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CBS Pride: “Diversity and inclusion must be a priority for us all the time, not just during Pride!”

(Video: Emilie Schäfferling)

Students and faculty partied together by the CBS truck during the Pride Parade this Saturday. CBS WIRE’s reporter spoke with three of them about why they joined in.

News |   22. Aug 2022

Martin Mitchell

Freelance journalist

Love suits everyone. The familiar CBS Pride slogan is the first thing I see on the side of a big truck as I arrive at Frederiksberg Town Hall. Onboard, a DJ, surrounded by colourful balloons, a diverse crowd, glitter.

A free CBS Pride T-shirt is being cut into a crop top and people are waving their rainbow flags, chatting and having a good time, waiting for the parade to start. It is difficult not to smile, move your hips.

The atmosphere is infectious and joyful as people from different trucks say hi to each other and mingle while finding their groups ready to celebrate this day of diversity and acceptance.

I approach a couple of people to hear why they have shown up to accompany the CBS Pride truck.


Lisa Ann Richey, Professor af CBS. (Photo: Martin Mitchell)

Lisa Ann Richey, Professor at the Department of Management, Society and Communication, has attended the CBS Pride celebration every time since 2018.

Why are you here? 

“I am at Pride to show my support for people who are LGBTQ+ at my university, outside in the streets of Copenhagen and in the wider world. From my training in queer theory as a graduate student in the 1990s, to my ongoing learning from gender-diverse members of my family, I have understood how important Pride is for making space for everyone to be safe and welcome in our world, no matter who they love.”

And why with the CBS truck specifically?

“CBS is at Pride because it is an important part of our engagement in society. We are a business university, and making a positive change in our workplace and in Danish and global society is part of our mandate. Diversity and inclusion must be a priority for us all the time, not just during Pride!”

Gregor Johanson, CBS student.(Photo: Martin Mitchell)

Gregor Johanson, Student of Business Administration and Service Management, is joining the CBS Pride celebration for the first time.

Why are you here? 

“I am part of the planning committee for the CBS pride celebration, so of course, I am here.”

And why with the CBS truck specifically?

“To show support. For me, it is as simple as that. I look forward to seeing and being part of the parade.”

Tine Silfvander, Programme Administrator at CBS. (Photo: Martin Mitchell)

Tine Silfvander, Programme Administrator at the Department of Management, Society and Communication, and member of CBS WIRE’s Media Board, is participating in the CBS Pride celebration for the fourth time. 

Why are you here? 

“I am here to celebrate. I want to join in celebrating love and diversity.”

And why with the CBS truck specifically?

“Because I work here. It sends a signal that love is for everyone. It is an important message to get across. Also, it is a party where people get to do whatever they feel like today and live out who they are. We are together. I am proud that we can gather so many people who agree to go all-in celebrating. Maybe push their limits, try new things which they would not normally do. And do it in the name of diversity and positivity.”


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CBS Pride: “Diversity and inclusion must be a priority for us all the time, not just during Pride!”by

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