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CBS moves 20,000 students’ exams online

Even if students and staff return to CBS' campuses before the summer break, students must do their exams online for the rest of the semester. (Photo: Lisbeth Holten)

The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science has granted CBS dispensation to conduct all exams online for the rest of the semester.

Coronavirus |   24. Mar 2020

Anne Thora Lykkegaard


These days, CBS is working on making all its on-campus teaching activities available online, and next up are the 20,000 or so students’ exams scheduled for this semester.

CBS has made the decision to move all the spring semester’s planned exams online – even if staff and students return to campus before the end of term, explains the Dean of Education at CBS, Gregor Halff.

“We are proud of the effort made at CBS to ensure that this extraordinary situation does not impede our students’ possibilities to complete the semester as planned. It is a major task for the lecturers and support functions to move all teaching and exam activities online and for this reason the decision will apply to all exams for the remainder of the semester. So if the lockdown of campus and exam rooms ends before the end of June, exams will still have to be taken online”, says Gregor Halff in a statement at

The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science has granted CBS and the other Danish Universities a dispensation to conduct exams online up to and including June.

Many exams are already online in the sense that they are written exams, but some students are required to attend oral exams or seated exams in exam halls. But now, CBS can choose between three formats to replace those exams.

According to, students can either hand in written papers of maximum five pages within 72 hours, hand in written assignments followed by online oral exams, or complete oral online exams.

It is up to the study boards of the individual programs to choose the exam format, but Jakob Ravn, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning at CBS, expects that most study boards will choose the written exam form, as it is easier to manage.

“The written exams can be managed via a single upload. You don’t run into technical issues or the risk of the connection being cut off. So it’s less stressful,” he says to and continues:

“The same applies to the students, who can sit in peace and quiet and complete the assignments within the timeframe, upload them and get their grades.”


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