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Highlights from CBS Entrepreneurial Day 2017

If you are lucky, there will be cakes at this year's Entrepreneurial Day too. (Photo: David Fulop)

What do drinks with insects in them, microbiomes in your guts, and cloud-based intelligence have in common? We spent the day looking at and trying out the different products and services that student start-ups presented during CBS Entrepreneurial Day 2017. Among other things, there were investors with deep pockets, entrepreneurial cupcakes, and various types of drones.

News |   29. Sep 2017

David Fulop

Student Writer

Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship encourages students to approach them with good ideas. The giant light bulb is present and alit at CBS Entrepreneurial Day to attest to that.

Using a single line, Say Copenhagen designs unique t-shirts with iconic figures such as David Bowie, Umma Thurman, or Biggie Smalls printed on them. Every shirt is either black or white to keep a simple minimalistic look.

CBS Entrepreneurial Day has been around since 2015. Today, it attracted roughly 4.500 students to look at, get inspired by, or join up to 25 different start-ups.

From Entrepreneurial Day 2017. (Photo: David Fulop)

Ballast “perspectacle” goggles place the average person into the shoes of those with some sort of visual impairment. This start-up works closely with the Institute of the Blind and Partially Sited in order to raise awareness for those who do not have the luxury of 20/20 vision.

Gutxy uses microbiomes (microorganisms in a particular environment) to test for possible diseases such as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. By identifying the different types of microbiomes in your gut, the start-up gives recommendations as to what should be included in your diet.

Solidflow placed some candles on a table to represent the shining light that they offer to medium and enterprise-sized companies. The start-up uses cloud-based business intelligence to help them make the best decisions.

Vejrhøj makes stunning watches using high-quality materials such as wood and sapphire crystals. Today they had a good reason to celebrate as they managed to reach their Kickstarter goal of DKK 150,000 with 33 more days to go.

Sustainable start-ups had a chance to pitch and win anywhere between 150 thousand to five million euros today. Dines Barsøe pitches for we-teco, a start-up dedicated to ensuring drinking water and a clean environment.

Sweet Sneak is a creative agency that creates pop-up events where they serve cakes. Their aim is to strengthen the brand of companies where they show up.

Novaheim creates Danish designed home accessories with the help of women from Danish asylum centers. The women hand-craft tea towels and pillows.

Attendees could choose between three different colors representing three different types of entrepreneurs, the dreamer, the creative, or the risk taker. Which one are you?

Copenhagen Robotics held a lecture about the different types of robots under development at the start-up. The technical team presented three types of drones that they use for various different tasks.


  1. Susanne Säll says:

    Det er positivt at se at det er en stor interesse for entrepreneurskab. Det kan Danmark behøve og specielt vigtigt er det med kreativitet da alt andet kan bøbes billigt i udlandet.

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Highlights from CBS Entrepreneurial Day 2017by

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