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A guide to ‘fællesspisning’ in Copenhagen: cheap meals and charming company

Absalon, Vesterbro, opens its doors every night at 6 pm. You show up at 5 pm to get tickets, or you buy them online. The menu varies but always includes sourdough bread, a salad and a main dish. (Photo: Caroline Sølver)

In this guide, student reporter, Caroline Sølver, introduces five places that serve cheap meals in a social setting. Whether you’re broke or into trying out different dining concepts, this is for you!

Guide |   06. May 2019

Folkekøkken and fællesspisning? Let’s introduce you to these two Danish words!

Folkekøkken, sb. in English: soup kitchen (literally: civic canteen)

Fællesspisning, sb. in English: communal eating

Communal eating has never been more popular in Copenhagen as it is right now. The combination of getting a cheap, yet delicious meal in a city as expensive as Copenhagen, and enjoying it in a social setting at a time when people are feeling increasingly lonely, is a winner when it comes to fighting loneliness and food waste!

In this guide, we share five places where you can enjoy a cheap meal in a social setting.

Absalon in Vesterbro

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Absalon. The former church turned into a nonprofit social café, restaurant and event space is great as your office-away-from-home. It’s on our , and it’s a great place to try a new dining experience for only 50 kroner.

Absalon opens its doors every night at 6 pm. You show up at 5 pm to get tickets, or you buy them online. The menu varies but always includes sourdough bread, a salad and a main dish. People sit side-by-side at long tables and share food family style. Everyone is asked to greet their neighbor, the vibe is homely and lively, and the food is always delicious.

What? Menu of the day
How much? 50 kroner, kids under 5 years eat for free
When? Every day at 6 pm (Friday night is fancy and costs 100 kroner). Monday and Wednesday are vegetarian nights.
Where? Sønder Boulevard 73, Vesterbro

Madglad in Vesterbro

Once a daycare center, now a social restaurant. Madglad, which literally means ‘food happy’, lets you eat healthily for only 50 kroner.

The menu changes daily and offers two variations – a regular menu and a vegetarian menu. Dishes vary from Danish classics such as ‘boller i karry’ to more Middle Eastern-inspired dishes. One thing’s for sure, if you’re broke but can’t be bothered to cook, heading to Madglad is an obvious choice!

What? Menu of the day + a salad buffet
How much? 50 kroner to go, 60 kroner to stay
When? Monday-Friday, 4.30-9 pm
Where? Eskildsgade 13, Vesterbro

KU.BE, Frederiksberg

KU.BE calls their Wednesday meals ‘Glad aftensmad’, which means ‘happy dinner’. And that’s exactly what it is! Everyone’s welcome to join the communal dinner event on Wednesdays from 5.30 pm.

And if you don’t eat meat, a vegetarian alternative is available. All guests sit next to each other at long tables and are encouraged to introduce themselves. The event focuses on organic and healthy produce, and drinks and dessert can be purchased separately at the bar.

What? Vegetarian or regular menu with a focus on organic, healthy produce. Buy tickets here
How much? 79 kroner
When? Every Wednesday, 5.30 pm
Where? Dirch Passers Allé 4, Frederiksberg

Every Tuesday in Nørrebrohallen, these women invite everyone to try dishes from their home country, making this fællesspisning a truly intercultural culinary experience.Photo: Send flere krydderier)

Send flere krydderier, Nørrebrohallen

Send flere krydderier means ‘send more spices’ and is a social project aimed at helping female immigrants enter the Danish labor market.

Every Tuesday, these women invite everyone to try dishes from their home country, making this fællesspisning a truly intercultural culinary experience. There are influences from countries such as Pakistan, Lebanon, Morocco and Somalia, and local, organic produce is used to make the delicious meals.

The café in Nørrebrohallen is open all day, every day, so if you can’t make it here on a Tuesday, you’re welcome at any other time.

What? Pakistani, Lebanese, Moroccan and Somali dishes. Check the menu here

How much? 65 kroner
When? Tuesdays from 5-8 pm
Where? Nørrebrogade 208, Nørrebro

Kraftwerket hosts ‘Vegansk folkekøkken’ every Tuesday where you can try a nice vegan meal at a ridiculously cheap price of 25 kroner. (Photo: Caroline Sølver)

Kraftwerket, Valby

Are you a committed vegan or are you simply into eating vegan once in a while?

Then Tuesdays at Krafwerket in Valby is the place for you! Kraftwerket hosts ‘Vegansk folkekøkken’ every Tuesday where you can try a nice vegan meal at a ridiculously cheap price of 25 kroner. Sometimes that even includes dessert.

The event starts at 6 pm, and if you’re vegan, this might be the place where you can meet likeminded people. Kraftwerket is located right by Valby train station.

What? Vegan dishes
How much? 25 kroner
When? Every Tuesday at 6 pm
Where? Valgårdsvej 2, Valby

With these places offering cheap meals, you might even ask yourself if it’s really worth cooking at home. Fællesspisning is good for your wallet and for socializing with people you don’t know, which makes it a fun and different kind of dining experience. Are you ready to try them out?


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A guide to ‘fællesspisning’ in Copenhagen: cheap meals and charming companyby

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