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What does sustainability look like?

Clothes made out of trash. Food sharing. Sorting waste. A man on a bike. Sustainability comes in many facets, and the student organization, CBS Photography, make suggestions as to what sustainability looks like through their photo exhibition, which is displayed in front of Café Nexus. The photo exhibition is part of the event, Green Week, which has been going on throughout the last several days.

CBS students help female asylum seekers get closer to the Danish job market

At Avnstrup Asylcenter, female asylum seekers are crocheting themselves closer to the Danish job market with the help from Emilie Bruun Poulsen and Marie-Louise Reade Lomholt, the founders of the CBS start-up Novaheim. CBS WIRE's student reporter Daiana Contini went to Avnstrup to see the project unfold.