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My greatest mistakes

(Photo by Anna Holte)

One of the greatest mistakes that I made one semester was to not prioritise my subjects, as expected. And as a result, I failed my first exam. This was due to the fact that I did not choose to take the subject seriously enough, and the consequences are now that have to retake the exam.

One of my main mistakes was the fact that I did not attend any of my classes, even though I promised myself that I would do so.

Despite not attending any of the classes in this subject, I still dared to have high expectations, in the name of ‘knowing myself’. Well, I was wrong, and clearly, I do not know myself well enough.

A few days before the exam date of this specific subject, I decided to get myself together and study, with the expectation of catching up with everything that I chose to neglect and missed out within this subject through the whole semester. I was wrong again.

The anxiety and stress that I endured cannot be described with words. I honestly thought that I was getting ill, and in the midst of that, I looked at myself in the mirror and felt a sense of disappointment.

I was disappointed in the fact that I let myself get seduced by my own unintelligent thoughts. I let myself think that I could get away with avoiding class and still achieve great result during the exam. In other words, I’d tricked my mind into thinking that I could squeeze six months’ worth of knowledge into 2 nights. IMPOSSIBLE!

Maybe not impossible, however, it still cannot be considered as a convenient act at that given moment. Furthermore, this is not an act that I will ever recommend to anyone. I know that as students we like the idea of challenging ourselves, however, sometimes we need to take the level of difficulty of certain subjects into consideration and bear in mind that subjects are distinctive – some are more difficult than others.

Additionally, I am disappointed in myself; especially as this is my last BA semester, which I cannot afford to dismiss.

Unfortunately, I let myself forget the main reason I chose this education.

The results gave me a bitter taste, however, I guess that I got a taste of my own medicine.

Surely, I am aware that I can retake the exam, hoping to perform better, because I have already learned from my mistakes. A foolish mistake that no one should repeat.

It is interesting how goals can sometimes be forgotten due to background distractions.

Nevertheless, I am the only one to blame, and I take full responsibility for my actions. Even though things did not go as planned, I am still aiming to perform in the most ideal manner, because I do not have other choices at the moment.

Working hard and smart are my only options at the given moment, and I cannot waste time any longer.

From now on, every hour will count, especially the hours that I spend on unimportant things; those hours on unimportant things will be perceived as wasted hours, because I know that I can gain lots of new useful and relevant knowledge.

Nonetheless, I can no longer complain about my mistakes. I simply need to continue the journey, as it is soon ending.

I hope that you are enjoying this exam period and not making great mistakes as I did once. If so, read this content at least 3 times a day, then you might learn!

Good luck with all your exams.


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