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CBS at Pride: “If you’re not honest about who you are, you can’t thrive”

CBS is joining Copenhagen Pride Parade for the fifth time on 20 August. “This is the time for you to support your colleagues and fellow students and celebrate the freedom to be who you are and love anyone you want,” says Head of CBS’ Pride Team, Jesper Bjørn. So, if you love love there’s really no excuse not to attend the parade!

All you need is love…and PRIDE!

Accept yourself, your sexuality, and your true gender. Keep fighting for your rights and be PROUD. These are statements from people who, during their lives, have paved the way for more gender equality and freedom to express yourself. CBS WIRE has looked through quotes made by these significant figures and has chosen five statements that might inspire you.

CBS wants to be more diverse and to reduce the gender gap

CBS is struggling to achieve gender balance in some areas of the organization. Therefore, a gender equality plan has been introduced to help even out differences and create a more inclusive and diverse culture. “We don’t want to just lean back and accept that, for example, more men are occupying professorships than women. We need to address these issues,” says Alex Klinge, one of the authors of the gender equality plan.

Finn is here to transform businesses with his drag queen persona Miss Boogie

Wearing lipstick and high heels all began as self-exploration for CBS graduate Finn Ferjá. But his sequin-clad drag counterpart, Miss Boogie O’Kayla, obviously has greater potential than giving Finn a personal boost of empowerment. Miss Boogie is a role model for the youth of today and makes businesses more diverse and inclusive.

CBS Pride: “Diversity and inclusion must be a priority for us all the time, not just during Pride!”by

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