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CBS celebrates diversity and inclusion with drag show and workshop

CBS Winter Pride hosted a superstar drag show! (Photo: Jakob Winkler)

At CBS’ first-ever Winter Pride, participants were asked to put on their norm-critical glasses and find solutions to inclusion- and diversity-related cases at the GenderLab workshop. And then some gorgeous drag queens showed up…

News |   13. Feb 2019

Anne Thora Lykkegaard


When the team behind CBS’ participation in the Copenhagen Pride Parade won Fonnesbechs TAP/VIP Employee Prize 2018, they decided to give the money back to CBS.

But what for?

“To create a Winter Pride to celebrate diversity and inclusion with an academic workshop, and to throw an awesome party for everyone, and a drag show seemed like the way to do it,” says Jannick Friis Christensen, PhD. Fellow at CBS, and part of the team facilitating the workshop in collaboration with Kvinfo at the Winter Pride.

Dolly Parton (Megan Moore) (Photo: Jakob Winkler)
Miss CBS aka Boogie O’Kayla (Photo: Jakob Winkler)
Madonna (Harley Queen) (Photo: Jakob Winkler)

The workshop started off as part of Kvinfo’s GenderLAB concept, which will be a part of CBS’ celebration of the International Women’s Day on March 8.

“On Friday 8, we developed a living laboratory where we tested new methods for creating solutions to current issues relating to diversity and inclusion,” says Rebekka Mahler, Project Manager at Kvinfo and continues:

“We asked participants to put on their norm-critical glasses and investigate whether we have norms that lie at the heart of the problems. It should work as a tool to create change and tear down the barriers that get in the way of new solutions.”

The long-team aim of GenderLAB is to create solutions to problems that need to be solved.

On March 8, Danish Defence, Roskilde Festival and CBS will deliver cases that the participants can find concrete solutions to. For example, Danish Defence wants more women to join. But how?

To come up with the best and most surprising solutions, it’s important for participants to be daring, says Jannick Friis Christensen.

“If we present the participants with the state of affairs and tell them how bad everything is, you feel powerless. And if you feel powerless, it’s difficult to be creative, and we need people to think utopian and seemingly impossible thoughts, because this is how we get out of the box, out of the normal,” he says.

(Photo: Katrine Blom, Kvinfo)
(Photo: Katrine Blom, Kvinfo)

Kvinfo is excited to have CBS on board, as the school can contribute a great deal to GenderLAB.

“There’s a lot of exciting research being carried out at CBS these days on what norm-criticism is and what barriers lie ahead when it comes to promoting equality. Also, CBS has access to case companies, as they work in a more case-based way than we do,” says Rebekka Mahler.

The theme for March 8 addresses gender diversity in the Danish labor market, and participants will be asked to change their view of the world and look inwards.


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CBS celebrates diversity and inclusion with drag show and workshopby

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