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Sustainability in a picture

Topic: Nature – name: Appreciation - location: Nørrebro. Photo: Lorena Thai)

What does sustainability look like to you? Is it a cyclist on the go? Is it flowers in bloom? Or is it a piece of handmade fabric? As a part of the three-day event, Green Week, CBS Photography organized a sustainability-themed photo walk. Check out the photographers' view on sustainability.

Photo essay |   19. Mar 2019

Anne Thora Lykkegaard


Topic: Green traffic – Trademark of Copenhagen. (Photo: Magnus Trolle)
Topic: Nature – Simple beauty in a busy city. (Photo: Magnus Trolle)
#1: topic: Sustainable Fashion – Name: Conscious and confident fashion speaks for itself - location: Botanic Garden, Copenhagen (Photo: Jason L. Nguyen)
#2 topic: Green traffic - name: Copenhagen commutes – location: Nyhavn. (Photo: Jason L. Nguyen)
#3: topic: Minimalism – name: Gorrissen Federspiel - location: near Tivoli. (Photo: Jason L. Nguyen)
Topic: Nature. Nature – name: There's always a rainbow somewhere – location: Czech Republic. (Photo: Natálie Roubalová)
Description: This pear tree was photographed in my grandma's garden. Every year, without failing, it gives incredibly beautiful and tasty pears. It made me think that if I respect and give a chance to nature, nature will never fail to respond and nurture me back. It's the same in all Life's situations – Location: Mândresti, Moldova (Photo: Dann Ghe Orghita)
Description: Nina is a "free spirit". The capture is of her helping to prepare a meal together with the other fellows from the community. By nature she knows what to do and how, because she has the freedom to learn and the best teacher: nature itself. – Location: Tota, Columbia. Photo: Dann Ghe Orghita
Description: The carpet represents the past ages, wisdom and beauty. It stands, as if alone and forgotten, between a symbol of the developed technological era and the modern man, which is still not completely lost from his roots. – Location: Copenhagen, Denmark. (Photo: Dann Ghe Orghita)
Sustainable clothing - name: stripes (model: dan IG: higher.danmyself) (Photo: Nga Nguyen)
Topic: Green traffic - name: Journey towards zero – location: by the lakes, Copenhagen (Photo: Lorena Thai)
Topic: Green traffic – name: Against the stream - location: Nørrebro. Photo: Lorena Thai)
Topic: Nature – name: Appreciation - location: Nørrebro. Photo: Lorena Thai)
Topic: Minimalism - name: powered by sunlight - location: botanical garden. (Photo: Nga Nguyen)
Topic: Sustainable food - name: 4 shades of orange - location: Nørrebro. (Photo: Nga Nguyen)
Sustainable consumption - Clothes in light of music (@cbsjam) – location: Café Nexus, Copenhagen Business School. This photo was taken during the Clothes Swap event introducing Green Week. (Photo: Lorena Thai)


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Sustainability in a pictureby

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