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What you see in me, a tribute to those who believe

Eric Maganga (Photo: Renars Kaulins)

Blog |   25. Mar 2019

Eric Maganga


I’m a superstar in your eyes. They light up whenever I’m in the picture. You feel my smile brighten up any dark room, hellhole or abyss. We’re in it together.

Not tripping each other up or tearing each other down. You see my growth, you’ve known me long enough to hold my past against me but that’s not your style. I’m stubborn with this writing thing and I want to pop. Light up the stage like a pop star and one day just be a dad – pops.

Why didn’t I always feel like this? It’s no one’s fault sometimes it just takes years. This is my chance to point fingers but instead I’ll show growth. Who hasn’t hurt others in their youth? When it becomes a habit, you might want to self-evaluate.

How I view myself now
You opened my eyes because you see my value, you helped give me my foundation. I’m coming into my own, I’m creating my own lane. Carving my own path like a carpenter. We’re not each other’s favorite friends – other people have that title. Who’s the friend I call best, and does it matter? When shit burns down I can come to you. I hope I have made you feel that I’m just as available to you.

You believe in my vision you see my growth.
You see the good in me and that means the world to me man.

I say that, and yet you don’t have to be male.

You’re a compilation, a greatest hits, of the greatest I have.
You want what’s best for me.
You think I’m the best.
You’re my rock, I’m your rock star!
You want me to fly, I’m seeing my wings.
You push me to what’s best.
I won’t fall flat ever, I’ve overcome too much.
We’ve already cemented our spot in the history books.

We’re just adding to our résumé.

Do you have a friend who sees you how you should see yourself?

Who brings out the best in you?

Who wants what’s best for you.

Actor: Hervé Toure


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What you see in me, a tribute to those who believeby

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