and Campus Service at CBS.

“Of course, it’s not always possible to keep one meter’s distance. For example, when passing colleagues or students in the narrow corridors. But when we have groups of students standing or sitting together, the guards will ask them to keep a one-meter distance,” he says and continues:

“If a guard returns later and the group is still too close, the guard is allowed to write down the students’ information. If it happens a third time on the same day, the information is sent to CBS Legal, which can issue a formal warning.”

According to René Steffensen, about 30 students had their information noted down last week, none of which has been forwarded to CBS Legal.

Another service CBS has launched is regular updates of the infection rate at CBS. On the day this article was written (Friday September 25), 38 students and three staff members have tested positive with the coronavirus in total. However, René Steffensen explains that some of these individuals are likely to have recovered since testing positive.

The updates on the infection rate will be issued regularly on CBS Share, and will also be launched for shortly.

“Yes, the infection rate has increased. However, CBS is not associated with a breakout, as I see it. The figures are closely aligned with those of society at large,” says René Steffensen and explains that especially CBS employees have been asking for regular updates on the infection rate at CBS.

The infection rate how that students are the majority of those infected, but René Steffensen does not think that they in general infect each other at CBS.

“They are most likely infecting each other at social gatherings outside CBS. That’s also what the recent CBS figures tell me. Of course, it can happen during group work, but then I think the figures would have been much higher,” he says and emphasizes that CBS is doing what is possible to keep campus open.

“We are keeping campus open for several reasons. We have many new students who need to settle in, all teaching is not run perfectly online, and we know that not all students and staff thrive at home. So we are doing a lot to keep campus open, but it requires that everyone, especially the students, also do their part by not partying too much.”

Keep a distance until 2022

René Steffensen explains that CBS is closely following the development of the coronavirus situation, and taking the necessary precautions, but he expects the one-meter distance requirement to remain in force until late 2021.

“Usually, I have two or three meetings with the Information Security Committee a year. So far, we have had 53, as we need to continuously monitor and discuss the development of the situation,” he says and continues:

“For example, we have just agreed to hire another two guards to patrol the halls, and we are getting new stickers and signs about where to wear masks.”

Without knowing how the situation will evolve in future, René Steffensen believes it will take a great deal to close down campus again.

“It’s not only up to CBS to decide whether or not CBS should close down, it’s also most certainly a ministerial decision. CBS would barely take the decision itself.”


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