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CBS’ expansion plans move one step closer

The south-east entrance expands into a four-story building. The gray building on the right is the old building that belongs to Frederiksberg Station. (Illustration: C.F. Møller)

The realization of expanding CBS’ campus with new classrooms, common areas and laboratories has moved a little closer. CBS has reached an agreement with Metroselskabet and Frederiksberg Municipality about the purchase of land between The Wedge and Fasanvej. The expansion will solve some of CBS’ challenges concerning the transformation of their education programs to support other teaching formats.

News |   02. May 2019

Anne Thora Lykkegaard


In agreement with Metroselskabet and Frederiksberg Municipality, CBS has purchased land between The Wedge and Fasanvej. Now the only thing left is the funding for CBS’ plans to expand Solbjerg Campus with four buildings.

“The purchase of land is an important step towards the realization of CBS’ vision for the further development of Solbjerg Campus. The ambition is to continue the development of a campus that is integrated into the city, moves with the times and supports new teaching formats, for example, interactive classrooms and laboratories,” says Kirsten Winther Jørgensen, the University Director of CBS and continues:

“With the purchase of land, the next step is to get the funding. So dialogue with external foundations is crucial now.”

CBS will expand by an additional four new buildings. The orange and yellow buildings will create two new squares. The grassy area between the Wedge and Solbjerg Plads will also be transformed. (Illustration: C.F. Møller)

Kirsten Winther Jørgensen explains that at this stage it’s not possible to set a timeframe for the project, as it depends on external funding.

“However, as soon as the funding is in place, we’ll prepare plans for the construction work as quickly as possible,” she says.

The campus expansion will not only hold new types of classrooms and auditoriums. It’ll also have entrepreneurship and start-up facilities as well as business laboratories. Furthermore, Kirsten Winther Jørgensen explains that the new campus will support the knowledge transfer from university to the general public and the business sector.

This is the view if you stand with your back to Fasanvej. The Metro is on your right-hand side. (Illustration: C.F. Møller)

And, according to Kirsten Winther Jørgensen, CBS needs to expand in the future if it wants to remain a modern university with the ability to educate students using the latest teaching formats.

“Today, CBS is the university in Denmark that makes the best use of its square meters in relation to the number of students. As it is right now, a large number of our teaching facilities primarily accommodate traditional teaching in auditoriums and large classes. This gives us challenges in terms of how quickly we can integrate and support new forms of learning,” she says.

The west entrance to Solbjerg Plads gets an add-on featuring terraces and gardens. (Illustration: C.F. Møller)

As the expansion plans mainly revolve around teaching facilities, CBS has, according to Kirsten Winther Jørgensen, been in close dialogue with the teachers to get their input on what’s needed to create the best teaching facilities.

“Solbjerg Campus is to be a diverse campus which holds both teaching and study facilities, as well as offices for scientific and administrative staff,” she says.

Architecture firm C.F. Møller won the master plan competition in 2014 to design the new part of the campus. According to a press release from CBS, the company won, among other things, for its design in creating two new squares and common green areas in order to manage increasing rainwater. Their design will result in about 31,000 extra square meters to CBS.

This is the view from the second square towards Solbjerg Plads. These are the orange buildings on the master plan. (Illustration: C.F. Møller)


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