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Bike-chaos at Solbjerg Plads and Dalgas Have is to be solved by students

The bike-chaos outside Solbjerg Plads is about to end. (Photo: Mette Koors)

80 students will, in collaboration with Campus Services, try to come up with ideas on how to make you park your bike elsewhere on campus, in effect making it easier to access CBS. The best ideas will be implemented, assures the Head of Estates Management.

News |   01. Nov 2017

Anne Thora Lykkegaard


Have you also come close to losing your bike among the endless rows of bikes in front of Solbjerg Campus, or had a difficult time even accessing the campus because of the bike-chaos?

That’s about to end.

Campus Services has, in collaboration with Department of Marketing, asked 80 students studying Neuroeconomics to come up with ideas on how to solve this mess as part of an exam project.

“We have, at all times, had a bike parking-issue at CBS. At Solbjerg Campus, we want people to park their bikes on the North side, and at Dalgas Have we get complaints from neighbors because of the many bikes. We have tried different things to solve the problem, so this time, we thought why not involve students and researchers to help us out,” says Nina E. Petersen, Head of Estates Management at CBS.

I’m delighted about this opportunity of doing something to make CBS an even better place

Jon Sigurd Wegener, external lecturer and neuroscientist

During the next couple of months, starting from today 1. November, 80 students will analyze data from Campus Services regarding the issue. Hopefully, they will come up with some ideas on how to make others park their bikes in the designated places as a part of their exam project.

According to Nina E. Petersen, the best ideas will be implemented in the first quarter of 2018.

“Our hope is that we get a lot of useful inputs that we will be able to implement. If it’s an easy solution, I can’t see why we shouldn’t just give it a go right away,” she says.

Making CBS a better place

Projects like these, which involve Campus Services, students, and researchers, are not common. Only once before, have Campus Services, researchers, and students collaborated on projects that could benefit everyone, and Campus Services would like it to happen more frequently.

“We would like to improve the conditions at CBS, and what better way to do it than in collaboration with researchers and students. A year ago, when we talked about the bike problems, we thought that some professors at CBS could help us out, as it is a behavioral related problem. And then it just happened to fit perfectly with a course that Jon Sigurd Wegener is running,” says Nina E. Petersen.

80 students will in groups of three try to come up with ideas on how to solve the bike issues at Solbjerg Plads and Dalgas Have. (Photo: Mette Koors)

Jon Sigurd Wegener, external lecturer and neuroscientist, was more than pleased when Campus Services came up with the case, both  in terms of his students, but also as a teacher.

“I could have found other good cases for my subject, but this case is based on conditions that the students have experiences with. Everyone has seen the bike-chaos. This case will make it easier for the students to make use of the abstract theories and come up with hypothesis on how to solve the problems, and in that way, work as scientists,” he says and adds:

“Furthermore, I think the project with Campus Services creates more integration inside of CBS. I mean, I got to meet the people at Campus Services, and they got to meet me. People have a tendency to keep things to themselves, in their own departments, so, I’m glad I’m pushing integration and communicating between departments.”

Since the students only have about two months to do the project, they don’t have the time to actually test their solutions. But they will write about how to implement the solutions in their assignments, and this will be useful for Campus Services when they look through all the ideas in the beginning of the new year.

“I’m delighted about this opportunity of doing something to make CBS an even better place, and I think that if everything goes well, I will continue working in a case-based way in my coming classes,” says Jon Sigurd Wegener as a final remark.


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Bike-chaos at Solbjerg Plads and Dalgas Have is to be solved by studentsby

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