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Why I think procrastination can be a good thing sometimes 

Merveille Musungay.(Photo: Mette Koors)

Blog |   11 Apr 2019

I believe that I have mastered the art of procrastination.

When I procrastinate, I detest it; my body feels heavy and I hate the feeling of having a burden weighing down on me.

However, I always end up taking care of my responsibilities. Sometimes I feel as though procrastination puts me under this positive kind of pressure and pushes me to work faster and sometimes better.

I believe that procrastination teaches me to work in a different way and at greater speed. Imagine having a 10-page paper that your teacher gave you a month ago. Thanks to procrastination you do it in two days, simply because you kept putting it off. This is my case, sometimes.

I believe it’s about doing what I feel in the given moment and not what is popular for everyone else

I wouldn’t say that I’m a fan of procrastination and wouldn’t I recommend it. However, I perceive it sometimes as a tool to push me into getting my act together whenever necessary.

What else makes procrastination good sometimes?

In my opinion, I believe that procrastination contributes to my appreciation of different subjects. Especially when I reach that ‘aha’ moment when I’m burning up from stress and suddenly realize that certain subjects actually require more than just two days of studying. Although I admit that it puts me under positive pressure, I still need to be cautious about procrastination – especially with time-consuming subjects. I don’t believe that procrastination is suitable for everyone.

However, if you choose to do it, I suggest using the time wisely: Do things that can benefit the study process later on instead of wasting the allocated free time.

Nevertheless, my goal has always been to perform well in my exams with or without procrastination.

I believe it’s about doing what I feel in the given moment and not what is popular for everyone else. However, in this case, procrastination has turned out to be one of the ways I can pressure myself into working at greater speed to achieve decent results in my assignments and exams.


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